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The first time that I had ever laid eyes on him it was like the world fell around me and there was nothing but us two standing in a darkened room with just a single spotlight shining above. He approached me from across the room. I could see his eyes pass my way a few times and as soon as we made eye contact it had been done. We danced on the dance floor with drinks of martinis and shots of tequila all through the night. We left hanging on to one another as though the world was spinning so fast and wouldn?t have been able to hold on. We made it halfway down the block and down an alley. As we walked down the alley this urge came over me and my pussy started to drip. The thought of him deep inside me pulsed through my veins. I reached for his chin as I started to run my lips from the nape of his neck the crease of his smile, his kissed taste like sweet peach fresh picked from the ripest tree. I felt his warm hand reach for the small of my back that was already moist from anticipation. His hand trailed from the small of my back to the shoulder that I had used to lean against him as we left. The kiss felt so passionate and my body shivered with pleasure. Then as soon as our lips left the warmth of one another the fire burst inside every cell of my body I couldn?t help it. He threw me up against the brick wall that had been a leaning post for us both as we left the bar. He grabbed me by my thighs a pressed his thumbs in to my hips, he kept me balanced with his hips as he pulled each button with very so much care. Within a second I was bare chested the warmth of his breath against my hardened nipples raised goose bumps over every inch of my body. His hands raced over my stomach and reached for my breasts his touch was so enchanting. They moved from my breasts and to the gate that held the very urge that I had been trying to fight. As his hand reached for my already engorged clit I grabbed his hands for him to stop as there was a woman that had just stepped into the alley. I removed it quickly when the thought of being watched while I was ravaged thrilled me even more than I had thought. I let him continue. His hand finally pressed the juice that had me soaked. I felt his hand inside me and I moaned in pleasure. His index finger tapped against my pussy wall with the most deliberate ease. I couldn?t take it any longer I was cumming and I didn?t want it to stop. My knees got weak and my pussy pulsated with every touch. He pressed in raised pants to my dripping pussy and I unzipped his zipper. His rock hard cock was to big to fit through it so I knew I had to drop his pants. As they fell to his ankles he pushed the head into the valley that had already been flooded. I wanted to feel him so deep inside me that it felt as though my brain was getting pounded. I pushed back and I got what I wanted. I felt his snake deep inside me I begged for him fuck me harder and he did. I felt the heat begin to rise again I knew I was cumming I asked if he was ready to yet and with a pant he said yes. I felt his cum flow into my pussy and with that feeling I came too. As he twitched inside me I couldn?t help but only want more. He pulled up his pants and I pulled down my skirt. His cum was running down the inner most part of my thigh I wiped it with my hand and tasted his juice, god I wanted more. I buttoned my blouse and grabbed his hand we walked down the alley. I still found it hard to walk after my ravaged body tried to recuperate. The woman that I saw at the edge of the alley was standing there amazed I knew she wanted what I just had. I smiled and we walked down the street, I knew there would be more.

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