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I always loved listening to all of my friends complain about their wives?It was that they were cold as ice or didn?t like sex, or lost interest in sex all together?.Of course most of us had been married over 30 years and I guess it all got a little old for some of these couples?.The ?prom queen had gained a lot of weight, and a lot of the others just didn?t want to be bothered with sex anymore.

But this wasn?t my case?I had married a very plain gal 30 years ago and was not a head turner?.But she had a natural sexy body with great legs and pointy breasts, and that ?I?d love to fuck her? look?.While my friends had married the cheerleader types that had to be literally bribed to fuck, and even then thought they were doing their husbands a favor, mine was always wet and couldn?t get enough?.

But there was one basic problem?She had grown up in a strict Irish Catholic home that frowned on anything sexy in general and was an Elementary School teacher?.She was very conscious about her ?image? and dressed just like the school teacher she was?.Skirts and dresses below the knees, flat shoes, etc?.I?m sure you get the picture.

I on the other hand had always been a sexual animal?.I loved nylons, garter belts, baby dolls, etc?I absolutely loved sluts that loved to fuck and give blow jobs to a climax?.I often fantasized about my friends wives, thinking how they would look in various types of slut dress, and how I would enjoy fucking them?.especially die to the fact that their husbands were all fucking other women when they got the chance?.But I curbed my thoughts, and followed my number one rule, ?Don?t fuck around with married women??.The cemeteries are full of guys that did.

My wife being a prude really fueled my desire to see her with another guy?I would get hard just thinking about someone else undressing her, feeling her up, and then fucking her?I pictured myself coaching the guy to give her more cock, and telling her to pump her hips to get the whole load?It got to be an obsession really, but knew that such a drastic change in her would be impossible??But then I had an idea.

We were going to a friends daughters wedding and I had talked her into wearing a black dress that was a little above the knees and a pair of crotch less pantyhose that I had bought for her earlier?.This was topped off with a pair of heels that were higher than normal. The dress was a slinky materiel that totally covered her c cup breasts and came to the neck?.She looked like a sexy 51 year old school teacher.

On the way to the wedding she commented that the crotch less pantyhose were quite comfortable and that she had worn a panties over them to be more ?decent??..She had no idea that I had something planned if things went as I expected them to?..She just thought that she was pleasing me by wearing them and no one would know?.especially her uptight family?.She just looked like a classy middle age housewife that had a great looking body but was too old to have a great sex life?.

Once at the wedding it became one of our typical family affairs?. the wives were all talking about their kids and the men wanted to know where the bar was?.As usual, I was checking out the various wives in our age group and fantasizing about the ones I thought would be good fucks?Katy, my sister-in-law, was with her husband that was already drunk, and talking constantly about her new grand-daughter?I in turn couldn?t keep my eyes off her full breasts and nice legs, and wondering if she was being fucked enough?.And my .brother-in-law was there with his wife Marsha, who never fucked him unless he bought her some expensive piece of jewelry or piece if junk?..?what a cunt?, I thought?..All of their wives were self-centered and selfish?..It was always a ?me? attitude with them??But my wife wasn?t like that??She was kind, shy, and a little naïve?.and when it came to sex, she absolutely loved it and turned into a total slut when aroused?.She was a dirty talker, pumped her hips to get more cock, and always swallowed the load when giving blowjobs?..I used to think about what her ?fellow? school teachers would think if they ever saw her in action.

The wedding went on with plenty of drinking and dancing?.The wife had a few 7and 7s and me, more than a few Scotches?.But my 250 lb frame could handle it a lot better than her 108.?.So when we finally left, she was tipsy, and I was just feeling a little good?She was feeling horny so I figured it was time for us to leave?..She sat in the car and I noticed that she was a little more than tipsy??She kept rubbing her thighs together which is a sure sign that she is horny and as she would put it, ?ready to have a good time?..

There was an adult book store on the way home, and unknown to her, that I frequented quite often?.It had retail books, etc, in the front and had peep show booths and a fairly large theater in the rear?.Very few couples went there, and if they did, they were usually fat and ugly?.And the ones that weren?t looked like druggies?..very rarely did you see a clean cut ?family? type?..Soooo, now to get my wife to stop.

I thought that if I could get her turned on enough she might just be interested in stopping?I started rubbing her legs, slowly parting them with my hand?.When I got to her panties they were soaked through??A little finger fucking and she was moaning, pushing up her hips to get more of my hand?..I told her that I had lots of cum waiting for her and that I had gotten an instant hardon after feeling how wet she was?..She started giggling (alcohol was taking effect), and told me that she needed to be fucked.

I then pulled into the adult book parking lot and a blank look came on her face?..She asked what I was doing and I told her that I wanted to get her something sexy to wear?..After her protests regarding the fact that someone might see us, a fellow teacher or school board member to be exact, I got her to come inside to help me pick something out?.Besides, I told her that it would be a lot better for her to be inside if someone she knew drove by, than for her to be in the car for all to see.

As soon as we entered I immediately took her inside one of the adult peep show booths?..I didn?t give her a chance to say no, or even look around?..I put a couple of quarters in the video machine and a random adult movie came on?.She was mesmerized at the video, which showed a housewife being fucked by three black repairmen??She immediately wanted to go, but I pulled her on my lap and started feeling her up??I had my hands in her panties and started sucking her breasts??The protests finally stopped as she was reaching a climax?..As she was coming down from her pleasure I pointed to a hole in the wall?.She asked what it was and I told her ?a glory hole?, and that all adult booths in these type stores had one?.She then asked what does it do, and I told her ?watch??..I then tapped at the hole a few times and a large cock immediately came through??She looked at it for a second and started to go for the door?..I told her to calm down because I was there and there was nothing to worry about?..

She stared at it for at least a minute and then asked what the guy wanted?. I told her that he wanted a blowjob?..She freaked out and told me in no uncertain terms that that wasn?t going to happen??..Well, a little more feeling her up and fingerfucking got her hot enough to consent to a little ?stroking??She wrapped her tiny hand around this semi-hard cock and started to pump it?.The cock got larger and soon was spurting the largest load I have ever seen?..It shot all over her hand and the front of that beautiful dress she was wearing??A look at her face showed that her eyes were glassy and she was running her tongue across her lips?.I knew that she was now past the point of no return, and that lust had taken over?

The cock then disappeared, but she was covered in sperm?..I took a paper towel from the booths rack and told her to wipe her dress off before it stained, and then told her to lick the cum off her hand?..She looked at me sheepishly and asked, ?Is that what you want??Do you want me to eat another mans sperm??.What will you think of me???.I just smiled and told her that she was my wife, and that nothing turned me on more than to think about her being fucked by another guy and swallowing his cum?.She then slowly licked her hand, moaning the whole time.

I just kept looking at her?..a prim and proper school teacher, mother, and good Catholic girl, licking the cum off her fingers?.I was teaching her to be my total slut.

Now to the theater

But this wasn?t my cas

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