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gmilf (grandmom id like to fuck)

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(Grandmom I’d like to fuck)

After being married for 25 years it ended in a messy divorce and she got the kids the house and half my paycheck! I was thumbing thru the paper trying to find a place to live that was in my small budget and came across a ad for a room for rent. I called the number and a lady answered the phone we talked for a bit and set a time the next day so I could look at the room. When I arrived I was suprised that an older lady answered the door she looked to be in her early 50's , on the phone she sounded much younger. She let me in and showed me the room and told me the rules. I took the room and agreed to move in that weekend.

The first few weeks were nice and we talk a lot about our lives and always seemed to talk for hours, im 39 and I found out was 64 but damn did she look great for her age! Her name is tammy and a widow she stands 5'6 and about 150 lbs toned body (I kept sneaking looks at her working out in the basement while I did laundry)with blue eyes a nice round ass and nice big tits(my guess 36 d).

A couple weeks went by andI was in my room watching a porn stroking my cock(im not used to going weeks with out some pussy) pretending like the woman on tv was fucking the hell out of me. After I came all over the place I cleaned up and put on some shorts and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. On my way back I noticed tammys door open a crack and heard some noises and peeked in and seen her on her back legs spread wide and in the air as her finger worked her clit so fast they were almost a blur. Then I started thinking my door was opened a crack when I left and I know I closed it when I went in and it dawned on me she must have heard me beating my cock and watched me!!!I snuck into her room and stood at the foot of the bed watching her finger fucking herself, her fingers were soaked with all her juices! Her clit had to be atleast an inch long with nice big pussy lips. Just then I spoke up and asked if she needed any help her eyes flew open and she threw the covers over herself. She asked what I thought I was doing in her room and I said the same thing you did watching! She then looked down and seen my hard cock in my shorts and smiled. She threw the covers off and she told me its been a very long time since she had a man in her bed, her husband died 12 yrs ago.

I got into the bed and started to kiss her as my hands went for her huge tits her nipples were hard ( I swear they were the size of ½ my thumb. I moved down and started to suck on her rock hard nipples as my fingers found her soaking hot pussy! She started to moan and move under my touch and started to lick and nibble my way down to her hot pussy!! She grabbed my head and asked what I was doing when I was just past her belly button and told her I was going to eat her pussy, she said she has never had anyone do that before so I told her to relax and enjoy. I pulled her pussy lips apart and started to lap up her juices that were still flowing out of her and just to tease her I’d circle her clit with my tongue then I started to suck her hard clit as I worked a finger then two into her hot soaking pussy .I thought she was going to crush my head with her legs when she came. I loved the way her juices tasted and boy did she cum a lot!!!

I rose up and started sucking her tits agian and took my cock in my hand and started to rub the head up and down on her slit . Her mouth was wide open and she was making loud moaning noises and she was about to cum agian, I started to slide my cock in her pussy and she was bucking and digging her nails into my back as her legs wrapped around my back and pulled me all the way inside of her!! God her pussy was so wet and hottt and felt like I had a vise around my cock as she came. After she came she said she needs to relax for a moment so I kept my cock burried inside of her and sucked on her tits . After about 5 minutes she rolled me over and started to slowly fuck me as her tits swayed in my face. I was in heaven because I like older women and never thought this would happen!

I grabbed her hips and met her thrust and she bent over some and I started to quicken my pace! Her ass was soaked from all her juices and started to rub her asshole with my finger and slid it in, she started to yell and came so much I thought she pissed on me lol. I couldnt take it anymore and rolled her over and held her legs up and open wide and pulled all the way out and slamming my 7 inch cock all the way in!! She told me faster and harder so like any good man I did what I was told. She started cumming agian and grabbed her tits and pinching and pulling on her nipples hard ! I fucked so fast I thought id throw out my back. I loved watching her pussy lips wrapped around my cock as I pulled out and when I shoved my throbbing cock back in I could see her cum squirting out!!I told her I was cumming and she said yessss fill me up with your hott cum !! Hearing her talk nasty like that(which I love that) I couldnt last any longer and filled her pussy with my hot load !!

We laid next to each other for a while before we said a word to each other. She looked at me and told me boy is it going to be nice having a man around the house, I told her any time she needed my help lol. The next couple of weeks we fucked like rabbits all over the house, weve even started to walk around naked and when ever the mood struck us we’d fuck. Me laying on the recliner watching tv and she would come over and suck me off or I’d walk up behind her when she was doing dishes and bent her over the sink.I even bought her a couple vibrators and she watched fuck movies with me and we would act them out sometimes.. The best is being woke up with her sucking my cock or having her wet pussy on my face.

But just my luck all good things must come to an end or so I thought. Her daughter (nancy)lost her job and her and her 2 kids moved in so I moved to the basement and thought our fuck sessions would end boy was I wrong! Tammy came down stairs one morning a couple days later (I work midnights) woke me up and said nancy was gone job hunting and the kids were in school. Off came her robe and nothing on under it either she whipped back the covers my cock was already hard (I sleep naked) she started sucking on me like she hasnt gotten a cock in years!!she moved so we were in a 69 and mashed her pussy to my face and started to grind herself on me. She was already soaked and didnt take long for her to cum. She got off and stayed on all fours and looked over her shoulder at me and told me she wants me to fuck her fast and hard!!!. I grabbed her hips aimed my cock and slammed into her in one thrust she started cumming agian my balls were slapping her clit and counld feel her pussy muscles gripping my cock!!I looked in the mirror and seen she was sucking on her tits and she was cumming agian! I worked my thumb around her asshole and when I could feel her getting ready to cum agian I slide it in all the way and was now reaming her pussy and asshole! I swear she hasnt stopped cumming for 15 mins and her juices we soaking my cock,balls and I could even feel it running down my legs!! I told her I was going to cum and she started moaning even louder as I fucked her even faster . It sounded like some one clapping as my hips slammed into her ass she started cumming again as I emptied my balls deep inside her. Just when we were in mid cum we heard someone yell what the fuck!!! we both looked at the doorway and seen her daughter standing there. We both collapsed on the bed too worn out to say anything and nancy standing there with a look that could kill!!! after about 10 mins of hearing nancy bitch at us about the age diffrence and thinking I was taking advantage of her mom and how she don’t even get fucked like that !!!tammy said well u live here too now so that would all change now wont it and nancy started to smile. Tammy looked at me smiled gave me a kiss and went upstairs to clean up.

I got up grabbed my sheets and went to put them in the wash(they were soaked) . nancy followed me into the laundry room asking me how long has this been going on and how it all started so I leaned agianst the washer and told her everything. She walked over to me and said since her mom is in the shower she will have to clean me up and started sucking and licking my balls and cock! After she cleaned me all up I said I got to get some sleep , I walked into my room grabbed the covers and nancy tucked me in and gave me a kiss gave a small laughed and said oh I will need lots of rest to take care of two women now !

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