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female english teacher

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I have recently read that one in 20 students had a sexual experience with a teacher. Well Im one of the one in 20. When I was at high school, I had an experience with a female English teacher. She kept me behind after class and made me stay after school allot. I wasnt the best student and was probably a little disruptive.

One day I was doing lines at my desk as she sat opposite me sitting up on the edge of her desk. She had a denim skit on that seemed to have ridden up her legs making seem really quite short and as I glance up could see her legs were a little apart and could see a strip of white panties.

She told me to stop looking up and to get on with my work, but I couldt stop glancing up at her. She was attractive about 5'4" slim with large round breasts and the guys in my class have voted her the best ass in the school. She caught me looking up again and asked what was so distracting, and I felt my face redden. My eyes must have fallen on that area again and she worked it out.

"So you like looking up my skirt" she said making no attempt to move her position. In fact her legs parted a little more.

I said nothing, and slid off the desk and came over and stood behind me. She leant over me from behind, I could feel her large heavy breasts in my back and she whispered in my ear that since I had seen her underwear perhaps she should see mine. I was embarrased confused and very turned on and was getting hard. She came around me and pulled up a chair and drew close. Before sitting down she pulled up her skirts exposing her lacy white panties and sat on the chair. She parted her legs wide and I stared at her crotch.

" is this what you wanted to see?" she said

She looked down and could see the front of my pants resembled a tent.

" Ah I can see you like this huh?"

Her hand ran over the front of my pants and she squeezed my cock thru the cloth. I thought I would cum there and then. She then got me up and led me to the back of class to a walk in cupboard where we kept the books. As I stood in there with her she undid my belt and pants and thy fell to the floor, then she pulled my underwear over my hard cockmaking it spring out and pulled them down my legs to the floor.

" mmm you have a nice long cock, would you like me to play with it?

I noodded and she reached out both hands and ran in over my balls and the shaft gently. then with one hand gripped it and squeezed it starting to stroke it. After a minute of or so. she let go and pulled her top off revealling her tits crammed into a white bra. Then in a swift motion undid the bra and took it off. her heavy pendulous tits fell out. They looked great.

" have you ever seen a woman naked before"

I hadnt apart from in a magazine, but not for real and told her. She smiled and slid out of her skirt and dragged her panties down her legs. My cock was standing like a flag pole and I stood in the spot as ridgid as my cock not knowing what to do. She took my hands and ran it over her tits feeeling every inch of them and then down over her stomach onto her almost hair less pussy. Taking my fingers she ran then up her slit, she was wet and warm,. She helped me push 2 fingers inside her.

" I want you to put your cock inside me"

She sat back on a shelf and spread her legs pulling me inbetween them. Then pulled me close by my cock. I watched as she ran the head of my cock down her slit and then pulled me into her. I slipped in and she grabbed my butt and pulled me close so I was deep inside her. I felt her gasp.

"Ok come on start to pump in and out of me"

I awkwardly started to pump into her slowly at first then as she requested to do it harder and faster. Her legs wrapped around me holding me in her tight and after a couple of minutes she told me she was cumming. I felt her cunt squeeze my cock and this sent me over the edge. I told her I was cumming and she pulled me in deeper. My hot cum flooded into her and as I pulled out I felt and saw it mingled with her cum run out of her. She kissed me hard and then got up smiled and told me I was good and that we should do it again, and we did .......

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