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first time for everything

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I am mid thirties, children are grown and just recently divorced. Went to the bars, church and movies in search of new people. No luck. Found a sight to write stories and found people that intrigued my inner self.

One male caught my attention and we started chatting on the phone as well as texting. He was also recently divorced.

He was a truck driver and worked nights, so I would read him stories and text him sexy and kinky ideas that I read. This would get him really hot in the truck and he would have to masturbate. I loved hearing him say "I'm cuming" Knowing that I caused him the release and extra tension to leave him as he drove all night.

He would talk to me at night, getting me to play with my clit, rub her, finger her until she was wet and cumming for him.

We first met three months later, after we felt we had driven each other crazy and some real trust was built. We met at a public function in July where we sat at a booth and he put his hands on my knee. I wore a black low cut dress, just above the knees, my lace thong and black lace bra. He put his fingers up under my dress and with the table cloth covering anyone seeing him, began to start fingering my pussy, getting her wet. I turned myself more towards him and ran my hands along his khaki shorts to the rim and snuck my hand up the leg to his throbbing and hard cock. I unzipped his pants and let his long hard cock spring out of pants as he was not wearing any underwear. I rubbed him in my hands as he grew larger, feeling the veins pumping. My now wet pussy was dripping as I ran my hand to get some juices of my own and used them to lubricate his hard dick. I was rubbing him hard as he kept sliding two of his fingers in my pussy and clit. He slid my dress up so that he could move my legs apart more as he turned me facing him and he shoved three fingers deep into my pussy pushing harder and harder as I massaged his cock. He got four fingers in my pussy and was rubbing his thumb along my clit when I started to squirt all over the seat and his hand. He was still pumping into my hand as he let go and came all over my hand and aimed towards my legs and clit, soaking me with his cum as he rubbed his cum on me. I rubbed him and licked my hand clean, tucked him neatly in his pants as he pulled my dress down.

We decided the event was not as entertaining as us and we decided to go to his place. It was a nice little apartment in the city, three floors up overlooking a small park. He poured us some wine and we sat on his couch and talked.He enlightened me that he had no plans to let me leave tonight until he had shown me his bedroom and some of his toys he acquired while we were talking on the phone for months. We took our drinks into the bedroom where he undressed me and washed me from our earlier encounter.

He had me lay down on my back as he said he would like to tie me up and show me what he had purchased. He had rope which he tied me to each of the four posts of his bed, making sure they were tight but did not hurt and had my legs spread wide open. He brought out a set of clips with feathers and rubbed my tits, sucking them and licking them, pinching them with his fingers making them hard, biting them and then took the clips and attached one to each nipple. Ohh they were tight and made my nipples so hard and you could feel the sensation down to my pelvis.

He kept licking my nipples with the clamps and pulling at the feathers making my nipples harder. He came out with a long wand with beaded on them and took a bottle of lube and rubbed it all over my ass, he started sliding those beads into my ass pushing one bead in at a time until the whole wand was in my ass as he pushed it in and out, oh my god did the pressure feel so good in there. He then raised the ropes where my feet were so that my ass was off the bed as he spanked my ass hard. I started dripping out of my clit I was so turned on. as he kept spanking my ass. He then put his mouth to my clit and started licking and sucking on me, slipping his tongue in and out, raising me to a climax, then stopped. ahhh no please. But he lowered me back on to the bed. My clit was throbbing. He slid a longer clip on to my clit with bead on one end pinching my clit as it was throbbing so hard. She was so wet and dripping. He swatted my clit with his hand making her more sensitive as the balls were jangling against my pussy. He then took two pink little balls and put one with his fingers inside my vagina, playing inside my rubbing the inside of my vagina as he put in the second ball inside her. He stood back and looked at me sprawled out on his bed all decorated for him. He then took a little remote and started to push a button. Oh my god, the balls were vibrating inside me. He made them go faster and harder as the clit clip was banging away at my pussy and the beads were still in my ass.

He climbed above my head so he could see my whole body decorated and with his dick now at my mouth and shoved his 8 inch cock around my lips as I licked and sucked his cock, he pushed his cock deep into my mouth, pumping it in and out, I sucked and licked it, he pushed it deep into my throat as he pulled the nipple clamps and swatted my clit as the vibrator was still buzzing the balls inside of me. He was fucking my mouth hard, pumping me with his balls hitting my face. Harder and deeper in my throat, just a note I have no gag reflex. He was pumping and throbbing as he started to cum in my throat filling my mouth up and then cumming all over my face and breast, pumping himself allover me as he rubbed he cum around my lips and breast, pinching my tits hard, making me lick his hands and cock clean.

He turned off the vibrating balls and started to play with my pussy, taking one ball out at a time. He took the beads and pulled them out and then pushed them back in several times, feeling the pressure inside my ass. He started to lick my pussy and putting four fingers inside her, he began pumping my pussy and rubbing my clit with his thumb, slapping my clit until she started to cum, he pushed in all five fingers and started to fist my pussy, pounding in her until she was squirting all over the bed and him, as he watched and played with my cum now covering his hand, arm and all over his dick and stomach. He pulled on the clamps and licked the other clamp as his dick lay next to my clit. It was growing harder again and he untied me and told me to turn over, still having the beads in my ass, he spread my legs apart and slammed his dick hard into my dripping wet pussy. pounding in and out of her as she started to squirt cum all over his dick. He got on the bed, took the clit clamp off and had me ride him as he reached around and moved the beads in and out, slapping my ass. I started to squirt cum all over his shaft, down his ass, soaking the bed as he pulled the nipple clips hard, reaching up and pulling my tits to his mouth as he bit and sucked. He started to cum deep inside me, filling me up so much that his cum was leaking out. As he finished cuming, he turned me over and took my hand to catch his cum and had me rub it all over my clit and tits as he took the nipple clamps off. He rubbed his cum all over me, then pulled the beads out of my ass. I was rubbing his dick again as it got hard and he turned me over, spread my ass cheeks apart and rammed his dick deep into my ass, pounding hard and fast, pulling my hair and biting my shoulders. He was going so hard and fast as I started to squirt all over his dick and legs. He started cuming inside my ass pulling out and cuming all over my ass and back. I was covered in his cum and he in mine. we took a shower, washing each other off, as he made spread my legs apart and he peed in my clit and pussy, running his stream all on my breast. then he continued to wash me off. We got dressed and agreed this was the beginning of a beautiful sexual relationship.

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