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lil impish mz shakespearean...confessions of an xratedone

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mmmmmmmm balls deep is where it is at for most of us.. much of the time but it takes a special relationship to get it balls deep !!!

yes it does and most people are too impulsive and in a hurry to develop that.. and then once its developed.. someone gets bored...

find my way to your perineum and your hardon will seem to permeate in all that we say and do the word bored just isnt in my vocabulary I said someone becomes bored....


usually one without imagination are you bored now?

absolutely not good I am just thinking how to get so deep into your emotions that my head is clamped inside you for more than just these moments well cum aboard.. i eye captain.. lets find that seashore .. shall we?

the tide that rises is bound to fall.. but with patience it shall cum agaim and again and again mmmm well bend me over and call me your lil mz impish shakesperean :-D First I have to lift all the folds of your gown from about your ankles... and decide whether to keep you tied in a waspish waist or help you free yourself form the incumbrances I think you need total freedom to enjoy being raked by a rake over the lit coals that you yourself would love to put out with your own gushing squirts sir if i may forbid you such a hindsight... i am bare naked.. well rumped for you such attire...for to free me would be to tame that wild imagination of yours.. and then again mine the rebellious behavior beauty is for me to hold .. as for yourself is thou beastly man to devour ah.. not if in the freeing we became entangled in a spinning galazy of emotion where the great milky way leads us toward the center of our beings :-D ouch ....... you hurt mmmmmmmmmm lol you jest... it is I who recoiled to strike again with a hotter fiery rod when you threw a nail and your shoe about beauty and the beast a beast devours the self as he devours beauty beheld and beholden , only to disappear in the devouring!!

oh thy tongue lashing is only for you to swallow... as for when i strike.. that is when i bend this ass over and over again for you to if it is the apple of eden .. forbiden this tasty temptation.. for i will sin with your semen and sorrow for you care =-O :-D take me to the greek islands... and lets fuck like the gods ahhhhhhhhhhh :-P But a seaman is always caught up in his own wake, as she who waits is afraid upon awakening, then a wake will be held in the mourning dew of her tears as the word arrived her love who diembarked sank with the plank that was in beauty's eye. If beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, then the devouring of such preciousness would only make us blinder than we already are...and all of our skanesmates would perish with the ship ...

To the Greek Islands we may go, if youo trust your charms are a match for Circe and Calypso who still await fro any travelor to a foreign port, as faithful Penelope keeps her olive groves picked with the false labor of any suitor who happens to pass by her open fields dear one... a seaman yes caught in his wake.. but her wind blows just the same when the sun rises and sets.. a morning dew is as wet as you remember.. as for her love.. that is the wave that takes your ship down.. and plumets you unto a bliss you will not ever forget...the plank is one you pulled for your own insecurites.. no true seaman ever devours for his sake is to savor wowwwwwwwwwwwww who the fuck are you ...............

But so many words are what fools are made of, blowing the ship of state off course toward rocky shoals where the depth of one's own perception leads one to crash against the rocks as the tide ebbs and flows if one does not listen closely to the muse informing the amusements of the day..

and I thought the same!!! Who in the fuck are you?

LOL and for the words we have now spoken... i say this is a crash of a clash I am no fan of Shakespeare having to teach his nimble wit for countless years, but we seem to prick the seam to unfurl the sails that caused his vessel to reach ports nobody before or since now has reached...

mmmmm . im not a fan of anything or anybody but you just made me wet my panties :-D Perhaps it is the symbols that clash, deafening those who listen but do not hear!!!

silence is not always betrayel.. its a mystery perhaps we will not ever hear LOL.. I wish I could say that you were the first, but alas is not so.. A wench who pretended to come and squirt, left behind yellow sheets that nobody would have mistaken cum for piss!!!

and then again.. he sunk............

This has all been ridiculously easy; and, to think it started as a way to seduce a maiden mindful of her "p's" and "q's!!!"

first is not always foremost... dot your "i's" and cross your "t's" your quill is pout.. with ink... dibble dabble.. for my ink blusters no blunders. but will cleary stike you as a blurb If we had the time and the means to collaborate I think the dotted "tease" and "crossed" eyes would put any pundits head spinning ...

:-D touche /'\

until one would not know if wisdom truly does cum from the mouths of fools , or vice versa!!

only a fool would fancy the ficticious mind... within its motivation, behind it comes a very sensitive source of a reflection, the surface is made for a broken fragile figure that displays itself as one of a kind....and plays the roles of life its face to face with....

i would not indulge to board a man whom boasts like a bobolink, lays like a boar with BO, drinks bock instead of beer, his cock to playfully mimic his object of affection is bluntly blurred by the forbidden thoughts of a bobby soxer who is boding to his own bluffs and it's about time that he beats a fare and well handed Mary Palmer..

and as i fancy in my own blusher im thinking bobbysocks and a bodice....i've positioned myself to the adversities of sex... greed is not an assumption, and does not consume or define a success, it perserves skeptacism, and relies on the compromizes of choices, and with either or decision, it will nolify a void, and entangle all the exploritory sexual acclamations that are accommodated...

well said, if in the accomadations hospitality is implied; but all accomadations are not hospitable, and all failures have within them an implied success, because it is in the trying that wages the betterment of the mind into broader areas of dialogue than one is capable of reaching alone despite the claims of those who stake a claim to souls that are not rightfully theirs to begin with, even if the infinite Godhead boasts to the contrary, but as you mentioned yourself, once the bite of the apple was taken either willfully or unwillfully, it released the seeds of free will , which is the essence that makes us all human beings thank you Daniel................

You are an incredible muse!!!

likewise and to think most people chat to cum together.. but we manged to really "Come together!"

as in Lennon's song let's commend one another nicely put.. it has only been twice in my life... but curiously both occurances were in the past week.. that I have dialogued with a female to the point of Satori "Grok?"

Would you like to move ahead about five centuries and speak in the language Whitman freed for the common person?

Or did you find another foil to bring into your fold?

yes i would no need to be Fruedian here good. To answer your first question that wasn't rhetorical, I am home sick with a chest cold. I am usually teaching classes or on my way to Mexico to write at my wow i am lost without true love in my life.. i sometimes think i will end up like hemmingway.. minus the suicide.. on a remote island sending scripts in a bottle Now... please.. who are you?

i too teach writing and my ship often sails alone sorry but my other screen just froze up im convinced true love does not exist ok you want to know who i am in and out of a nutshell..i am

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