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mr fix it gets fixed

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this happened 50 years ago but it still is vivid in my mind & shaped my sex life to this day. I had just turned 20, my wife & I moved to the "city" to get off the farm & to spare our folks the embaresment of her being "with child" before marrage. I had a job with a large company to fix anything in their rental units.we had bought a cheap house. our child was about one at the time. there was a gated community of town houses that catered to young "up & cumming" I passes the pool area there was often a platnum blond with a gold bikini that sent my heart pounding.I even faked working on the pool to get a closer look. she was 5/2 104 perfect body beautiful tan. NOW!! i got a work order to Be at unit F1 at 9 am when I arrived,THERE SHE WAS!!dressed on a maroon tube top & matching "HOT PANTS", at least that is what they called them back then,anyway her ass was showing. I forgot you were comming,want some coffee? yes i said as I watched her ass wiggle as we went into the kitchen as she reached up to get a cup from the cabinet her ass was REALLY EXPOSED!! as she put my coffee down her perfume intoxicated me. she said she needed me to check out the wole apartment as she might be aked to move! Why? I asked. its because of these, she said cupping her tits. it seems about 6 months ago her boyfriend, who lived next door had returned from a "bartenders outing" (he sold liquer) & invited some salesmen & clients to see the videos they had taken. there were contests on best tan, smallest bikini, wet teeshirt, best dancer,etc. all the while these men & her boyfriend were commenting on the girls tits. so the next time he left for another week she had her tits inhanced. almost sobbing she said her boyfriend said that "no girlfriend of his would have fake tits. as she moved towards me she said "look,do theese look fake? pulling down her tube top NO,I exclamed do they feel fake, pulling my hand to her tits GOOD, they felt good, I even had my nipples botoxed so they woukd be larger, it only made thm more sensitive and in need of sucking would you suck them? she said putting one in my mouth all reason left me I was in heaven. i sucked one then the other. she moaned in pleasure finally she sat up straight & had an orgasm, I realised she had been dry humping me & my cock was about to explode in my pants. "thank you, your turn she said as she pulle her top up. Reason returned my thoughts went like this OH GOD SHE IS GOING TO YELL r*pe, i'LL LOOSE MY HOUSE, i'M GOING TO JAIL, MY WIFE WILL DIVORCE ME, i'LL NOT SEE MY CHILD AGAIN IiM GOING TO BE A SEX OFFENDER THE REST OF MY LIFE OH GOD, SHE IS SUCKING MY COCK!!!as I looked down, her blue eyes were looking at me, as she took me out of her mouth she asked, DO YOU WANT TO FUCK ME? yes I heard my voice answer. "follow me" as she stood * walked away, I stood, my pants fell to my feet I struggled to pull them up while stumbling behind cock still hanging out as we entered the hall she pulled her top off & dropped it. now I dn't know why but I bent to pick it up stumbling she giggled. as I entered her bedroom I spied the LARGEST CANOPY BED I've ever seen. she was naked now, turning to me & unbuttening my shirt she asked "DO YOU LIKE TO EAT PUSSY??I love to eat pussy I said OH GOODY,she giggled, turned and crawled onto the bed leaning on the pillows at the head, spreading her legs & touching herself. TRUTH TIME!!I had seen it once in a porno & figured if the gal in the movie enjoyed it i had to try it .I DID,on my wife,she went wild,cumming twice before pulling me up to fuck her. she would not talk to me for two weeks saying it was dirty & didn't want THAT to ever happen again. COME LOVER broght me back as I crawled between her legs BEAUTIFUL I said, I had some excess skin & half of the hood as well as the hair removed now my clit stays hard & I'm horny all the time now eat me, she commanded. she helped me to learn how & soon she was holding my head to her as she climaxed. pulling me up to her we kissed I somehow I was fully in her.FUCK ME SHE ROARED & I did. soon she rased her hips high & announced her climax. did you just cum she asked yes i responded, but I'm not done yet! with that somehow she fipped me on my back & was fucking me from atop. her movements were exquisite, all too soon she threw her head back & came, the juices flowing down my cock made me cum also. she then expertly turned around keeping me deep in her. again her movements were unbelieveable, as I watched my cock go in & out I palmed her ass wetting my thumb I shoved it up her ass OH SHIT!! she yelled & came again ME TOO!! as we recovered she crawlwd up saying you can shower if you like. taking that as my clue I wnt into the shower but all the soap had too much "girl scent" so I just rinsed off. returning to retrieve my clothes she said I dont believe you you just came 3 times & you're still hard!! 4 times I responded I came when you came on my tongue. she looked at the big whet spot & asked, can I suck you off? you see most men I date, if I let them cum in my mouth the are done & I need to taste your cum, with that she sucked me doing deep throat many times till I unloaded in the mouth.thank you she said now, do NOT come by or call me, I'll call you. with that I left. PS I'VE more but thats for another time

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