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doing the dishes

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Let?s start with you doing the dishes. You are wearing your black stretch pants and white low cut shirt. As you wash the pans you spray your shirt and get it soaked. You are not wearing a bra and your tits are showing though the shirt.

I come in from cleaning the cars and see you. God you are so good looking and the shirt just makes you even more so. I can?t keep away and come up behind you. I reach around you and hug you; I give you a kiss on the cheek and nibble on your ear. You tilt your head so I can reach it. As I hug you and you feel me getting harder. You reach around and rub my crotch. As I am caressing your tits, you stop me and say that you have to finish the dishes. You start to wash the last of the pans, and I dry them. As I put them away you slip into the bedroom and light candles, and change.

I come into the bedroom and you tell me to change, you have picked out my silky boxers. I put them on and you tell me to lie on the bed. As I do, you come out of the bathroom with a bathrobe on. You take my hands and tie them to the bed post; you take my feet and hook them to the end of the bed.

You then put on some music and slowly you start to take off you robe. As I see your top, you are wearing a lacey teddy that makes you look very sexy. You finish taking off your robe and then you move to the bed. You lay down next to me and we kiss. You start to explore my body with your hands; first my head while we kiss. Then down my neck, you move on top of me. As you sit on me I can feel you though our clothes, I am very hard and you are sitting on top of my shaft. You slowly move back and forth just enough to feel me though your teddy.

You rub my chest with both hands slowly back and forth; as you pass my nipples you pinch them. You move from kissing me to nibbling on my ear. I am groining now and sayings untie me. You won?t you are having too much fun. With me tied up, you can do whatever you want to. I try to squirm under you but you have me pined and I don?t try to hard, I am enjoying this too much. You move down to lick my nipples and you give them little nips. I am trying to arch my back but you are on me and won?t let me.

You slide off your top and give me a look at you beautiful tits, you ask me as you rub first one then the other ?do you want my tits? Do you want to suck them and lick them?? I tell you hell yes, you start to lower them to me, as you get into range of my mouth, you hold them just out of reach. You run your fingers over your nipples and tease me with them. You are licking your lips and grinding your hips into me. I am really squirming now. You just continue to tease me as I beg you to let me go.

You get off me and I think that you are going to let me go, but you have other plans. You go into the closet and get a toy. As you come back to the bed you slip out of the teddy. You tell me that I have had it my way for to long and this time you are going to have it your way.

You get on top of me again and start to run the toy around your tits. As you do you continue to grind on me, with only my boxers in between us and I can feel you getting hotter by the second. You are moaning now with me, you take the toy and run it over my chest and down to your pussie. As you get closer to your pussy the more I shudder.

You stop grinding on me and move up just a little bit so I can see your pussie. You look so good I want to come right there. You lean back and slide the toy into your pussie and rub your clitoris with the other hand. God you are so hot I can?t stand it, if I was not tied up I would fuck you right there. You just laugh at me and say enjoy the show. I am arching my butt to try to reach you but you are just out of reach. You are moaning really fast now, and you keep switching between sliding the toy into you and running it around your clitoris. Every time you run it around your clitoris you rub your nipple with you hand.

I am begging you to fuck me or let me go. You don?t hear me; you are in another world. As you near your climax you slide back on me just enough so you can feel my shaft with the underside of your pussy. You start to come. You keep sliding the toy in and out and you grind on my shaft while you are coming. You reach your climax and collapse next to me.

You untie one of my hands and I untie the rest. I slip off my shorts and you grab my shaft. You pull me over to you with my shaft, and then you take the toy out and run it around my shaft and balls, and I take your tits in my hands and caress them.

You have me kneel on the bed next to you. You are stroking me and running the toy under my balls, I tell you to watch it I am very near to going off. You say that you don?t care; you can get me hard again later. You take me into your mouth and suck on me, I just about come, but you bite on my head just hard enough to stop the urge. You fondle my balls and explore under them with the toy. I am exploring you at the same time.

I turn so I am facing away from you and lay down next to you. You roll over so you can reach me and continue to suck and explore. I move my hand down to your pussie and play with your clitoris, the other hand I caress your tit, and then move to your ass.

You move the toy closer to my butt hole, you can tell that the closer you get, the harder it is to stop me from coming. You take my shaft out of your mouth and start to stroke it faster, as you do you press the toy to my butt hole and I go off.

You wait for me to relax, then you start to stroke me again this time you use some lotion. I spring back to life and you get on top of me and slide my shaft into you. God you feel so good, the lotion makes it feel hot and I slide in an out with ease. Every time you move, we can feel each other moving inside you and I don?t want it to stop. You feel so good I just want to stay like this all the time.

But we can?t, it don?t take long before we are coming again. This time we both came at the same time, we embrace and hold each other the whole time just rocking back and forth. I don?t want to let you go but we have to get some sleep. The kids are coming back tomorrow and we have to go to work. I give you a kiss and snuggle up to you as we go to sleep.

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