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guest 2

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so here I go with the rest of my story. Jim my bro friend went back up stairs n I finish cleaning up kitchen. Bob bro went to work. So then I went up to take shower and get dress, I was out of shower brushing hair and make still in my robe. I heard a knock on my door and it was Jim. Ask if he could talk, so I told him to come in. As he walk in he ask me what time deb called last night, I told him was around 9. So then he say, so you knew she wasn't come back last night, I said yes, and that he went to bed before I could tell him. So then he tell me he could have swore she came home . I all most laugh but said he drank to much.He walk up close behind me as he was talking. Well I thought maybe I drank to much or just one hellva good dream. But I don't think so. So I ask why. Well after you told me she didn't come home I went back up to the bedroom. there on the bed was a big wet stain on the sheets, which made me feel it was no dream. I said you wet the bed? No wasn't no pee hon . Well and then I notice a couple drop of something on the found what. well look like drop of juice dry on carpet. So I look for more. found more in hall way and in front of your door.So forgive me but I had to follow them, so I open the door and seen more on your carpet in your room. See and I look and he was pointing at floor and I could see white small stain.Dam what is that. he laugh and said I do believe its my sperm loll. How you get it on my floor? He giggle again and walk up behind me. putting his hand on my should as he talk. Well the way I see it, Deb didn't come home and you knew it. So later you came over and slip into bed with me. ( now Jim bit scared he know) and I fuck you, and then you came back to your room dripping all the way.As he was saying this he was slide hand down my chest and had a hand full of boob.he was squeeze and playing with nipple making them rock hard. Not know what to say or do I just stood there. he press up against me as he keep talking. He said I should have know it was not her. because she never got that wet before and pussy was lots tighter. But I guess I wasn't really think about it at the time.He was still play with my boob but over hand slide around to my waist. so then he tell me how well I pull it off. But I really did surprise him. then he ask me how I knew Deb shave her pussy ? ( giggle) You knew it because you shave your last night, say that as he slide hand in side my robe and started to rub my pussy. yep , see its all nice and shave like Deb. So how you know? With out really thinking , I said I seen you two threw the window the first night here. He laugh out loud you watch threw the window? Yes I was coming home and notice you. By now he playing with my pussy and boobs pulling me close to him. Dam girl you do get hot and wet! He had me up and going hot. So you must have had fun last night, didn't you. So I told him yes. So he said that good to know. Then he stop playing and took my hand, lead me into my bedroom. then he ask me if I would do him a favor. I ask him what? Well I want you to take that robe off and lay out on the bed. I ask him why. Then he said well ive fuck you,,now I want to eat that hot pussy. I notice his sweat pants had a big bulge in them. So I let it fall off and lay out on bed. he slide down on the bed and slide head up to my pussy kiss all the way up. he slide my legs up on his should as he slide up.But the time his tongue hit my pussy I was all most cum. He started to suck and lick me make me hotter and wetter.He slide hand up to play with boob as he was eating me. He started to pinch n pull on my nipple. It hurt but felt good too. with in a few seconds I was cum hard as ever and he just held on to me and keep going. After I got threw it he started to slide up but keeping my legs with him. Kina roll me up as he came up. Keeping my legs up high and slide the head of his cock into my pussy .Start to push in farther and tell me how hot and tight my pussy is. he was 2/3 way in and slowly fuck me. I was getting hot and purr again.then he ask me, if I like his cock, I told him oh yes. He ask me if I wanted him to fuck me. YES. that when he let go of my legs and lay ed down on me. tell me to wrap my legs around him. so I did it. He pull his cock back and slam it back, ohhhoo, you like that YES. So if you like I give it to you but I want you push up and fucking me too. So then he started pulling back and slamming it home. I'm pulling him and slamming up to meet him I found myself groan and moan louder then I ever have. All the time he fucking harder and calling me a little slut. I didn't care as long as he keep fucking me. wasn't long before we both cumming . then just fell down in exhaustion.. after laying there a bit he took his had and started to push my head torque his cock. I went for it and started play and sucking his cock. Wasn't long and it was come back to life. He was getting rock hard as I bob up and down his cock., That when he pull my head off his cock and told me to climb on top and ride his cock didn't need to be told twice, I was up ,shove his cock into my soaking hot pussy as fast as I could. I rode him as hard and fast as I could. He start to play with my nipple again pinch and pulling them. Wasn't long before we both explode again. Then he told me we have to stop and clean up that Deb be back soon. So we went and took a shower together. As I was dry off he went over to my closet and looking at my clothes, I ask him what you doing and he said finding something for you to wear. What? Then he pull out my 3/4 hoodie. and threw it at me, telling me to wear that. so i said okay, you want me to wear my short shorts with it, there are hot looking. He said no just the sweat shirt. What That would be really a mini laugh ting. He said he know, I said my undies will show lol. He said don't want that, so don't wear any! YOU want me to wear this with nothing under, Yes I cant do that, Deb coming her and bro will be home soon. He said up to you. but if you don't Jim not going to fuck you anymore and walk out the door. Dam a few minute later I went down stair and seen him in front room. I had on the sweat shirt and he smile and start walk to me.As he was walking I notice Deb pulling in drive way and told him, He just kept walking to me and pull up on my hoodie. Looking at my pussy and he smile and said, well I guess I have to fuck you some more .Then he reach up and pull the zipper on my hoodie show lots of cleavage, smile at me and said leave like that and ill be fucking you soon then you think. and went out to meet Deb

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