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modest wife no longer

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My wife was a very turned on lady that day. Otherwise she would never have done this. My wife is a very timid person. Usually not given over to anything sexual in nature. My five years of constantly urging her on to be more open in our bedroom, however, had led to a modest awakening. Her constant fear of getting pregnant always held her back because she was one of those few women who could not take the pill. Her slightly expanded sexual awareness was a surprise even to her. She had just got to the stage where she would blow me much less even contemplate what happened on this particular day.

She had caught the high school kid I had just hired to cut our lawn in the garage masturbating while reading one of my Penthouse magazines. It was obvious that he was quite excited. She had just come home from a shopping trip and was looking for him to help her carry in some groceries. Unusual for her she had been in a horny mood all morning and was looking forward to my coming home later that day. For some reason today she was very turned on. She later told me that she had woke up horny and the feelings just kept getting more intense.

She watched him for a few minutes surprised at her reaction. She became flushed and warm. And her horniness increased by a factor of ten. Continuing to look at him pulling on his man-sized cock was having quite an unexpected affect on her. He finally noticed her standing there and was immediately embarrassed. Surprised herself she told him in a stern voice that he shouldn?t be doing that and mumbled other things also. His hardon went down quickly. Then, her horniness taking over, she softened her tone and asked him whether or not he had a girlfriend. He stammered no. Getting bolder and feeling more in control of the situation, she asked him if he had ever seen the real thing instead of in magazines. He told her miserably that he had only seen his older sister once. She told him that she felt sorry for him. Then she asked him if he would like to see the real thing. He didn't say anything only nodded. Blushing, wondering what the hell she was doing, she slowly raised her sundress exposing her knees, thighs and then bringing the hem of her dress higher to just below her crotch. She asked him if he would like to see more. His eyes, glued to my wife?s almost visible crotch, did not move as he quickly nodded his head yes. She continued to go higher until her dress was up to her waist and her white cotton panties were exposed. My wife felt wetter than she had ever in her life. She could feel her legs shaking.

She let him look for a few minutes and then dropped her dress quickly. She then asked him if he had ever seen real breasts before. He nodded no. She then unbuttoned the top of her dress and unhooked her bra. Dropping both dress and her 34C bra to the floor, she exposed her breasts. She thought he was going to die at the sight of them. Leaving her breasts uncovered she asked him if he would like to see the rest. He nodded enthusiastically. She was dripping wet at the excitement of this very naughty thing she was doing. She slowly removed her panties not so much from teasing him but in fear of losing control herself. They stuck to her pussy lips, as she had to tug at them to get them down. She stood up, naked and trembling at being exposed this way. The young man stared at her well trimmed bush for some time, mouth open. She spread her legs a little or she would have fallen. This so excited him that his breathing became audible. She felt as if she would faint she was so excited.

After standing like this for at least two minutes she stuttered words asking if he would like to touch what he saw. He moved away from the work bench that had been supporting him the entire time. He was sporting a large lump again. He came right over and began to touch her. Tentatively at first and then with more confidence. My wife was getting carried away by his gentle and cautious touches to her breasts, ass, and pussy. He had no idea what he was doing to her. Then she told him that fair was fair and to let her see what he had under his pants. He was reluctant at first. She said that if he wanted to see her naked he would have to take his pants off. He removed his pants and then shorts leaving his t-shirt on. His cock was very hard, erect, and his cock head was almost touching his navel. My wife had never seen another cock before mine. But this one looked very big, so pink and clean. She was overcome by its youth and size. She starred at it for a long time unaware that he was moving closer. She wanted to touch it badly. He walked over his young stiff cock barley bouncing. She reached over and touched it. A shock went through her entire body. The smoothness of it and its hot vibrant feel increased her lust yet another tenfold.

She continued to hold and fondle his throbbing member. She hoarsely asked him if he wanted to continue. He said he did. She sat on the work bench and spread her legs. She let go of him reluctantly to spread her pussy lips and expose her hole. It was dripping with moisture. She asked if he would like to touch the outside of it with his cock. He advanced towards her. She told him to rub it a little. But not cum. She let him rub on her slick lips. She was getting past the point of caring and very near orgasm. She told him to put it in her a little between her lips but if he thought he was about to cum to pull away. He pushed his cock into her hard but could get his massive cock to slid in her tight pussy despite how wet she was. My wife groaned in pleasure as he continue to push as his cock head inside her. My wife's pussy was stretch wider then ever before. He left it there for a few seconds giving her great pleasure. He unknowingly was teasing her beyond belief. Then he slipped it into her just an inch and left it there. She told him to move in and out of her but to leave quickly if he was going to cum. He was able to get control of himself and didn?t pull out. With a deep breath she told him to put it in as far as he could and just leave it there. He pushed hard into her until his penis had been totally enveloped. She closed her eyes feeling the fullness of his young throbbing penis. There was no coming back now. His cock felt like it was burning her insides. She said breathlessly, "Move it in and out, rub my pussy". He began to pull out of her and then push back in. He did this several times. She was almost at orgasm. At this point she didn?t care whose prick was in her. She pulled him into her startling him with the intensity and started to hump against him fucking him and having a very powerful orgasm. All this motion was not lost on the virginal young man. He actually tried to pull out but couldn?t. Then with a loud groan he let his sperm shoot powerfully into her as she continued humping against his hips. She screamed I can feel you I can feel you. He was no longer a virgin. Her throbbing pussy held him tightly, massaging and pulling at his still hard cock. He stayed hard until she let him go.

He apologized profusely but he couldn?t get out in time. She said it was all right as she stood up knees shaking and his cum dripping to the floor. She told him gently to get dressed and to come back tomorrow and finish the lawn. And maybe her too. That night she confessed to me what had happened. Not only was I not upset but also I called in sick the next day so that I could watch what turned out to be a very exciting breeding of my wife.

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