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A few weeks pass and things have gone on like it never happened. That friday Mary went grocery shopping as usual and walked around the store looking at everything as she dreamt about things and she didnt notice for a while this man staring at her. she moved from isle to isle looking at things. she comes upon the panty shelf and looks at them and notices some nice style panties. she decided to get some and her watcher had noticed this and as she walked away he went over and checked out what she had gotten. She continued doing her thing and she went and checked out after a few hours of shopping. her watcher was right behind her and followed her quietly out the door. she got in her van and then stopped to get gas. he was right behind her and realized he needed a lil himself so he pulled up at the other pump across from her. he started pumping his gas as she was too and leaned around the pump and got caught looking because Mary had seen him pull up and was checking him out too. he smiled and leaned back. she said something across the way about how her pump was messing up and he asked her without looking if she could use some help, she said yes because something has her pump stuck in the gas cap and she cant get it out.

He walks over and sees a spring has gotten caught and dislodges it for her, she introduces herself and he tells her his name id frank. he is average height and slim. he has a tom selleck type mustache and a shaved head. other than a few tattos on his arms he seems harmless enough. she is intrigued by his charm and starts to chat about stuff hoping he will open up. he tells her he is new in town and didnt know many people. he asked if she knew of any places that are good to go to at night. this got her mind reeling and decided to not only tell him but invite him out with her and her friends that night. she told him where to go and when he gets there just mill about and she will find him and play it from there. she went home and did her things that she does on a friday and then took out some clothes to choose from and placed them on the bed. she went in to take a shower and as she was in there I came in and noticed the clothes and other than a few things nothing was normal about the clothes she chose to wear out. they were skimpy sexy looking and some were outright revealing, and for Mary these were not her. So I left the room and wanted to see where this was going and just sat in the den reading and watching a lil tv.

She came out looking nice on a strapless bra and low cut top, with a skirt that was a lil above the knees and some open toed shoes that was about 3 inches high. she had her hair done up in a way that was very sexy but not her norm. I made idle conversation and she told me that her and her friends were heading to this bar and gave me a kiss goodbye knowing or at least thinking I would be asleep by 1030. It was 9 pm when she left so I had time to prepare, I took a nice shower and went thru my wardrobe and chose a black shirt and some really nice jens and put on a pair of boots to top it off I sat ahd had a few drinks and by this time it was around 1115 and I knew it was about 30 minutes to the bar. I took my time and slid into the bar and found a spot that could view the whole dance floor and some of the seating area.

I acclimated myself to the lights after about 20 minutes and noticed the group of women Mary was with and they were quite the site drinking shots and having fun, then I notice Mary with the man from when she was shopping they were off to the side talking and he was close to her putting his arm around her and running his hand up and down her back pausing once in a while to feel her plump ass. she was moving closer to him. she was telling him she was happy that he showed up and he looked quite attractive with his green eyes and beautiful smile. he had a way about him she thought and she turned and pushed her big 42F breasts again him acting like it was an accident. they went on the dance floor and moved close together while the song played. he ran his hand up and down her some more as he slowly and self assuredly ground his cock into her. he leaned over and kissed her she rebuffed him and said to slow down even tho she had a buzz she was not going to rush things. the dance ended and they went back to the table and did another shot and after another 30 minutes or so they had gotten more buzzed and he took her hand and whispered something into her ear and they left the bar without letting her friends she was leaving. I went out a side door and found them kissing by a car and fondling each other a lot. they then get in his car and leave I follow them down the road to this motel where he gets a room and she waits in the car. they go the room and it is at the end of the lot and get into the room and do one wrong thing they forget to close the curtain all the way. it has about 3 inches of see thru area on it. all thru the night I have been thru every emotion and the one I have now is one of excitement of what I might see and just how far she lets this go. I watch as he is sitting on the bed and has her standing in front of him facing him. he has her top open and is fondling her breasts. she has head rolled back and i cant really tell but it sounds like she is moaning, and she is pulling his head closer into her bosom and he keeps going on her breasts and nipples.

he stops for a second and stands up and motions for her to tke his pants off him, she reaches for his belt and undoes it and then unzips his pants and lets them drop to the floor she reaches for his boxers and pulls them down exposing a cock that must be 9 inches long and 2 times thicker than mine. she gasps at its size and he grabs it and shakes it a lil and she then reaches over and tries to put her hand around it and can barely hold onto it. she then steps back and unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor, she is wearing a pair of new panties that are very lacey and skimpy and show a lot of her nice and plump ass making it even sexier than it already is. she pushes him back on the bed and falls towards him and they start kissing and fondling again she reaches for his cock massages its as best she can realizing she needs both hands to hold this thing she wonders if this will even fit inside her without ripping her apart. he has his hand down between her legs sliding his fingers all over her clit and once in a while sliding a finger inside her sopping wet pussy. she shakes every time he touches her clit and then slips inside her pussy hitting her g spot. she cant take anymore and mounts him. she grabs her monster and holds it up close to her pussy and rubs some of her juice on it to lube it up a bit.she slips down on it slowly and it is snug at first so she stops and lets it stretch her open and then slides it in until it hits bottom. she can only get about half of it in but she is so full she doesnt care, she just starts a slow rththym and likes the way it feels in her wet sopping pussy. he reaches up and grabs her breasts and squeezes them tight and pulls on her nipples making her scream out in pleasure. she moves faster and faster as he does this and she feels her first orgasm start to run thru her body. she stops after it subsides and climbs off amd tells him to get behind her and fuck her hard and deep. he does this and slowly and as he does she starts to beg him to fuck her harder and as deep as his cock will go and fill her up with all of it. he starts to pound your pussy and your lips swell up and you feel it coming the second time and he tells you he is going to cum and you tell him fuck you hard and cum in you, you want to feel his hot cum in your pussy.. all this time I have been outside watching and stroking my cock and until now content on just stroking it but as you both cum I feel myself start to explode and I hit the window with my cum. I leave and you never knew I was watching the whole thing, you arrive home a lil later and I am already in bed acting like Ive been asleep as usual. you go into the bathroom and quickly shower to get the manseed that he left in you from the pounding he gave you.

you crawl into bed and I stir like you just woke me up and you get all cuddly and tell me you have been a bad girl and start to tell me what happened. I lay there listening and loving to hear your version of what I saw and you really dont leave anything out. I, in the meantime get my second hardon of the night and you tell me your sorry and go between my legs and take my cock into your mouth and suck my cock really good and as your doing this I give your ass a good swat and tell you that your going to be punished for being a bad girl.

to be continued.......

P.S. the guy you ended up getting pounded by was a guy who just started working with me and I set the whole thing up....

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