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a lazy sunday or is that A Lazy Sunday

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I get out of your bed and go in to take a shower. While showering I am recalling what brought us together last night for the first time. Meeting at the bar and chatting I see that it is going very well for us. I am starting to see some body language that is telling me that we could probably carry this to a much nicer place. Being from out of town, I only have a motel room, and not the finest motel either so I am hoping that you have a private place. It is getting late and I make my move and ask if we can go somewhere more private and your response was instantaneous, yes. We get into my rental car and you start giving me directions. We arrive at a very pleasant home and enter. After having made love three or more time we cuddle and fall asleep. It was a very good memory, one that will remain with me for sometime. I get out of the shower and towel off and shave. I go back into the bedroom but you are no longer there. I start down the hallway toward the front of the home.

I see you sitting in front of the fireplace sipping your coffee. You are in your white flowing see through gown, your legs crossed. Laid back and comfortable. Me just out of a nice hot shower, my hair uncombed, but freshly shaved. I stand at the doorway from the bedroom looking at the curve of your breast through the gown, the curve of your flat belly, your hip and thigh. Watching you all relaxed, I am getting excited and I know I am gonna need you very soon.

I enter the family room and walk toward you quietly. So as to not startle you, I lay my hands on your shoulders. You toss back your head to look up at me and I bend to kiss your forehead. With my hands I push the hair off of the back your neck and kiss you there. You turn your head to the side and I kiss your throat, licking it as I trace your jawbone. You close your eyes as a shiver runs through your body. Kissing under your chin in the soft flesh of your neck. Your face turns toward mine and we kiss, tenderly at first then with more passion as we each start to feel the passion building. My hand goes to your right breast and cups it gently weighing it in my hand, your body moves as if to get closer to my hand. I reach down and pull the hem of the gown up as my hand goes inside it, and I kneel by the side of the chair. I kiss the nipple through the sheer cloth and it begins to rise. I suck it up into my mouth and suck on it as it hardens. My hand still moving under the gown gently touching the flesh of your belly with my fingers and moving slowly up your chest. My hand reaches the breast and holds it gently as my mouth sucks on the nipple. Your head back resting on the chair, your eyes closed enjoying my touch.

I pull the gown up to expose your body, it hangs up beneath your crossed legs and you shift so that it will pull free. I move from your nipple and get my head under the gown, and again start sucking your breast but this time it is the left nipple. My hands are gently kneading the left breast as I suck. Your body is absolutely relaxed and enjoying the pleasures. Your body is arching toward my mouth as if to get more of the breast into my mouth. My hands move to your belly feeling the tender flesh there and run my fingers around in small circles all over it, your body jumps slightly as my fingers touch certain spots on it.

I move up from your breast to kiss your lips, your lips part and our tongues tangle exchanging our fluids. Your arm goes around my neck to pull me tightly to you. Our kisses get so wet and hungry, lips sliding on each others mouth. I can feel you groping for a place to set down your coffee cup and I stop kissing so that you can set it down. Your arms encircle my neck and pull me into you. Your hand starts to rub the hair on my chest, as we kiss passionately.

I get my arms under your body and shift it so that it is balanced and pick you up, staggering toward the hallway to your bedroom. Laying you gently upon the bed, the gown bunched up around your neck and shoulders, you lift your upper body and raise your arms as I pull it over your head. I drop my boxers on the side of the bed and crawl in beside you.

I am on fire I am needing you so much. Our kisses go wild needy, hungry for each other. Our hands rubbing all over each other, little electric shocks running through our body's as we discover places on each other that build the passion. I just cant take anymore and I move up onto your body and our kisses get even wilder. I slowly move down your body and kiss and lick all over your chest and tummy, kissing and licking from one side to the other, stopping often to lick places that seem to cause your body to jump at the touch.

I reach your lower belly and kissing and licking, your body arches to meet my mouth. Your eyes smoky half open half closed as you watch me. I gently push open your thighs, licking each one to the knee and then back up to just a couple inches below where they meet. Laying between your outstretched legs, my mouth searches for that wonderful wet spot of life giving fluid that I need so badly right now. My tongue starts at the bottom of your lips and slowly lick to the top, no pressure just the tip of the tongue making them wetter than they already are, and back down again. Licking up and down as your hips move closer to my mouth, begging for more. I begin by inserting my tongue inside you as deep as I can stretch it, licking and then moving to the top opening the lips with my tongues as I move up. Reaching the clit your body jumps under my touch. Now adding pressure just a small bit at a time, my tongue flicking the hard little bulb of the clit as your body strains against my tongue, your belly and thighs trembling as the passion builds. Your fingers digging at the sheets, your legs moving up and down in anticipation of what is so near. Your belly muscles contract as your back arches against my face as a heavy sigh escapes your lips, and your body shudders and hunches my face as the release comes.I keep the pressure of my tongue constant and my tongue flicking faster and faster as your body convulses under me, the noises from your body get louder and louder a I tease another orgasm from you right on top of the previous, and then another as 1 subsides another begins. Realizing that your breathing coming in deep gasps, and that you need to relax and catch a breath, I moved down from your clit to licking the inner thighs. Keeping your body on the edge.

Realizing that your breathing coming in deep gasps, and that you need to relax and catch a breath, I moved down from your clit to licking the inner thighs. Keeping your body on the edge.

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