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late night surprise

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It is late, when there is a knock at the door. I get out of bed and shuffle down the hallway to answer the knock at the door. I get to the door as there is another knock. I look through the peephole and I don?t see anyone. I unlock and open the door to take a look, maybe some punk kids knocking and running. As I look out the open door, he steps in front of me, pushes me back inside. Shutting the door behind him and locking it. I am surprised, at his appearance. I am not used to him coming during the week to see me. I start to ask him ?What brings you here??, he lifts his hand and puts his finger on my lips, and shakes his head. He slides his hand across my cheek to my hair, bringing me closer to him, coming down to kiss me deeply. He knows his kisses prevent me from thinking soundly. He slowly walks me backwards, as he kisses me down the hallway to my room. He shuts the door as we enter my room. As he is kissing me his hands start to slide down my neck, across my shoulders and down my arms. He slides his hands to the hem of my shirt and raises it, breaking the kiss long enough to remove my shirt, pulling me tighter to him, kissing me deeper. I reach for him to remove his shirt but he grabs my hands, bringing them above my head and holding them together so I can not touch him. With his other hand he reaches the waist band of my shorts and pushes them down past my hips. I stand there naked in front of him with my hands being held above my head as he steps back and looks at me. I want to touch him, and squirm to free my hands and he does not allow me to free myself. He walks me back to the bed, and pushes me to the edge to where I fall back on the bed. Letting go of my hands, he reaches down and guides me completely on the bed, then takes my wrists and ties them with the scarf I did not see him grab from the robe hook on my closet. My hands are bound together above my head, he takes the other side of the scarf and manages to tie it to where I can not move my hands. I squirm a little, start to speak to ask him to let me go, but he puts his finger on my lips again and shakes his head. I lay there, as he pulls out the blindfold in my nightstand and places it over my eyes. My breathing increases, I can?t see what he is going to do to me next. I feel his fingers slide down my cheeks to my neck, gently gliding across my skin. The feeling is intense, I moan with the sensuality of his touch. He moves his hands from my neck down across my collar bones to my breasts, he does not quite touch them more, guides his hands around to the edges of my breasts, my chest is rising and falling with my quick breath. I feel twinges of electricity shooting from my core at his touch. I want him to take my breasts fully in his hands, but he slides his hands past them down across my stomach. I feel his hands slide to my hips gently massaging them they way I like. He continues his path down my body to my thighs, slowly moving down them over my knees to my feet. He then moves his hands back up the same path he took down my body. I am moving to push myself into his touch, lightly murmuring please, as his hands reach my breasts again, I arch up for him to take them in his hands, finally he fulfills my desire and covers my breasts with his hands as his mouth closes over my lips taking my moans in as he slides his fingers to my nipples to lightly pinch them. His mouth follows the path his hands took on their path down my body. Till he reaches my breasts, I feel him take my nipple into his mouth, sucking on his hard, as he pinches my other nipple. I moan loudly as I feel my first orgasm building from the pleasure he is giving me. I hear him say, cum for me baby, let me feel you cum for me. I can?t hold back and arch my back as I fall into a hard orgasm, crying out his name as the waves flood me. I feel wetness between my legs, as he says, that?s it baby, let it go. He moves away from me. I hear rustling, then a hand touching my hip, I am very sensitive to his touch by now, so I catch my breath at his touch. He spreads my legs and lifts them to bend them at the knee, as his hands slide down my inner thighs, to my wet pussy. I feel his fingers graze over my clit and I jump with the electrical shock of it. I feel his body slide between my legs as he grips my hips lifting me to slide his cock deep into my puss with one thrust. I cry out in pleasure, as he firmly holds my hips as he thrusts hard in and out of my pussy. I feel my second orgasm building as he thrusts harder and faster into my puss. I clench my muscles around his hard cock. Pushing my feet against the bed trying to lift further for his cock to go deeper into my pussy as I scream out with the orgasm that engulfs me. He thrusts a couple more times as I ride my orgasm, then he pulls his cock from my pussy, and moves away from me. He tells me to roll to my stomach, I do so maneuvering the best I can with my hands still tied above my head. I feel his hands on my back, gently kneading it. As he moves to my ass cheeks, kneading them as well. He pushes my legs together and slightly pulls my hips up, as he straddles my thighs and slides his cock into my pussy again. He keeps one hand on my hip as he steadily thrusts his cock into my pussy. I cross my ankles, and squeeze my muscles together, to clench his cock even tighter, I feel him lean forward and bring his lips to kiss the back of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. I start trying to push back onto his cock as much as I can, pushing the wall at my hands. I want him to fuck me harder and I scream this to him as he thrusts harder as my next orgasm causes my body to shake with the power of it. I want him to fill me with his orgasm but he is not ready yet. He pulls from me, making me jump from his cock leaving my sensitive pussy. He helps me roll back over onto my back. I feel the bed dip as he straddles my chest, making sure not to put any weight on me. He tells me to open my mouth and I feel his cock slide across my lips as I close my mouth around his cock, flicking the head with my tongue, he slowly pushes his cock further into my mouth, I feel it hitting my throat, finally I have his cock to the base in my mouth as he slowly thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth, I struggle with my hands needing to touch him and work his cock and balls with my hands as he is lightly fucking my mouth. I feel him untying my wrists, I bring my hands down to grasp the base of his cock and his balls to massage just below them as I meet each one of his thrusts taking his cock deep into my mouth each time. I love sucking his cock, I love the length of his cock, the smooth silkiness texture of the skin. I even love his balls, slightly large but always groomed for my pleasure. As I am taking his cocking into my mouth, hearing him moan his pleasure. I slide one of my hands past his balls to the crack of his ass, I want to please him even more, I need to please him even more. I slide the tip of my finger to the rim of his ass, lightly rubbing it as I knead his balls and fuck his cock with my mouth. I gently slide my finger past the rim of his inserting it, to lightly finger fuck his ass. I feel him squeeze my finger that has penetrated his ass, exciting me more to take his cock even further into my mouth. I slide my finger deeper into his ass with each thrust, pushing him further to the edge, but I don?t want his cum in my mouth I want it in my pussy. Now it is my turn, I release his cock from my mouth and remove my finger from his ass as I slide down through his legs. I tell him to get on his back. He lays back on his back and I remove my blind fold and put it on him. I do not tie his hands, because I need them for when I orgasm, he keeps me going when I get distracted with my orgasm. I straddle him, and slide my pussy down on his cock, as I take his hands to balance me as I slide up and down on his hard cock. I continue to ride him bringing myself to another orgasm, he releases my hands to grasp my hips so he can continue thrusting up into my pussy as I ride my orgasm to the end. I feel myself soak him with my pussy. I lean forward to kiss him as he thrusts up into my pussy. I go to move off of his cock to turn around, but I don?t straddle him, I get on my knees between his legs as he brings his knees up so I can put my feet under his thighs, and slide back to lower my pussy on his cock again. I love this position, I get to keep the control and he gets to feel the pleasure from a doggie position but we both remain comfortable. I start to slide up and down on his cock as he grasps my hips, I slide my hand under me to his balls to grasp them as I bounce up and down on him. I reach up and wet my fingers with my pussy, and slide my hand down to his ass, in this position I can reach his ass very easy to slide my finger into his ass as he begins to lift his hips into my pussy over and over again, squeezing my finger with his ass muscles, he thrusts up harder as I slide my finger deeper into his ass. I want him to explode deep into my pussy so I put more pressure on the walls of his as with my finger. I feel him tighten even more and know he is almost there, please baby I want to feel you explode in me, my orgasm is building and I can not control myself I squeeze his cock tight with my pussy as my finger is fully penetrating his ass, as I scream with the hardest orgasm of the night, he grips my hips harder as he slams up into my pussy releasing his orgasm in me. As we both slowly come down from our mutual orgasm, I slowly slide off of his cock, I feel our combined cum making it?s way out of my pussy down my inner thighs, I love this feeling. I turn around and take his slightly hard cock into my mouth to taste our combined juices. I love cleaning his cock after he has fucked me real good. He is very sensitive so I make sure I don?t touch the head of his cock until I am bringing my mouth off of him, then I lightly slide my lips over the head, and kiss the tip. I slide up beside him and remove the blindfold and kiss him deeply, as an aftershock of my last orgasm goes through my body. I love late night surprises.

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