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hi , I was 18 leaving at home, brother 20 was too. our parent where away on vacation and just to 2 of us at home. all went fine for few days. Until bro friend called and ask if he could stay a couple days, I told bro fine. But when friend show up he has gf with him,First time I meant him and he was a hunk, really really nice. So they took the quest room which is next to my room. that night I went out with friends and got home about 11. As I walk up , I had to walk past their bedroom, I could hear moaning and groaning coming from open window. so I had to peek, lights where on and he was on top of her fucking the shit out of her.Dam first time I see other doing it and he is a hunk. She was getting louder and loader and he just fuck her harder. then she went wild and I guess she was cum. wasn't long and he was too. Dam I was so turn on by now. As he slide off her i could see his cock, now on soft side slide out. Dam soft and it still was about 8". dam now i know why she was so loud. just then someone pull into drive way next door so i had to take off. Had trouble sleeping that night thinking about what i saw and his cock. Later i got woke up to some noise,Dam they where going at it again. So i got excited about this and slip back out to window, lights where off and i couldn't see a thing,But i could hear them going at it hot n heavy. I was horny all over again. It was a long night for me lol. Next day in the afternoon his gf got a call from her job, she had to go to work to finish a project.So the boys being boys went out to drink some for a few hours. she called later and said she had to stay at work and wouldn't be back tonight and for me to let him know, okay i will. Later when they came back feeling good his friend mention that she should be home soon but he was hitting the sack. I was about to tell him she wasnt, but for some reason i didnt. so they both went to bed. So i went up to mine and thinking about what i saw last nigh and his cock, him alone next door, started to drive me nuts. I guess i went nuts because i came up with a plan lol. well im about same size as her and hair about same length.He been drinking and plan on her coming back. why not slide in bed with him and see what if feel like to lay next to this hunk. so i got up and strip down and was putting on bathrobe when i notice one thing different. ive got hair and i did notice she was shave bald. Dam, well to be on safe side, i went in and shave bald. I had to laught first time bald in many of years lol. so a bit scared and stupid off i went, I peek in and sure enough he was sleeping, so i tip toe in.. just stood there watching him. Dam ive got to try this, slip my robe off and slide in beside him. He didn't move, so layed the naked beside him, think about his cock. so after i got brave i lean up against him, he was nake too. Nice. but when i did that i must of woke him up some because he rolled over and as he did wrap his arm around me and started to snuggle.Dam here im nake snuggleing with him lol.his head was near my boobies and he pull around and started to suck on one as he started to lay with other. i was so scared but didn't dare move.He was playing and sucking for a while, then he slide his hand down my stomach and to my pussy. as he suck on my boob and started to feel me up. i was so hot by then i was soaking wet. that when i heard him giggle and say, dam hon your one hot bitch tonight. and yes i was. that when he pull my legs farther apart and started working 2 finger in me. i was all most ready to cum from all this. when he stop. he rolled over on top of me pushing my legs apart more. telling me that he has something for my hot pussy. that's when i felt his cock push into my pussy. Dam he going to fuck me, so i spread my legs more as he pushing in. then he giggle again saying dam bitch your getting tighter or my cock getting bigger. but dont worry he'll get it in as he giggle and pushing harder. Yes i did find out when his cock is hard its bigger then what i saw. spreading try to take as he pick up on putting it to me. was'nt long and i was cum and getting wetter. giggle again he said ,that what i need, get that pussy wetter, and with that said he started pulling way out and slam back in. DAAAMMM. wasn't long and i was push up to meet his thrust, wanting more. wasn't long and he was blowing his load pumping me full. this drove me into another oragasm, i could feel the juice pumping out as he push into me. then he roll off breathing heavy catch his breath. a few minutes went by, i got brave and slide my hand down to his cock and stroke it a bit. he was letting, so i got brave and started to slide down so see if i can suck it hard. he did his giggle again and pull me back up and said in a bit you can have it , but let him catch his breath first. so i side back up and layed there, he feel off to sleep . so i figure i better get why i can. so i slide out and grab my robe and tip toe out. i could feel the juice still run down my leg. the next morning i was down fix me n bro breakfest when he came down. He ask where was Deb. (gf) , so i told him she called last night and said she had to say at work and would call him. with a stupid look on his face he said she didn't come home last night, and i said no. so i ask him why, he still look a bit lost lol. oh must of been a dream i had. as he walk away. i had to laught, no dream man it was the real deal and my dream coming thru. more will happen tell you later

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