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for you

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FOR YOU As we walk under the stars at the beach hand in hand, the chill of the gulf coast breeze chills your skin as we near the hotel. Your sundress is flying in the wind as we trek through the sand to the hotel. As we pass through the parking lot we pass our SUV and you feel my hand grasp your arm and spin you around I pin you against the vehicle and our lips meet under the stars. Our tongues joined in a symphony of emotions raging like a roaring fire. My hands roam every curve of your body with nothing but your sun dress and our bathing suits between us. My lips can taste the salt form the breeze on your neck and my tongue traces the outline of your neck. You can feel my raging erection pressing against you as I undo the Velcro on my suit and slowly begin to rub between your legs in the darkness. Your moans begin to fill the air and your sundress begins to rise giving me access to the crotch of your bathing suit. Your nails begin to claw my back as our passion grows wilder and wilder. Your thighs can feel my girth gently thrusting between your legs. As I can feel you growing closer to orgasm my cock glistens with your moisture in the moonlight. I abruptly pull away and take your hand as we run to the elevator taking us to the third floor. As the elevator door shuts I bend you over and your hands grasp the cold metal handle that surround us. I lift your sundress and remove your bottoms and proceed to enter you from behind. In motion you can feel every inch and every vein on my raging hard cock enter you until you feel my abs against your ass. I slowly pull it out and enter you again going deeper and harder than before. We begin to move as one as the sweat beings to run down your back. My hand hold on to your hair and guide you back into me. When we hear the ding of the elevator arriving at our floor we are startled and look into the emptiness of the open air hallway. We rush to the third door on the right which is our room. As we enter the room we fall to the bed as lightning is in the distance from our patio window. I stand up to remove my shorts and take your hand as you make your way to your feet. I lift your sundress above your head and my lips meet your breasts for the first time tonight. I reach behind you and undo your top as it falls to the floor we tumble back to the bed. And my tongue begins to worship your nipples, gently caressing and flicking. The cold air of the air condition makes our bodies tingle with making every sensation more intense. Your hands hold my head and pull my mouth to meet yours. As our lips and tongues meet once again and the fiery passion grows hotter and the carnal desires grow larger with every passing second. My body grinds against yours and you can feel my man hood gravitating closer to your waiting drenched hole. You whisper how much you want me inside you and I say all in good time all in good time. My hand slide down your ribs and you jump in anticipation of what I will do next. My body slides down yours as my tongue traces a path from your neck to your breast down the center of your stomach kissing you every inch of the way to your inner thighs. My saliva and breath begin to warm you soaking pussy. My tongue glides into you slowly separating you and finding your clit. Your sweet taste fills my mouth as your nails claw my arms and your moans fill the air. Your legs hold me tighter with every warm flick of my tongue. My hands clenching your breasts I can feel your body tensing about to climax then your juices begin to flow and coat my tongue filling me with your sweet nectar.

More to follow!!!

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