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couple...the ambulance call part one

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This story is going to be called the ambulance call...i was working with my partner and it was a very slow day...we had only had one call for a was the end of our shift almost as we turned to head back home after dropping off our patient at the hospital...we decided that before we returned home we were going to stop somewhere and get something to eat...we decided to stop at a nice restaurant since it was the end of our shift and we did not have to hurry we went into this restaurant that had linens table clothes on the tables that went almost to the floor...we went in and they seated us in a curved booth...we both sat down and then i had to excuse myself to go to the restroom and when i came back i had my shirt unbuttoned a little just to the cleavage and the top of my breasts was showing...i could tell in my partners eyes that he liked what he was seeing...when i sat down we were kind of across the table from each other so we slide to the middle so that we could talk and not everyone else would hear our conversation...the conversation was very good and when i felt it was the time i reached under the table and just brushed up against his leg just to see the reaction that would come over his face...he just smiled and raised his eye as we looked at the menu to decided what to order i felt his hand rubbing the top part of my i reached under the table and started to rub his thigh also...about then the waiter came over to take our order and we both ordered our food...and of course we got some of the appetizers and as we were eating them he would reach across the front of me to get to the plate and i asked him if he wanted me to move the plate closer to him and he said no because as he reached over to get the food he would rub his arm across my breasts...then i started eating them very provocatively sliding the cheese sticks in and out of my mouth so that he could see my talents as far as licking and sucking...i think he liked it as he gazed into my eyes and smiled...then we got our food and we finished eating and the whole time i was taking my hands and rubbing his cock and he was taking his hand and rubbing my crotch as it was getting wet under the table and we both had a hard time concentrating on eating our food then we got some dessert which was chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream...we started eating them and then we started feeding each other the strawberries with the whipped cream on them...we then decided we better get going...and i was sure that there was going to be a wet spot when i got up but i did not care it felt great...we finished eating and he slide to the side of the booth to get out and i slide the same way he did and when he got up i grabbed his ass and reached between his legs and grabbed his very hard he smiled back and me and waited for me to get out of the booth...we walked up to pay and i said that it was on me so i went to pay and he was standing behind me a the cash register the whole time rubbing my ass...i was enjoying it alot as i turned and looked into his eyes and we both smiled...then we went out to get into the ambulance after getting in the ambulance i leaned over and started to kiss him i said that was enough teasing i wanted him bad...i told him the my pussy was dripping wet from him...and i loved the way that his soft lips and his soft tongue moved over my tongue and was like a perfect match...which in turn made me even wetter as i reached down and played with his cock as we were kissing...then we thought we should get going back to the we started to drive down the interstate...i was hot and so was he...we both wanted each other so bad that we were about going i slipped my pants down to my knees and leaned back in the seat pulling my thong over to the side so that he could see how my pussy was glistening with i inserted one of my fingers in my pussy and brought it out it was all wet as i leaned forward and let him lick it off then i leaned back and just kept playing with my clit and fingering my pussy as he watched me...then he reached over and inserted his finger and said my you are wet girl...and i said you made it that way maybe you should take care of with that said he decided that he was going to have to stop somewhere at a park and he found the closest i pulled my pants up and slide into the back of the ambualance and he opened his door and walked around to the back of the ambulance and climbed in thru the back i was laying on the cot with nothing on but a sheet...he went up to sit in the captians chair so that he could turn the air on cause it was hot in there...i reached up and slide myself up so that my head was off the top of the cot...and told him to take off his pants and so he stood up and took them off and as he sat down i was laying there with my mouth he put his cock into my mouth as i slide a little farther up on the cot...i reached down and started sucking on his balls as his cock laid across my chin and neck...he slide to the edge of the seat so that he could reach my pussy as he started to finger my pussy...he stood up and leaned forward so that he could finger me harder and i reached behind him and started to play with his ass...then i told him to stand up so he did and i got up and turned around on my hands and knees and he was licking my pussy and ass from behind...then he stuck his tongue in my ass and i was squirming with he was fingering my pussy with two of his fingers fast...rubbing my g spot as i said you have to fuck me so i backed up to the edge of the cot and he started to fuck me hard and fast i could feel his rock hard cock and large head pushing into my hot wet pussy...then he started to take his finger and slide it into my ass as he was fucking me and i could feel my pussy squeezing his cock tighter and then i let out a big scream as i cum so hard that it was dripping out of my pussy as he was pulling his cock in and out of my pussy...and then he said that he was going to cum and i wanted to have him cum in my mouth and so i turned around on the cot like i was before with my head by his cock and he got over top of me and he stroked his cock shooting his cum all over my tits and my face...then he took his cock and stuck it into my mouth as i sucked it clean...licking his juice and mine off his cock...then he was taking his fingers and rubbing the cum off my tits and putting them into my mouth so that i could swallow his cum tasting his love juice as it slide down my throat...and over my tongue...then he said we better get back home so i laid in the back of the ambulance on the cot as he got his pants back on and went to the front to drive...when he took off i took the sheet off the cot and cleaned myself off and was bending over so that he could look in the mirror and watch me as i was leaning over with my just my thong on making up the cot...then i would turn around and lean forward to make the top of the cot and he could see my breast hanging there with my nipples hard...he haulered at me and said you know you are making it hard for me to drive like this and i said well then when we get back to the garage we will have to take care of that problem again as i leaned between the seats and gave him a quick kiss and then got my clothes on and climbed back up to the front of the ambulance and we returned to the garage and then we cleaned up the ambulance and got rid of the sheet that we had used and went and done the paper work in the office as we were kissing and playing around in there cause no one was at the garage...i asked him if he wanted a bj and of course he said sure...that is where the part 2 will begin

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