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brother can be good to you

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decide to share this with you. My name is Judy, I do carry a nice body with 38c. When i was 20 i was still living at home, I have a brother that was 17 then, We all was got along good, not to many fights. Well afternoon i was out with my friend and we had a few drinks and party. I had broke up with my old boy friend a few week back, Me and him had a great sex life but i caught him doing another girl and we broke up. So i was just mainly hang out with my friends . It was hot out and im was in my daisy duke short and halter top. Now those short are real short and halter top showed off my boobs well. I meant a guy there and we started to hit it off really well, I had no sex for a while and was pretty horny. He was going to get lucky, But then his girl friend came in and he was gone. Dam bad luck, So a bit drunk and horny i went home. When i got there my brother was there and seen me come in, He knew i had been drinking and said i was luck mom wasn't home to see me, She get mad if i drink, So i just laught and told him i was going to go take a nap before she got home. so i went up to my room and took a shower to cool off because it was so hot. Being so hot i didnt bother to get dress i just turn my fan on and cover up with my sheet. Listen to some music as i feel asleep. I dont know how much time pass but i heard my brother yelling i had a phone call. I didnt want to get up so i ignored him and went back to sleep. The next thing i knew i felt him sake me saying i had a phone call. i rolled over to tell him to get lost, but he just stop shaking me and yellling at me.So i was going to go back to my dream of that hot guy. But i felt something wrong, I open my eyes to see my brother still standing there stare at me. Or lets say stareing at my boobs. The sheet had feel down and my boobs where out, He was so into my boobs he didnt notice me opening my eyes. But what i did notice he was rubbing his cock threw his pants as he stare at my boobs.Dam my bro is playing with his cock stare at my boobs, I knew the tried peeking in the pass but now he got him self a real good luck at them. I was about to say something when i notice he unbutton his shorts some and slide his hand inside, So now he was stroking his cock as he stared at my boobs. I found this a bit exciting so i didnt say anything, i guess he thought i was to drunk to know or i was sound to sleep. But he got brave enought to lean over and touch them with his free hand. Well needless to say my nipple got hard from excitement and he play with them as he keep stroke his cock in his shorts. I was laying on my back as he was doing this. he did this for a few minute and i guess he got braver. Because he slowly started to pull the sheet down more to the point i was not cover any more . So now im laying naked on my bed with my bro stroking his cock checking me out. He move down a bit so he could try to see my pussy, My legs where close togeather so he couldnt see a whole lot. But i could tell he was getting really excited now. So now he stop playing with himself. and i felt his hands on my leg. He was slowly pulling my leg over so he could get a better look, Once he got he over enougth he stop and move back around to see my pussy better. now he could see it. So now he stare at my pussy and went back to stroking his cock, But now he had push his short down and his cock was out in his hand and he stroke it and playing with it as he check me out. i couldnt help my notice how big his cock really was, he was very well built, more then i thought. Then he got braver and reach out and running his hand up my leg. All the way up to my pussy. Slowly touching it and feeling a bit. he got his finger wet from my pussy getting wet. He took his finger and suck on it, Wow he tasting my pussy lol. He most of like what he tasted because he slide his hand back and finger me more and deeper this time. and tasted it again. now this is making me horny all over again.and i was getting pretty wet. i think he lost control of himself, because he then slip of his short and boxer, now he is total naked too. But he then laid down on my bed. and started to suck on my boob as he finger my pussy more.He really getting into suck my boob and playing with my pussy. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing agianst my leg as he laid beside me.He pulling my leg wider apart so he can play with my pussy easier. His thumb is rubbing my clit as he slide 2 finger in and out of me, working my pussy even wetter. Then he side down pushing my legs wider apart and licking the inside of my thights. working up to my pusssy.Dam he going to eat me. i was so hot i didnt care , i just wanted it llick. So i have my legs wide for him and he start to lick and probe my pussy with his tongue. i was so horny now my body was twitching and jerkiing as he work my pussy. Then i started to cum, i couldnt stop myself. As my body twitch and jerk about he keep liking and eating my pussy, Dam it felt so good, it had been along time i had this done. My pussy was so hot and wet from all this action. But then he stop and started to kiss and nibble his wat back up to my boobs, playing and sucking on them. But now he on top of me and as he moved up his cock was now bumping and pressing against my pussy. Well as hot and wet as my pussy was his cock found it and the head pop into my pussy lips. i went to move to get him off me but as i did this he shove hard and fast into me . buried have his cock into me. He was bigger then i thought. then he pick the past up pushing deeper each time. Wasnt long and he had his cock buired all the way into me. Im so hot and horny i can't stop him, i wanted it and need it. Before i knew it i found myself fucking him back and wrap my leg around him pulling him into me as i fucking himback. im moaning now as we fuck harder each stoke. Then i felt him pushing hard and deep as his cock exploded into me, Filling my pussy as he push as deep as he could. This trigged my pussy to cum again as we cum togeather. When he finish cumming he just laid on top of me catching his breath, I notice his cock was still hard as he slide off me and out.. Dam i just let my bro fuck me. I roll to my side a bit as he got off me, But then he slip his arm under me and cup my boob as his other hand slide over top and finding my pussy again, So now he pressing against my back play with my boob and pussy. ne nibbleing on my neck and back as he playing, i can feel his hard cock press against my ass as he holding me tight to him. He still making me horny with all this playing. Now he know he got me going again. Still holding me tight to him he roll so that im on bottom face down and him on top. That when he let go of my and grabing my hips pulling me up. Now he got me on my knees ass in the air. He got his cock in his hand finding my pussy again and trying to slam it back home. he try to fuck me doggie style. so i tried to get on my hands too but he keep pushing forward drive his cock into me and keep me push into my pillow. So he got my ass up in the air pounding my pussy with his cock. He fucking me harder them before and trying to go deeper. i have my face buire into my pillow mneed that fuck for sure.oaning with pleasure as he pounded me harder and harder I came twice more before he blew his load into me. but once he finish , he slide out of me and off the bed, grab his short and left. I didnt care because i was feeling great, I

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