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droped call

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It was getting really late. Something must have kept her. I was sitting in the parking lot of a park close to her house. She should have been here by now, out on a "walk" for exercise while her hubby was at home dealing with the kids. I was just about to start the car and drive away to go find email access so I could email her when there was a knock on my car window.

It was her. Dennae, the woman I have been fucking for 6 months now. It all started out with an email about her community centre and it went way weird from there// and then way hot and ended when we first had sex in her garage while her husband was in the front yard. She had snuck me through to the back by getting the kids to distract him and since she was on her period she gave me a very nice long blowjob and swallowed all my cum. right there.. her husband only 200 feet away. Fuck it was awesome. I almost got caught leaving and it only got even hotter from there.

We had sex in a local park at night. Quick gropings and hand jobs (for both of us) between parked cars at local malls. I even was fucking her ass one time at my house while she talked on the phone to her husband and was supposedly shopping and asking about the various things on her grocery list ( I came real hard that time ). The best part was sending her home dripping in my cum and her hubby not being aware. It was sooo hot when she would tell me about the times he would kiss her when she came home and her lips had been stretched around my cock only a few minutes before.

But today was going to be real special. I had worked it out with her to make her husband think it was a good idea to have her on the cell phone with her the entire time she was walking so he could make sure he was okay and not being attacked. He was going to be forced to listen to us having sex, and all the while he would think its just because of her walking real fast and the sounds of the street.

My car was an older car with a full bench seat in the front. I had moved it all the way back giving us as much room as possible. Dennae slid in the passengers door, said nothing. Reached over and undid my pants. Ripping them off and throwing them on the floor. My 6 inch but extremly ( like 5 inches around) thick cock was rock hard and glistening precum on the shiny head. Bending over she swallowed it whole, her lips straining to stretch around my massive girth. Her throat was just contracting on the tip and it was awesome. I damn near came but I held out because I wanted to do the phone call. Her phone started ringing. one, two, three, four times. before she pressed the speaker phone button. Slowly slurping as she pulled off my cock, all the while he was saying.. Hello? Hello? Hey Dennae? She finally answered hey honey. He said. So its not to hot out then? She said.. oh no. its really hot out, I think this is going to be a very hard work out, but I will make quick work of it and be home soon.

She wrapped her lips around my cock again. He asked, Many people out there tonight? She mumbled.. mmm mmm around my cock. He said. Good. You looked so sexy when you left the house I would not want you to get r*ped. She said. oh dont worry honey I wont be getting r*ped tonight I am so horny I will just willing fuck whoever goes after me.. he laughed and said.. oh sure slut... you would take on a whole gang wouldn't you. She was slowly pulling off her tights and said. oh no honey. Not a gang some just guy with a really thick cock that will stretch my pussy better then you ever could. She raised the one leg up on to the seat and showed me her pussy. Not missing a second I dove right in, wrapping my lips around her clit and slipping two fingers into her pussy. She gasped out. ughghg... He noticed and said something wrong

she Panted out. No no no.. dont worry.. just stubbed mymymmymym ( I was fingering fucking her real hard at this point) toe. .. nothing just stubbed my toe. She was panting real hard but trying to make it sound like she was just working up a sweat walking. I pulled the vibrator from under the seat, she had her eyes closed trying to control her breathing as I sucked on her clit brining her closer and closer to the first orgasm her husband has ever heard her have from another man. In one quick motion I turned the vibrator on and slammed all slender inches straight into her dripping cunt.

She cried out AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... and started bucking her hips up and down breathing in an uncontrolled stuttering pattern. almost ripping my hair out as she ground her pussy into my face and came super hard. the liquid dribbling out of her sopping wet cunt and pool on the seat of my car. Her husband shouted WHATS WRONG!! are you okay?!?! she still could not breath right, never mind speak. He yelled again.. DENNAE!!! WHERE ARE YOU IM COMING!!! in between gasps she managed.. noooonno.. its okay.. a huge snake just slithered into my path and it scared the crap out of me. Sorry.I'll keep my eyes open a little wider so I can see whats coming.

She muted the phone for a second and said.. you hot dirty ass. holy fuck that felt good to cum and make him listen like that. She unmuted it and said. I am going to turn my music up now honey so I might not hear you, but you can still hear everything happening around my.. okay?

He said sure. no problem.. which area are you in BTW? She said I am over near the new path.....realizing she just told him exactly where we are.. she was shocked and then said.. but I am not sure which way I am going from here. whereever I ended up I guess. he said okay.

I pulled the virbartor belt attachement from under the seat and attached the vibrator and then did it up around her waist. She just grinned up and me and mouthed.. so what do you have planned. I leaned in close and whispered. I am going to stuff your ass full of my hard cock while that virbrator fucks your pussy. She was starting to pant. I ordered her up on her knees. her face just a few inches from the car door window. The moment she turned over she started groaning.. In the back ground of the phone I could hear her husband moving around. sounded like washing something then a door slam and just walking noises. I reached over and opened the car window and placed her phone on top the car so there was still some ambient sounds. she reached up and grabbed on to the door frame to hold on and she whispered. Fuck me.. fuck my ass with that thick cock. I bent down and tongued her ass for a while slipping spit in and sucking it out. All the while she is trying to control the feeling from the vibrator. She gritted her teeth and grunted.. fuck my ass now!. I aimed my thick purple cock head right at her asshole and eased in. Her ass was ready and waiting and engulfed my cock head. She slammed herself back on my cock, taking it all in one stroke stretching her super wide. She just rested there for a balls dangling against the vibrator. She lowered her head pushing back and said.. fuck me.. cum in me.. cum in my ass, explode all over me. I saw some movement far off in the field next to us and just whispered shhh someone might hear us. she just groaned.. oh god.. hury.. I grabbed her hips and started moving, slowly at first, but I knew I was not going to last long feeling that vibrator humming along in her cunt. So I quickly picked up the pace. A thwack thwack thwack as our bodies slapped together. Faster and faster. she was having difficulty breathing and just little broken gasps, she was turning red trying to stop herself from yelling. Pulling herself forward and slamming herself back on my cock meeting me stroke for stroke. She shoved back one real hard time and yelled.. cum in me now!!. so I lurched forward.. buring my cock as far as I could into her ass and came.. and came and came. Burst after burts of cum boiled up my shaft and exploded into her hot ass. We both say there shuddering, trying to catch our breath.I pulled out. Took the vibrator off of her and sat down. She sat up, and gushed my cum and hers all over the seats. Reached over and gobbled my cock up, mmm.. she said.. I love the taste of my ass on your cock... its perfect. I pushed her head down further making her take my whole cock again. She sat up and grabbed the phone... noticed it had disconnected at some point. She quickly dialed her husband back and a ring rang out from the darkness outside the car window. We were startled and looked... no one there. But the phone kept ringing and then after 6 rings... just like hers.. it stopped and the call she was trying went to voicemail. She hung up and tried again. The phone outside the car rang again to. I leaned over her and looked.. and there right beside the car door.. was another cell phone. It was her husbands.

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