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I’m sitting at work watching the clock on the wall that seems to be ticking in the opposite direction then ordinary. “I’m ready to get out of here.” I mumble to myself. Then I smile ever so mischievously knowing that in just a few short hours you are going to cause my body to tremble, and my sweet juices to gush from inside me. I shiver a little as I feel my pussy getting wet from the thought. I break myself from this daydream and try to compose myself. Just fifteen minutes to go.

Finally the day is over, I quickly exit the building and hop in my car heading home to Indulge myself in a hot steamy bubble bath to prepare my body for you to ravage. I can’t wait to feel your cock penetrate my pussy.

I go into my bathroom and turn the water on as hot as I can without it burning. I pour in a little bath oil and then some bubbles. I light five candles and turn some relaxing music on low. First I remove my shirt and unhook my bra and let it fall to the floor. I take a minute to admire my breast in the mirror, my nipples are hard and I take a minute to tease. I unfasten my jeans and let them fall, and then one leg at a time remove my panties. I turn off the water and gently test the water to make sure its not to hot. Perfect I think and slowly ease my body in. The bubbles feel amazing as they engulf my body. I take my cloth and pour on some sweet vanilla cream body wash. I slowly start with my hands and wash working up my arms. Then across my chest pausing to pay extra attention to my breast. God my nipples are so hard. I move on to my feet gently massaging them. I move up my legs, until I find the spot that makes me stop. I let the cloth go and begin massaging my pussy with my hand, the hot water feels so good. The body oil in the water makes it so slippery, I place one leg up on the side of the tub, so I can have full access to my pussy. I start to rub my clit gently god it feels so good. I love self intimacy. I move away from my clit and insert my fingers. I start fingering myself with each insert I feel the hot water of my bath go in and out. I return to rubbing my clit I lay my head back soaking and fucking myself feels so good. The candle light makes it so relaxing. I start to rub faster and faster, I can feel my body beginning to shake with pleasure, I know it won't be long before I cum. The hot water feels so good, I use my free hand to play with my breast, rubbing my nipples and fast as I rub my clit. I feel my climax rising and I know when I cum it will be hard. I'm rubbing myself hard I arch my head back and gasp in a deep breath and release as I cum. I feel the muscles in my tense body relax.

I laugh a little as I dry my body with the towel, I brush my long blonde hair and adorn my body with a lose fitting dress. I find my heels and slide my feet in. I’m ready, ready to feel your body against mine.

My doorbell chimes, I know it has to be you right on time. I’m impressed you must want to be inside me as bad as I want you to be. I open the door and there you stand your body so gorgeous I can see your muscles bulging out of your shirt. “Hello” you say I return the hello. You motion for me to exit as you say “Ready?” I smile and shut the door behind me.

If only you knew how ready I actually was you would take me here and now. I think to myself.

I don’t know where you are taking me, all I know is you promised I would enjoy. I trust you. We drive for a short time and you pull the car off the road. The dirt lane is bumpy and mysterious. I get the feel of danger but I’m not scared I like it. I look over at you and see the smile form on your lips. I want to feel your lips on my pussy so bad, I shiver. “Cold?” You ask. I simply reply “No.” You pull the car to a stop it’s beautiful, we are secluded from the world and parked in front of a beautiful lake. You step out of the car and open the trunk you remove a blanket. I watch as you spread it over the cold ground. The excitement in my body is rising. You walk to my door and open it, you reach your hand out for mine, I except. You guide me to the blanket, and kiss me. My body quivers with pleasure.

You remove my dress and let it fall to the ground. I notice it’s chilly this fall evening as I feel a rain drop fall onto my exposed breasts. I watch as you remove your clothes piece by piece. Dam I love the way your body looks. I run my hand over your chest brushing gently across your nipples. You pull me to you with a hint of force and devour my mouth with yours. You pull me to ground and lay me on my back. I feel your body cover mine as you continue to kiss me. Your mouth leaves mine and you start to explore. First my neck , gently sucking as your hand finds one of my breasts. Your mouth ventures until it has found my hard nipple, you suck gently at first and then harder I feel you nibble causing my back to arch and me to moan in pleasure. Your lips trace my body from my nipple down until you find my sweet pussy. I spread my legs to allow you access. You rub at first with your hand. You look up at me and smile. “I’m going to make you cum now baby.” you tell me. I arch my pussy up to you letting you know I am yours for the taking. Your tongue slides in gently between my lips, I feel your tongue make contact with my clitoris. Oh god it feels so good I don’t want you to ever stop. You tease me for a few moments gently allowing your tongue to flick just the tip of my clitoris. Then you do it your mouth completely covers my clitoris and you start to suck. I feel my juices start to flow from deep inside me.

The harder I moan and arch my back the harder you suck. I feel you insert a finger inside me as you suck you finger me deep. “Oh god.” I moan out as I arch my back and my body releases my sweet cum. I push you away and tell you “Lay back” you do as I command. I find your hard cock and cover it with my mouth and slowly slide my mouth up and down. I love the way your cock feels when it hits the back of my throat. . "That's right baby suck my cock." I hear you say. I stop lean down and take my tongue and tease your balls, I then take one in my mouth and gently suck. . You tell me you want to be inside me and I grant your wish. I slide my body on top of you. I feel your hard cock slide into my pussy I grind a little and then slowly start to move my pussy up and down your cock. If feels so good I throw my head back and moan loudly. Your hands find my breast as I bounce up and down your cock you squeeze and play with them. You tell me you want to fuck me from behind. I position myself on my hands and knees I feel you slide your hard cock into my pussy, You starts off slow. I tell you I want you to fuck my pussy hard and fast and you do. I love the way your cock feels each time it slams into my wet pussy. "fuck me " I say "fuck my pussy." I'm breathless moaning I feel my pussy getting tighter I know I'm going to cum all over your cock. "You like the way my cock feels slamming into your cunt?" you asks "Yes" I respond. "I want you to cum." He says "Keep fucking me" I say as I feel my climax hitting. I scream out as I feel the cum flood out of my pussy.

You pull your cock out of my pussy and ask me to taste my juices so I do. Damn I taste good . I’m on my knees and you are standing your hand finds the back of my head as I feel you thrust your cock in and out of my mouth.

I look up at you as I suck and savor every inch of your cock. You tell me your are going to cum so I suck harder and faster until I feel your hot sticky cum fill my mouth, I swallow and suck you clean. I look up at you and say “Yummy.”


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