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Sherri has been a lifetime friend of my wife and almost that long with me. We all grew up together in the same school. When my wife and I actually started our friendship was when I realized Sherri and my wife rode horses and was in 4H together for a few years. I think my wife and I went together for probably 5 years before deciding to get hitched and during those years and after we were married, Sherri was always a close friend. Honestly, even though we all were ornery talkers and open minded, never did I really imagine anything other than close friendship with Sherri nor did she ever offer any hints to me beyond that.

Years pass and Sherri married and we all moved different places and many times would not see each other for six months or more and some rare phone calls between Sherri and my wife. There was a time for a couple of years in our mid 30’s when we lived close. At the time I had a bass boat and Sherri loved fishing and although my wife didn’t mind fishing, we had two boys under five and she was in a different mode. So it wasn’t really any big deal at times when Sherri would be visiting and I’d be hitching up the boat that she would say she’d love to go along and my wife would encourage her to go along. Actually, it was no big deal to me nor did I have anything in mind other than knowing Sherri was a good fisherman and it was nice to have someone to chat with. Basically that is all we did too. However there were a few funny things that naturally occurred when out on the lake like having to take a leak. Sherri never thought it to be a big deal to just pull over to the bank, get off the boat and walk a few yards and squat. Same thing with me. One would hold the boat steady while the other did their business but obviously each could hear and partially see each other. No biggie. We both just laughed it off and cracked a naughty line and went about fishing, chatting and having fun. Looking back at it now, I recall my mind wandering and was always curious if Sherri did the same. I think probably so as I know I would catch her looking at my crotch and I know I was doing the same thing. Just never going beyond that or offering any serious suggestions.

Those couple of years were a lot of fun but then Sherri and her hubby decided to move away. Like five hundred miles away. They actually bought a lake front property and a boat. Time passed several more years as we’re all in our mid fifties now. We have stayed at their home about three times over the years and shared a lot of fun. Sherri has occasionally visited us by herself as her hubbies job mostly prevents him coming along.

Well, Sherri is the type who likes an extended stay when she does come up and she visits her relatives. My wife works and I have a small shop and work at home. So I’m here all the time when Sherri is visiting. I guess as years pass and having such a familiar life time friendship everyones perspectives on everything becomes a little more open. Mid-life is the probable culprit for that and after so many years of knowing the conversations and developing bonds and trusts things you’ve maybe thought about and kept to yourself begin to surface.

One particular morning after my wife leaving for work, I went out to fix the coffee and breakfast as usual. Sherri was up and about in her sweat pants and t-shirt and in the kitchen helping. She had a stiff neck and was complaining while massaging it herself and hinting she sure could use some help with a neck massage. I obliged her and started massaging her neck softly with her back to me as she was leaning against the kitchen cabinets. She cooed and rotated her head saying how that sure helped. As we continued she pushed her ass into my hips with a grinding slow rotation along with a evil chuckle. In kidding comment I told her how damn good that felt but if she kept it up she was going to cause a noticeable reaction. With another chuckle all she said was good followed by asking if I was going to tell on her. I told her we both had too much life experience to ever tell on each other as she continued grinding into me. Obviously my cock was hard enough to be grinding between her pussy lips through the thin sweat she had on and we were both feeling the heat of the moment. She partially turned to me and cupped her hand around by bulge, squeezing gently. With a genuine look of lust along with sincerity she promised no one would ever have to know nor would our fucking ever affect her relationship among lifetime friends. I was now sliding my hand over her hot pussy through her sweats. While I knew she was sincere and honest as always I hesitated and thought maybe we should talk this thing out to assure each others intentions. She hugged me along with a friendship kiss on the cheek and said yes, let’s talk about it first.

As we sat together on the porch we opened up the subject agreeing to leave no holds barred and a mutual willingness to talk about fantasies, desires and what maybe everyone thinks about but is afraid to ask. Not so surprisingly we discussed how everyone has hidden desires and how sometimes it is frustrating when there’s something you’d like to do but then knowing the risks. Sherri admitted her fantasizing about an occasional romp in the sack with me which I was somewhat thrown off guard in her honesty. I told her many times I had the same fantasies about her. She is so honest and to the point she put it out on the line. She said “look, it’s just sex, we’ve all went through our prime, we’re not out for anything beyond pleasure and a little lust, let’s consider both our desires, try it once and see if we like it”. That being said was enough for me. She followed by suggesting if it works it would be an occasional and recreational thing that no one ever had to know except us. We both grinned but the heated moment had sort of burst from the nervous conversation. Sherri took the quiet moment to say in her funny way “Let’s think about all the kinky things we can do tomorrow morning to get us in fever pitch”.

As she left for the remainder of the day all kinds of thoughts we’re racing in my mind as well as having a hard on off and on all damn day. That night my balls ached with anticipation knowing Sherri was sleeping in the guest bedroom with her mind racing as well. Morning arrived with my cock being at full mast. My wife and Sherri had been up visiting and she had left for work. I could hear the shower running. Sherri popped through the door wrapped in a towel and said it was my turn and she’d be waiting in her room. She hesitated as I was getting out of bed trying to disguise my erection. Her eyes looked as she grinned, flashed me a quickie look at her bare butt and said keep that big boy up as she zipped away to the bedroom.

It didn’t take me long and with only a towel on I tapped on her door. She said come on in sweetie and to my surprise she was laying totally nude and splayed on the bed running her vibrator up and down her slit. I almost felt guilty, as if I was intruding and then she said “I want your cock”. Sherri had an evil grin and she was in full kinky, slut mode. She jutted her hips upward and sliding the tip of the vibrator into her wet vagina. I walked to the bed as she pulled the towel from my hips and immediately engulfed my cock in her mouth. I rubbed her belly just above her jutting mound as she continued sucking and buzzing her vibrator on her oh so obvious swollen clit. She cupped my balls as she sucked like a hoover in almost a frenzied manner. I was feeling a quick explosion if she kept this up and I had to extract from her. I bent over to kiss on her lower belly and as I did she removed the vibrator and slowing guided my mouth to her heat emitting mound. I placed my open mouth completely over her hot pussy and she let out a groan and I could feel her pulsation and suddenly could taste her tremendous orgasm. She reached for my cock again and demanded I fuck her deep and hard. I got between her legs and teased her with long strokes up and down her labia folds until she screamed to fuck her. I placed my cock in her vagina a had no problem shoving in until I had no more to go. She bucked in return. Although she was absolutely soaked, I loved how firm and tight her pussy was. I’ve never felt such a smoothness she had and she sure knew how to use her pussy muscles giving me sensations I’ve never experienced. As we picked up the pace, we were both breaking out into a sweat and everything we did was slippery. I was getting really close and she pulled my head down to her pulling on my hair and screeching in my ear to fill her with every drop of cum I have. With that I began spurting rope after rope deep inside and I could feel her having another tremendous orgasm, feeling the twitching of her pussy on my shaft. We laid there exhausted and wet for a few minutes, my cock slowly getting soft. I pulled out and cum was running everywhere as I plopped my half hard, hot cock onto her soft mound. She pulled my head up again by my hair and said she loved it with such an evil look on her face.

We laid there caressing one another for another twenty minutes and I was thinking that was it when Sherry again took my cock in her mouth. Wow, I said as she was going at it again. Hey hon, we’re in our mid fifties, remember!! As she popped my cock from her mouth, she said I know then she gave me several more hot licks and asked if things went well enough to continue doing this now and then. Without any hesitation I said yes.

We fucked once more before her leaving that week. We also followed up with assuring conversations about what we were doing was just for our kinky personal pleasures and no one would ever know except for this anonymous story. What else can two close friends in mid life have to ask for! No one hurt, no expectations and the benefit of increased sperm count and healthy hormone adjustments. A bit of strange never hurts anyone so long as they’re mature enough to control it. I’m hopeful my wife has a fuck buddy to enjoy on occasion.

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