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coat room for two

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Through the pulsating crowd of attractive young bodies on the dance floor, Doug caught a flash of silver out of the corner of his eye. Despite the flashing strobe lights, he could make out the wearer of the brilliant silver collar. She stood out against her group of friends. She was the only raven-haired beauty in a pack of bottle-blonds. Her loose curls spilled over her bare shoulders and grazed the top of her tiny red dress. That glorious dress than showed off even more glorious curves. Lush, thought Doug. This lady is luscious. He paused, caught in a trance by the sight of her freely running her hands up and down her curves, undulating in time with the music. She looked up, and caught him watching her. Their gazes locked, and her deep black eyes were full of fire. With a slow, sultry smile, she maintained eye contact with him and continued to dance.

Doug watched, mesmerized, as this beautiful woman rocked and swayed her near-perfect body in time with the beat. She seemed oblivious to everyone and everything around her. Everything but him. This enchanting woman slid one hand down her leg and back up again, briefly hiking up her skirt in the process. Doug caught only the briefest glimpse of pale creamy skin, but it was enough for him to know that she wasn?t wearing any panties. Doug could feel the faint stirrings of interest in his groin.

Doug stepped towards her. She grinned and moved away from him, still shaking and gyrating to the beat. With every step he took towards her, this beautiful woman shimmeyed one step further from him. Doug knew that she was luring him somewhere, but where?

His question was answered soon enough. Winking, the mystery lady walked through a door labeled ?coat check.? Without any hesitation, Doug followed. He found himself in a large, messy storage closet. Alone, except for the presence of one hot-blooded lady. Doug fumbled for something to say. She stepped towards him and placed her fingers over his mouth. Silence, the gesture begged.

He stepped towards her, but she had other plans. She suddenly pushed him down into a chair. From this vantage point, in what little light shone from the half-closed door, the mystery lady looked even hotter. Her large black eyes were the same shade as her thick, shiny hair. Her red lips matched her long nails. Best of all, her tiny red dress strained to hold in her perky, round breasts and generous ass. She put her hands on her tiny waist and watched him look her up and down. Doug didn?t realize he was holding his breath.

She turned away from him and then looked back over her shoulder to make sure he was still watching. He was. Ever so slowly, she grasped the zipper on the back of her dress and began to pull it down. Little by little, her soft bare back came into view. Dug gasped as the zipper reached her ass and the mystery lady kept going. The dress fell to the ground, leaving her naked before him. She waved at him over her shoulder, her arm and hair protecting her front from his view.

Doug couldn?t stay in the chair. He jumped up and spun her around to face him. A delighted gasp escaped her lips. Doug held her away from his body, so he could memorize the slope of her breasts and the dark rose of her nipples. His eyes traces down to her perfectly smooth pussy. He grabbed her and devoured her with deep, penetrating kisses. He felt her nipples stiffen against him, and he reached up with one hand to tease her nipples. She moaned. His lips and tongue followed where his fingers were, licking and sucking.

Somehow, they ended up on the floor. Doug didn?t care. He was a little tipsy, and he tasted wine on her breath, too. He traced his fingers down her stomach, and across her lips. She arched her back into him. He spread her lips with his fingers and began exploring her clit. She gasped and bit her lip. Hmmmm thought Doug. He spread her lips as wide as he could, and blew gently across her clit. She bucked her hips, obviously electrified by passion.

Doug tore off his shirt. She strted tracing hr long nails all over his back as he kissed her, again and again. His tongue chased hers in a heated dance. She fumbled with his pants until he reached down and undid them. She wasted no time in pulling and kicking them off. Through his boxers, she began to rub his stiffening cock.

Doug moaned. He pulled off his underwear so he, too, was naked. Together, hot skin against hot skin, they rolled and fumbled across the closet floor. He gently inserted a finger into her tight, wet, pussy. More, she whispered. It was the first word spoken between them. With three practiced fingers, Doug penetrated her again and again until he felt her body tense and shake. With a loud groan, she came. Doug pulled his fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and slid them into her mouth. She smiled as she tasted herself.

Quick as a flash, she bent her head to his penis. Her soft breath caressed his stiff cock. She teased him with her soft, moist lips and then licked him up and down like a lollypop. With long, hard nails, she gently traced and teased his balls and ass cheeks. Doug gasped, and as he bucked upwards, she took him into her mouth. It was a glorious sight, wet red lips on such a huge hard cock. She slid up and down on his dick, massaging it with her tongue along the way. She took him deeply into her mouth and seemed to love it. Sucking him furiously, she reached down to play with herself. Doug was thrilled with how turned on she was. He had no idea how absoloutely amazing his body looked, stretched naked in the half-lit room. His stomach muscles rippled as he fucked her face. Strong, muscular arms and hands guided her head. She was as enthralled with his hot, sexy body as he was with hers.

Doug reached over to his jeans pocket and fumbled for a condom. He had to fuck this lady, soon. She took the condom from him and, without missing a beat, rolled it onto his penis using her mouth. Doug took that as an invitation.

He stood up and pulled her from the floor. He leaned her against the wall, facing it. She understood and braced her hands against the wall. Doug spread her legs and entered her from behind. She was so hot and wet and tight. Doug groaned, not wanting to come too soon. He moved slowly and used shallow thrusts to tease her. It was working. He could feel her arching her body against him. Doug watched his cock slip in and out of her pussy. It was dripping wet from her natural juices. He slapped her firm ass as he fucked her with all his might.

Not wanting to come just yet, Doug paused long enough to sit in the chair. He pulled her into his lap, facing him. Now she was fucking him, riding his cock furiously. He grabbed her hair from behind her and pulled her head back, the better to display her shaking breasts as she bounced up and down on his dick. He licked and sucked her nipples as he felt her tense and begin to tighten around him. They were both sweating and moaning loudly at this point.

Doug pushed her to the ground and toppled on top of her. Urgently, he pushed her right leg up over his shoulder so he could penetrate her even deeper. She cried out and raked those long nails across his back. Doug fucked her wildly, losing all control. He felt her quiver and shake an instant before his own roaring orgasm. It seemed to last forever. They lay, spent, on the floor for several moments before Doug remembered where they were. And that he didn?t even know the name of the naked woman in his arms.

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