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fun between deployments 2

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They walked through her door with only one bag with two objects. They were given looks from the 30 year old milf cashier when they checked out that day at the store. Either she was remembering the days when she was younger or she was wishing she would get the same from her guy that night. Either way she knew what they were up to and said have fun as they walked away hand in hand.

She set the bag down on the kitchen counter, he was only 1 step behind her. He had his hands on her nice shaped ass. He wrapped his arms around her as she reached for two other things, vodka and cran. She was making the drinks while his hands were exploring her body. He loved feeling her bellybutton ring and trying to figure out what suprise panties and bra she was wearing that day. She finished making the drinks and turned around to hand him his but he just moved his head in and kissed her on the forehead and then her lucious lips. She embraced him and put the drinks back on the counter. They were getting frisky and they were barely though the door. After a passionate kiss they opened the bag with two objects. He took one of them and put some on his finger. She gently sucked it off of course there was a sexual overtone to the sucking. She loved the taste of chocolate. She took the other item out and put it on her finger. He slowly licked around the edge of her finger and then flicked her finger tip with the tip of his tounge. He loved the taste of honey.

After that tease they grabbed their drinks and stumbled/ dragged each other to the couch that they started seeing each other on. They were going to try to watch a full movie on the couch before they ran to the bedroom. After a little drink he laid down on the couch and she spooned into him to cuddle up. His long arms wrapped tightly around her sexy body. They hit the play knowing full well that the movie didn't matter as they wouldn't be watching more than a few minutes of it. She tilted her head so that he could makeout with her. He moved his as well, he wouldn't deny her cute face that. His hands were once again exploring her body this time a litle more vigorioulsy and more fully. Her bra was found to be a silky number that she surely picked up while he was away. He knew this because she told him in one of his almost over the edge emails. They were almost over the edge due to the fact that the emails were constantly monitored. His hands slipped right over the silk cups but could he could feel the hard nipples underneath. He had to just graze over them, tease her a little. After the tease his hands headed south. Feeling her hardened abs that she got while he was under way. She knew it turned him on, and she had them in High school. Since she got the abs he assumed that she also did the yoga she once again mentioned in the emails. The emails made most of his days more tolrable underway. Her abs were nice and he defintly enjoyed the new belly button ring. He played with it for a while she of course was enjoying it and moving her hands all over his body as well. He had worked out on and off over the patrol, so he was in decent shape. He went lower than her belly button again trying to figure out what she was wearing for him that day. His hand went over her panty line though he was tempted to go below it. It turns out she was wearing a little lace number. He coould feel that she was still nicely trimmed through the lace. He could also feel that she was getting wetter the whole time. While his hands were exploring her body hers were also working lower to his waist line. She squeezed her petite hands under his elastic waistband of his cotton boxers. She could feel that he trimmed as well, and shaved some parts. She loved his shaved shaft and the fact that she was making it grow as they were laying there. His hands were done exploring they wanted action. He genlty grabbed her shirt and started to raise it above her head, remembering this whole time that he had released her bra strap while he was exploring. She stopped him and whispered that they should head to the bedroom. He was all for that. She grabbed his arm and then teasingly guided him towards her room. He made sure that they had their drinks as the ice might come in hand later. He also made a slight detour to the kitchen counter for the honey and chocolate.

They made it to her room in a short time. He was super anxious. She was ready to show him the bra and panties, but before she could he pushed her onto her bed. It had the nice roxy comforter that she just bought. It was plastered with hibuscus her favorite flower. He just wanted to see his favorite flower. The yellow hisbuscus tattooed on her back. While he pushed her on her bed, she laughed and her landed on top of her ready to kiss her all over. He started with her lips then tried to move lower. She pushed him off in a teasing matter. He sat up and grabbed her moving her to a sitting position. While she was up he grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. She was a sneaky one and had redone her bra. He didn't mind as the silky bra was super sexy. It was not the light green or pink one in her sexy photos. He was pretty sure that it was the black one that was in her snowboarding tease photo he got underway.

With the shirt off and bra exposed he was even more excited. She wasn't on edge but she was dripping with excitment as he would soon find out. He slowly reached out to unclasp her bra and let her beautful and shaply breasts be seen. Damn he was lucky he had seen them a couple of days ago but this was the second time in 97 days. They were so shapely he loved them that and the fact that her nipples were hard surely his doing. He just had to push her back down and kiss them tenderly. Sucking on them sofly and flicking his tongue making them even harder. His tongue moving in circles as well, just like when he got the honey off her finger earlier. She was surely enjoying it with her soft moans. She had to even things up since she was shirtless and he was still fully clothed. She grabed his shirt and ripped it off his body. He was waiting for it to happen. He was more than happy to have her rub her hands on his body working over his shoulders, neck and back, reaching around to his stomach following his happy trail down. Down to his jeans button which she skillfully unbottoned not that it was hard. Well it was hard but his jeans were easy to remove. Now he was on her bed in just his boxers and his farmers tan from patrol. She was topless and showing her tan lines which turned him on. She didn't have dark lines as it wasn't the greatest weather while he was gone. He just wondered what tan line was hidden under her pants, and what her lace panties looked liked. He was about to figure it out since she was teasing him and he had to get her back. He grabbed her by the waist, reached for the buttons and zipper on her skirt and slowly teased her and removed it adding to the growing pile of clothes on her bedroom floor. Her boyshorts were lacy and pretty revealing. He could feel before but now he could see that she was still nicely trimmed. He could also see moisture hanging on the threads she was dripping wet. She smiled knowing it had the desired effect on him. She was right when she thought that she wouldn't be wearing them long. He couldn't resist and his finger snagged the side of the boyshorts and almost tore them off her legs. He also threw his boxers on the ground. He was rock hard she was dripping wet, could either of them contain themselves. He had to have her and soon. Neither was new to sex or sex with each other, they definatly had fun a weekend before he left for patrol and the day he got back. It was one of the first times that his partner was on the pill and there was trust about other things. He was still getting used to just taking his hard cock and shoving it into her warm inviting pussy. This time with her being wet already he decided to tease her a little more and than have his fun. He took her and layed her down on the bed, he was on his knees his cock hanging there for her to see. He bent down a little, slipping it between her lips hitting her clit while he slid up and down her slit, and sending shock waves into her body. She was clearly enjoy herself as was he, a few more ups and downs and he went for her tight opening. She was wet enough that he managed to slip into her. The tip just sliding in slowly he moved it in and out letting her get used to it and driving her wild as he wanted. He wasn't sure on her favorite positions and right now it was missionary, but she wasn't complaining so he kept going for the time being. There would be time to explore that later that day. They found their rythem, he handfull sized breasts moving up and down, his balls hitting her in the ass. Both were smiling as he moved in to make out with her. Their lips met smiling, and to think that she once wondered if he was a good kisser. The motion was driving both of them wild and they were both ready to orgasm. Not sure about her but he had never cum at the same time as his partner, and until the other night he had never come in anyone let alone at the same time. The moment had come she wispered in his ear that she was on the edge, he said that was going to send him over the edge knowing she was that close. He just let loose holding her tightly to him with his long arms wrapped around her he wondered if she could feel the cock pulses that were shooting his hot cum into her pussy. He could tell she was over the edge her muscles were contracting and almost milking him. She was wiggling on the bed, her new comforter all messed up. She was also moaning and wispering how good it felt. They just stayed together holding each other his penis getting soft inside her, cum starting to leak out. She just loved to cuddle and relax with him. He loved the way her soft breast were pushed against his chest right now they were perfect. After a few minutes of relaxing he wanted to get her going again, as he knew from the night in the hotel that he won't be forgetting anytime soon, she could cum multiple times a night. He wondered how many. That was his goal and of course he was planning on cumming again soon just not right away.

He was tempted to get the chocolate and honey he grabbed before they made it to her bedroom but instead chose to tease her with the ice remaining from their drinks. She was suprised when he grabbed an ice cube and rubbed it down her chest toward her soft breast with still semi errect nipples. He was going to tease her nipples back to being super hard. He cicrled the ice around one then moved it to the other. The melting ice leaving a small trickle of water leading to one of his favorite areas. Back and forth he teased her till the ice cube was gone and she was wiggling and shivering, the good kind of shiver of course. The melted ice wouldn't go to waste as she was laying on her back. He kissed her and then made his way down her chest with his tounge kissing random parts as he went. Following the water trail he went to one breast then to the other circling and nibbling on her nipples. then he followed the trail down to her belly button and played with her new ring a little. He could tell she was enjoy it as he looked up and saw a huge smile on her face. He went down lower to her clit which wasn't hiding anymore. He gave it the attention that it needed to get her moaning and wiggling and calling his name again. He could smell her juices mixed with his own and that turned him on imensly. He was starting to get hard again and she noticed. it was his turn to enjoy her skills.

She copied his idea and grabbed another ice cube. He could tell where this was going and was excited as he had only read about ice cold blowjobs. She teased her way down to his semi errect cock and started to tease him even more when she took it in her mouth. Of course it grew strong pretty quickly like she wanted it to. Now the tease would be on her as he wanted to take his cold cock and give it to her in what ever positon he could quicly get her in. Since she was on her knees at the time he decided to take her from behind. He quickly moved from under her to behind her her slit was still wet from before and still leaking cum which would be even more lube. He quickly entered her and she loved the contrast just like he did. He went from cold to warm she went from warm to cold, but it made them both hotter if you know what i mean. He started to fuck slow then picked up speed. She was enjoying doggy style. He made his move after seeing her breasts shaking back and forth with the pounding he was giving her. He grabbed one with one hand and teased the hard nipple. With his other hand he grabbed her hair with the other. He was thinking "slut" but in a nice way. She was just thinking damn it feels good. She wispered harder, who was he to not give her what she wanted. As he was fucking her his sack would stick to her nicely trimmed hair as a result of hte ealrier cum dripping out. After a while he was getting bolder. He decided he would push her arms out from under her. He would make her fall flat on the bed with him on top of her just moving his hips. Both were on the edge but trying to hold out a little longer, it was bliss. He told her to hold on he was going to shoot his load into her again. His penis was pulsing her pussy was drinking it up. She was uncontrolably shaking in pure joy. He just collaped onto her and both let out a little sigh and a small laugh. They just layed there letting the moment sink in. Then he pulled his still semi hard dick out of her and rolled her over. He went down on her wondering if anyone had eaten her out after cumming in her before. It was definatly his first and he was excited. He love her juice miexed with his. Both were loving it as he took a bit of it and moved to her head. Would she take it? They just looked each other in the eyes and made out. Now clearly all body fliuds were mixed his cum her cum their saliva everything.

They cuddled for a bit and decided to get cleaned up after all the cum from each other was all over the place. They took a sensual shower together no sex involved just some rubbing and soaping each other down. They dried each other off and headed back to her room. They had a quickee just pure sex no cuddling or any mushy stuff both cumming quickly since the smell of sex was literally in the air. He was forced to get dressed and leave to the living room while she got dressed with out him seeing. He couldn't wait to see what one of her many sexy outfits she was hiding this time as she walked out in her yoga pants and one of his CG t shirts.

It was time for drinks something creative this time not just their favorite. They did use their favorite liqor Vodka. His was made with honey and a lemon peel, hers was made with chocolate drizzled into it and powdered sugar on the rim. Hers looked like chocolate cum dripping into the liquid.

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