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future mother-in-law

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Many years ago I was living with my girl friend and her mother lived next door. We all got along quite well but little did I know how well. It was on a hot summer night we all went to the lake, my girlfriend and I along with her mother and her boyfriend. I was wadeing out into the water when someone swam up behind me and I felt their hand reach for my cock.

Thinking it was my girlfriend I didn't react to this except to enjoy her fondleing. Still thinking it was her I reached behind me and was gropeing for her breasts when I realized it wasn't her. My girlfriend wasn't very big in the breast department. She was what we called a 34 nearly b cup. What I had in my hand was much larger. I turned to find my girl friends mom behind me and she was still holding onto my now very hard cock. She looked up at me and said that she had been wanting me for quite a while and now was the perfect time as on one could see us in the darkness and see what was going on under the water.

I asked her about her boyfriend and her daughter and she replied what they don't know we wouldn't tell. She gave my cock a squeeze and then wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. She had removed he bathing suit bottom and when she reached between us and pulled my cock out of my suit and slid down onto it. We stood in the water rocking back and forth me sliding deeper into her as we rocked.

I reached up and wrapped my hands around her breasts and began pinching her nipples as we stood there in the water fucking each other. She rolled her head back and moaned as I manipulated her hard nipples. She pulled my head down and I took one of her nipples into my mouth and as I sucked it deep into my warm mouth I was flicking my tougne vack and forth across it. She began bouncing up and down faster as I sucked and I knew she was close. I was about to cum myself and told her so and she said she wanted to taste my cum and lowered her legs then took a deep breath and then went under the water. She took my hard cock into her mouth and began sucking and licking as I shot my load down her throat. When she finished sucking me dry, her head popped back up out of the water. Just as she stood up we heard my girlfriend say "There you two are, Ive been looking for you." I reached down and put my still hard cock back into my swim suit and backed a step away from her mom. When we began wadeing back to the shore her mom whispered that I owed her one and squeezed my cock as we walked up the shore and to the car.

A week later I had worked a double shift and when I got home everyone had already gone to work. I was in the shower when I heard a noise and yelled out to who I thought was my girlfriend. Her mother opened the shower door and looked me up and down and said "Guess again. I'm here to collect on a debt that you owe me."

She started to undress and stepped into the shower reaching for the wash cloth and soap in my hand. She began washing my chest and slowly worked her way down to my rising cock.

I leaned down and pulled her close and kissed her as she stroked my cock with the soapy washcloth. I reached down and began rubbing her pussy and when I rubbed past her clit she jumped. I whispered to her that we needed to get dryed off and onto the bed. She agreed and we both rinsed off and I grabbed a big bath towel and began drying her off.

I led her into the bedroom and laid her down and said to her "It's your turn." I leaned down and kissed her and began working my way down to her breasts and her very hard nipples. Taking one then the other into my mouth I sucked on them and then began kissing down her stomach to her warm wet waiting pussy. I laid down between her legs and began teasing her by lightly licking her pussy up and down, just barely touching her with each stroke of my tougne. She was squirming on the bed and grabbed my head and tried to pull me into her but I held back wanting her pleasure to last a long time.

As I licked I slowly began to push my tougne deeper towards her hard clit and I was sliding my tougne up to her clit and stop for just a second and then I flicked my tougne past her clit and she bucked up off the mattress. I kept this up for a few minutes and when I could feel het thighs tighten under me I knew she was ready to cum. She screamed that she was cumming and I kept licking her pussy until she finished and started to cum for the second time.

I licked her clean and then I lifted her legs as I crawled up between her legs. I slid my hard cock deep into her wet pussy. She began bucking upwards to my downward thrusts. I knew I wasn't going to last very long. We began slamming each other as we fucked like to out of control animals.

I began squirting deep inside her and she wrapped her legs around me and began her third orgasm. when everything subsided we got dressed.

I never did marry her daughter but the three of us had a hell of a sex life for a long time together but that's another story.

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