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The night starts out pretty normal and tame. you got dressed in a nice blouse with a low cut showing an ample amount of your voluptuous cleavage and a nice pair of slacks that hugged your hips and made your ass look very sexy. you and your friends started drinking before you left the house, so you had a good buzz going before you hit the bar. You an your friends start dancing and having a good time. As you dance your breasts heave to and fro from all the movement on the dance floor. it catches the attention of a man whos been standing in a corner watching all alone. He is a rough look man with a biker goatee and a shaved head with tats showing on his neck and arms. he is about 6'2 and 200 lbs. he has blue eyes that pierce thru the darkness like lights from the sky. he waits until you are back at the bar and then goes up to the bartender and offers to buy you a shot of tequila. the bartender sends it over and you look around to see who sent it but he has retreated back to the corner and you just drink it anyways.

You continue to party with your friends when he walks up to the bar and smiles at you, you stumble with a hello and he asks you how your night is going. For a while you start to talk and soon enough he is running his hand up and down your back and you feel a tingle run down your body. you fell your nipples start to perk up and get erect, but you are still trying to keep things decent but your drinking and dancing has made you feel very naughty and your judgement is impaired so as he strokes your back he asks you to dance and you say yes and as you get on the dance floor he pulls you close and starts to grind his cock into your thigh. you start to feel warm and tingly as you feel his hard throbbing cock pulsing on your thigh. you start to grind back and push your breasts into him. as the song ends he kisses you and you dont kiss back but you dont pull away either. you excuse yourself and go into the restroom and make a call to me and tell me that you may be home a lil later than expected.

you return to the bar where he is waiting, you continue to talk and hey starts to caress your arms and then slips his hand over your left breast and you get more aroused and wet as he does this, he puts your hand in his and guides you to a more private part of the bar and slowly pulls you close to him and kisses you as he puts his hand on your breast and squeezes your nipple. as he does this you let out a moan in his mouth as you continue to kiss him.. you dont realize it but your friends have been looking for you and cant find you and your not answering your phone so they think youve left and they leave themselves. now as you feel the passion of this man on your lips and his hand making you almost orgasm from playing with your nipples you reach down and grab his cock thru his pants and your surprised by how hard and thick his cock is. As you stroke his cock he slips his hand under your blouse and pulls your bra under your breasts exposing them to his rough big hands. he pinches them and makes them erect and as you slowly grope his cock he reaches down and unzips his pants and you reach in and pull out his thick as a beer can cock that is about 7 inches long. you are getting even wetter from just touching it and as he grips your breast and slowly moves down and takes your nipple into his mouth he slides his other hand down your slacks and finally feels the totally wet and swollen pussy lips youve been waiting anxiously to touch.your head rolls back and you close your eyes as he slides his middle finger just inside your pussy and finds your g spot and pushes on it. he slides his finger back and forth and then slips in out and finds your clit and slowly runs it up and down making you squirm more as you bite your lip so you dont let out a moan for anyone to hear. he then moves you around and puts you leaning up against the wall and grinds his cock into your slacks and you feel just how hot and hard it is against your ass. you reach down and slip your slacks down just enough to expose your ass and pussy. he follows suit and slowly pushes his cock in between your legs teasing you and making you wish he would put it in. he stops for a sec and kisses you on the neck as he puts his hands on your shoulders and as he does this you bend over a lil bit more and guide his throbbing cock into your wet pussy. he thrust hard and deep and your pussy being so wet and hot accepts his cock with little resistance, but you are having a hard time with his thickness so you slow him down until your pussy can stretch s lil to take him ll the way in.

he continues to hold onto your shoulders and shove his thickness deeper and deeper into your pussy. he moves his left hand down and starts to rub your clit as he start to pick up the pace with his cock, and as he does this your first orgasm comes in waves and you push your head into the wall trying to not make any noise and draw attention to yourself. after your orgasm subsides and you feel his thick cock working thru your hot wet pussy he reaches around with his other hand and pinches your nipple and makes you scream as he starts to shoot his hot cum deep into your pussy. he continues to pump his cum as he keeps pumping his cock in and out harder and deeper into you...

lil do you know youve had an audience watching you and 3 guys are stroking their cocks near you and you really dont care as you you gather yourself and fix your clothes as you feel the cum start to ooze out or your throbbing and now swollen pussy. you move away and go to the bathroom and clean up as much as you can and then look for your friends and realize they have left you. so you call me and I come to get you and when I arrive you get into the car and you tell me you need to tell me something, so we go home and you tell me what happened and as I listen you notice my cock gets hard and you want to fuck even more, so we make love and all thru the nite we keep touching and feeling one another....

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