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labor day camping trip

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Yesterday was Labor Day, September 1, 2008. My husband, Lee, and I were invited along with our three children by friends of ours, Dan and Jill, to go camping at a Lake in north Arkansas. Jill's mother-Betty-and brother-Ron-were also going with their families. Ron has a college age son-Bill-and daughter-Deb-each of whom brought their girl or boy friend (Alice and Tim respectively). Bill also brought some of his guy friends-Jim and Brad. We stayed Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Saturday night we hung out at Ron's campsite as a group and listened to part of the Hog's first game of the season, which they barely won against the western Illinois leather necks (a nobody team I'm told), and had dinner. I had a few beers, but still we kind of felt like we didn't quite belong since most of the group was family. The following day we debated whether to go home or stay another night and had decided to go since neither of us were sleeping well and the kids were getting up very early. We'd promised the kids that they would get to go out in Tim's boat to go tubing before we left. Little did we know that Tim was going to take three different groups out that day and he intended to take us last. So it was later in the afternoon before we went out. As the group before us climbed out of the boat, Ron's wife fell. Ron fell also, but not nearly as hard as she did. After falling, in the water, she was helped up to the bank and sat beside a picnic area where she turned white and passed out. Of course being a nurse, I stuck my nose in the whole business and helped bring her around. She was fine. A couple of the guys carried her to her truck and we went on out on the lake. We got to know Deb, Tim and Jim a little better, and we all had a great time. When we went back to the camp, we didn't feel as alienated as we had before. Darlene's fall had kind of broken the ice, so to speak. We again had dinner and I proceeded to drink 4 long necks, which I enjoyed quite a bit. It was a great end to the evening. Everyone was tired, and around dark we headed back to the camper and put the kids to bed.

After Lee and I lay down in the bed I joked with him that after having 4 beers and being surrounded by testosterone that I was horny, intending only to get the two of us going. He mentioned that I should try to screw Tim because Deb thought she was hot stuff. I laughed and told him no, that I wouldn't cause that kind of trouble. But, again intending only to talk (which I don't think Lee really believes me), Brad seemed to be alone and while he wasn't a hottie, it might be fun. Lee said "he probably has a big cock. A lot of those skinny guys do." And then told me he thought Brad had come out to sit around the fire because I was out there. I wasn't convinced. He then told me that he bet if I went back down there that Brad would be more than happy to let me fuck him, and that I should go, he sounded quite serious. I asked was he sure, trying to give him the opportunity to say no and hoping at the same time that he wouldn't. He said yes, and after a few moments, we decided that I should go under the guise of paying for our campsite. I got my checkbook, redressed and headed back down the road. When I got there, Dan and Jill were outside as well as Ron and his wife and most of the college kids. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to approach the situation and resigned myself to paying Jill for our campsite. I wrote a check, and as I did, I noticed that Bill, Alice, Tim and Brad were sitting at the picnic table and seemed to be getting ready to play a game. I asked Jill what they were doing and she said "Oh, they're playing some drinking game." Ron heard her and asked if I wanted to play. Of course, I didn't know how but thought that this may be my opportunity. I sat in the open seat next to Tim, who promptly got up to get a beer as the rules were being explained to me. When he came back he went to the other side of Brad and scooted him over, I'm sure so Deb wouldn't get upset at him sitting by another female. I thought this couldn't have worked out better except that there were still so many people outside. Ron helped Darlene into their camper and came back to the table to sit across from me, drink in hand, he was going to play too. This was good, because in a strange sort of way, he made me feel more comfortable, even though he'd been eying me since we met. After the game began, and it was obvious that I was going to be drinking quite a bit more since I was no good at the game, Dan and Jill excused themselves. This left just the group sitting at the table. After a few more minutes of play, I decided that I was going to have to make my move. I rested my hand, palm down, on the edge of the concrete bench between Brad and I. I began lightly rubbing his knee and behind his knee with my fingertips, careful not to let the activity show above the table. He was shocked, and I can't help but laugh about it when I remember that Tim said something to him just after I touched him the first time and he couldn't answer. Tim asked what was wrong with him as I continued to talk and laugh with Ron and Bill as Alice listened to both conversations. I have no idea what his explanation was to Tim and the game continued. As the game went on, people were getting more and more drunk and it was more and more hilarious. I'd lightly touched and caressed his leg several times so I knew that by now it was obvious that it was no accident and he'd still not reacted. He hadn't moved his leg closer to me or anything. So, I was thinking that maybe I should back off. He then slipped his hand under the table and appeared from above the table to be scratching his leg, he was actually touching my knee. I was relieved. I hadn't made a complete ass of myself after all. We played one more card game and just as I finished off my 6th beer I saw that he was apparently trying to convince his erection to be not too obvious by tucking it under his leg, I was very pleased because it seemed that it took a lot of coaxing. All of the men left the table and went into the woods to pee. I knew that I couldn't keep up with this rate of alcohol consumption and be able to stand myself tomorrow, so after Ron came back I told him and Alice that I'd had a good time, but needed to go to bed. I walked to the road which was in the direction that all the guys had gone to pee. They were coming back one at a time, and I saw no indication that Brad was interested in speaking to me. I walked to the back of a truck that was parked on the side of the road and stopped, thinking that I would give him a moment to come around. He did not disappoint.

He walked around the side of Tim's truck and boat that was away from the campsite and any light. He crossed the road toward me and asked with a very serious look on his face "what are you doing?" I didn't have time to answer, except for a grin, before he kissed me full on the mouth. He obviously knew very well what I was doing. We were already walking away from the campsite and he asked where we were going to go. Lee and I had already discussed using the back seat of our Toyota. This obviously frightened Brad "Your husband could rip me in half." Lee's a pretty big guy, "He knows" was my response. "Are you kiddin?" Obviously another rhetorical question because I again had no time for a verbal response before I found his lips and tongue caressing mine. I reached down and felt for his re-hardening cock with my left hand and he needed no more convincing. My truck was going to be fine with him. We climbed into the back seat of the truck, and the stupid light came on and stayed on for a moment, of course. This made both of us nervous. I didn't need a bunch of people to be able to see what I was doing and he was not convinced that Lee was already aware of what I had planned. As the light went out I leaned over to kiss him and it was on. "I could fuck you all night" he gasped through our passionate kissing. He stopped kissing me and pulled my shirt up "let me see these big ass tits." He jerked my $50, 34DD bra up, causing the underwire to break through the material, and began sucking my nipples. I enjoyed this for a moment then backed away. I couldn't wait to see if Lee was right that he probably had a big dick. When I got his pants down enough to get my hands on his semi-erection, my thought was 'ok, a little more than average.' That was not my thought for long. I began to kiss and stroke and lick his continually growing phallus, noting how smooth the head of it was and that now I could barely touch the ends of my fingers around it (and at 5'9" I have very long fingers). Then I noticed that if I sucked it as far to the back of my throat as I could that I could still have room to wrap my hand around it and move back and forth almost an inch. His cock was fucking HUGE! The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and I couldn't see it because of the dark! DAMMIT! I couldn't get enough of sucking and licking and handling it. I guess he could tell because he said "You like that young cock don't ya" all I could do was moan my approval. I quickly removed my shorts and underwear and he removed his the rest of the way. I straddled him and thought I'd died and gone to heaven. He filled me in ways I'd never been filled before. "I want you to lick my pussy." He said nothing, but I lay back on the seat and he followed me closely and eagerly lapped at my clit as he drove two fingers into my dripping hole. This lasted only a couple of minutes because he wanted to fuck as badly as I wanted to be fucked. He attempted assuming a missionary position, but our surroundings weren't very compliant. "I wish I had a bed for you." He said as he sat back in the seat and I re-assumed my station in his lap. Before long he made me stop moving. I knew this meant he was close and handed him the towel I'd brought out before going to get him. I leaned back across the console between the front seats and gently rocked my hips. He very quickly withdrew and grabbed the towel. After he put the towel away, I eagerly reassumed my position on my knees beside him. "It may take a minute." He stated referring to my now semi flaccid play toy. I moaned with mock disappointment. He really didn't realize that I knew exactly what to do with it now. "I just have to talk to it nice" was my response as I leaned over him taking it into my mouth again. He was very quickly at full attention, and I straddled his massive cock again. After stroking it a few times I couldn't help but ask "how old are you?" "21" We kissed more and I moved in every way I could imagine to massage my every crevice. Occasionally I could feel a stretching sensation which was never even remotely unpleasant, as his manhood ventured where no man had gone before. "How old are you?" he returned "31" he groaned with mild surprise and sheer pleasure as I continued to drive his stick. "I'll have you ruined now, you'll only want older women." I chuckled. "you're not kiddin" was all he could say. I turned around and rode him backwards cowgirl for a minute while he held on to my firm ass, which he gently slapped once. "I want to fuck you doggy style." He said, but made no move to try to change positions. I raised my self off of him, put my left knee in the seat and my right foot in the floor. For the first time I wasn't in control. He bent over me, grabbed my ass, and drove his now rock hard cock into me. His strokes were by no means slow, but they were not the violent thrusts I was craving either. I gave myself to enjoying the pleasures I was feeling for a moment before I returned him to the seat. I sat facing him again and took his fullness into me as I kissed him passionately. "I've never been with anyone with tits like these," he said as he fondled and licked my breasts. "and ahhh, your ass," he moaned with pleasure as he slid his right hand down and around to grasp the object of his admiration. I must admit, it boosted my ego quite a bit. We were both sweating profusely and I noticed that the windows were completely fogged over. I leaned backwards reaching to the front, while continuing to grind his manhood to see if the keys were in the truck. They weren't, but I noticed that the windows were already down. So much for that idea. I lay back over the console and closed my eyes allowing him control for a moment and was enjoying it so much that I didn't notice that my head bumped the dash. "Oh, shit." He said, stopped and grabbed his shorts, "What the hell is that?" He was leaned down in the back seat now and there was a light coming from behind the truck. It took me a minute to realize that I had bumped the cargo switch with my head. "I'm gonna run" he said very nervously reaching for the door handle. "No!" I stated quietly, but firmly. I reached to the front and clicked off the cargo light. I then sat up in his lap and said "I told you that he knows what I'm doing and it's ok." I kissed him again and he was not in the least bit resistant. Longing to drive his beautiful cock as deep as possible, I put my feet up in the seat on either side of him and began bouncing up and down his entire shaft at a deliberate pace. "Damn, you could teach me a trick or two. I wish we had a bed." I replied that if we had a bed I would teach him tricks that would blow his mind. After a few moments I went back to sucking his dick, begging him all the while to let me put it in my pocket and take it home with me. "If I could still feel it I would let you." Once astraddle of him again I asked if I could get his phone number. "How would we get together? Would you come to Fayetteville, or would I come see you?" "You could come spend the weekend with me, at my house." He returned that he would give me his number if I could remember it, and I responded that I would get it tomorrow. "How're you gonna do that? Won't it be kind of obvious with all those people around?" We'd already discussed the need for us both to be discreet. "I'll think of something." By this time we were both very sweaty and while I could have continued, and wanted to badly, he was concerned that people would suspect where he'd been if he didn't leave soon. "just tell me one thing before you go," I began a little timidly. He responded affirmatively and I continued by whispering in his ear "was this the most incredible night of you life?" He gasped with surprise "I think that's a given." I was pleased with his answer. We said our good byes while tangled together and kissed once again. He put his clothes back on, "when I see you tomorrow, just act normal" I laughed quietly, again realizing how young and inexperienced he was. "Are you telling me or are you telling you." I asked semi-mockingly. The door opened and he was gone. I was ecstatic and disappointed at the same time. After the dome light went out again, I redressed and climbed out the window to keep the light from coming back on. I quietly entered our camper and snuck to our bedroom closing the door behind me. My husband lay naked and fully erect on the bed waiting for me. He grinned devilishly and said "tell me everything." We made love as I recounted all the details I could possibly remember about my encounter. He'd wanted badly to watch, but had been unable to see because of the dark and was afraid if he'd come to the truck that it would scare the guy to death.

Lee and I got up the next morning and began packing our belongings. Our kids got up and went to Ron's campsite to eat breakfast with the group. After the camper was ready to go and the campsite cleaned, we went to Ron's to get the kids. I decided to have breakfast and we sat for a few moments with the group. No one acted as if they knew or suspected anything. Brad never looked at me that I am aware of, and it was obvious that there was no way I would be able to get his phone number. As we drove away, I couldn't help but feel badly that I had no way to contact him. But I definitely never want to forget what happened.

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