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fantasy , obsession , need

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We all know how these stories go, men wanting to live out fantasies Either it being with two women or scratching that voyeuristic of watching their wives with someone else . This story is a little different , my wife and I have had several MFM before and I have even let her go out and play with a single male before on her own, from which I heard all the details and saw all the pics that were taken I had fantasy material for a long time afterwards..The reason fot his story being different is It has no longer become fantasy it has broached the area of obsession or at the very least a strong need.

I need to have her to have a day where she is by herself where she meets a single guy - they meet for lunch her wearing something seductive but not trashy or slutty . The guy I know would be attracted to her and if I know her she will be flirty but not overtly so . She would leave her cell phone on so I could call her periodically . Lets call this guy Brad a man we have talked to on the computer for sometime . They have talked on the phone several times and as far as I know there has been some pretty hot flirting but nothing you would call phone sex.

Brad would start his flirting by touching her hand to test the waters , knowing her she would reciprocate this gesture and depending on how they were seated Brad would either softly play with her leg under the table either with his hand or leg. She would reciprocate this as well and let the passion build. If they are sitting next to each other she may have her hand on his leg as well. After lunch he would look at her and say ?I have done nothing but fantasize about you and I want you more than anything in the world right now? and he leans in for a kiss their mouths would meet and open their toungues would start to dance over each other and explore the other one.

He would bring his hands up to hold her, one resting on her hip the other one caressing the side of her face and neck . He would he would slide his lips over to her ear and whisper ?come home with me? and before she could answer he kisses her again even more passionately . He breaks the kiss and looks into her eyes taking her by the hand he leads her to his car . He opens the passenger side door and kisses her again just as passionately ?please get in?her breathing has gotten heavier and her desire has risen . She slides into the passenger seat , on the drive to his house he slides his hand up her leg which she opens for him his hands finally reach her crotch barley coverd by the thin pink fabric of her panties which he finds very wet , she gasps as his hand makes contact and covers her mound , he flicks her very swollen clit a few times and she gasps and moans as she cum?s for the first time , His cock is straining to to get out as she feels him through his pants .

They arrive at his house and after stopping in the driveway the kiss very passionately he breaks the kiss and tells her he needs her. They walk into his house holding hands , after the door closes he leans her against the wall and kisses her again his hands slide her skirt up caressing her thighs as he goes further up her leg , kissing her neck sucking her earlobe (her kryptonite by the way) his hands finally reach her panties. He slides them down her legs . He kneels down in front of her puts one of her legs on his shoulder and leans into taste her for the first time. Her damn cell phone rings its me calling her she tells me he is eating her out I listen for a little while I hear her scream out shes cumming! I listen to their sex talk for awhile with a major hard on but im forced to hang up to finish up some work. He slides himself up kissing her so she can taste herself on his lips . She can feel his massive hard-on through his pants , He whispers to her ? I have got to have you now!?

He leads her over to the couch and turns her around and bends her over . She can feel him as he undoes his pants and she hears his pants hit the floor . She feels his hard on against her as he rubs it up and down her wet slit . He puts a hand on her hip and slides all 9? into her , She moans out in surprise at being so full of cock. He stays still for a few minutes to let her adjust to his size he doesn?t move until he feels her moving back against him. OMG you are huge Brad!!OH GOD YES he starts fucking her slowly at first his hands on her hips GOD YES your pussy feels wonderfull baby. Connie !Connie! Yes I love your pussy YES OH GOD Brad fuck me baby..Im cumming baby Fuck Brad im cumming , her orgasm shakes through her body, her orgasm squeezes Brads cock and he explodes inside her . His cock begins to soften inside her her pussy muscles coaxing the last of his cum out of him. He reaches around her and softly plays with her breasts and says ?maybe we should take this to the bedroom?.

They face each other in the bedroom , kissing and removing each others clothes , they lay down together kissing each other , their hands roaming each other their toungues exploring one another , She slowly starts kissing her way down his body and her damn cell phone rings. She answers but tells me she cannot talk right now she puts her cell phone on loudspeaker and continues her way down his body I can hear his OH GODS and OH YES?S I can hear her kissing him I hear him say OH MY GOD! And I know she has arrived at his cock I have to hang-up again but I know she is still sucking his cock , she continues sucking his cock and sucking on his balls playing with his ass as sshe is not able to completely deep throat him , she makes love to his cock with her mouth . He grabs her by her head as if to keep her in place and if I knew her she wasn?t going anywhere anyway ..She loves the fact that he grabs her by the head and starts sucking even harder .As she is sucking the head of his cock she uses her hands to jack him off , OH GOD baby OH GOD im going to CUM!!!he arches his back and explodes into her mouth and down her throat he brings her up to him and kisses her passionately .They make out for awhile and she feels him starting to grow again.

He slides over her kissing her neck moving down to kiss her breasts sucking her nipples into her mouth .And her damn cell phone rings again . I hear her moaning she breathlessly tells me she cannot talk right now and puts it back on loudspeaker and lays the phone down. Brad lifts her legs and teases her clit with the head of his cock . ?OH MY GOD YES BRAD ? he starts slowly feeding his cock into her OH MY GOD YESS!! I hear her say I LOVE YOUR COCK! He slowly starts to fuck her after awhile I can hear their bodies slapping together ..I hear her scream out OH MY GOD YESS IM CUMMING , I can hear them moaning I can hear him ? YOU LIKE MY COCK DON?T YOU BABY?? YES!YES!YES! ?YOU WANT MORE OF THIS BIG COCK DON?T YOU?? YES!YES!YES! ?YOU WANT TO BE MINE WHEN I NEED ND WANT YOU?? YES!?WANT TO BE MY WHORE DON?T YOU BABY??YES!BABY YES! Im forced to hang up and finish with some work , I look at the time and realize she we will be leaving his arms soon because she has to go and pick up the kids from school . The rest of my day is spent in a constant state of arousal with naughty images running through my mind. When I get home Im greeted with a huge smile and a big kiss and a mischievous grin as she says ?how was your day honey??


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