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Youre gonna make me cum again

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I can see the steam escaping from the bathroom and know you're in the shower. Just imaging about how you're soaping your body up makes my folds ache. I can literally feel my heartbeat making my clit pulse.

Moving as silently as the wind, I creep to the bathroom door. It feels good to be naughty. Your bathroom door is slightly open; a ray of golden light shines on the floor.

I'm a guest in your home. I shouldn't be invading your privacy, after all the kindness you have bestowed on me. It's wrong, I know, but I can't help it. You have intrigued me.

At dinner, I felt your attraction to me, or did I imagine it. You were courteous, pulling my chair out for me. I felt your hand slide down my back and linger for a moment. Again, was I dreaming? Even though I only had one drink, you refused to let me drive home, insisting that I stay at your place.

"But...I have nothing to wear?" I exclaimed.

You assured me that I could borrow a T-shirt from you. Your intense eyes twinkle. Are you flirting with me or just being nice? So many questions to answer.

The butterflies in my stomach dance like crazy during the ride to your home. I feel nervous, excited, and scared. I'm able to watch you, as you drive. I think I'm being covert, but you were aware of my gaze the whole time.

As we pulled up in the driveway, I get lightheaded. The fluttering in my stomach has changed to a buzz. My gallops and all these feelings sent a message to my throbbing clit.

I'm so wet. Would it be in poor taste if I rubbed my wet pussy in your guest bedroom? My folds feel slick and swollen; even the short walk to your door is difficult. I've never felt so on fire before.

"It's late, my lady. Let me show you to your room," you tell me.

I follow you down the hall; not really paying attention. My focus is directly on my sopping hole. Realizing that you are speaking to me, I snap to attention and ask you to repeat what you were saying.

With an enigmatic look in your eyes and sexy smirk, you tell me that your room is next door, if I need anything. Accepting the shirt from you, I step into my room. The bed is soft; the room quiet.

I hear you turn on the shower. My mind goes wild. I can't deny I want you, and not because of the wine I drank.

As I sit on the edge of the bed, I have to squeeze my thighs together tightly. I feel my pussy contracting, and my clit twitching. It's a good thing I'm wearing a skirt.

My silky panties, drenched in my juice, slip off my hips and drop to the floor. I can smell my steamy arousal. Leaning back on my elbow, I trace the outline of my bare lips. They're puffy, but swollen enough to keep my pink inner folds from escaping. I've never been so turned on.

My thighs are quivering; my cunt humming. I wonder if your door is closed. It would hurt anything if I sneak a peek, will it?

Silently, I open my door and look out. The hallway is dark. Anxiety courses through my body. I feel like jumping out of my skin and almost turn back.

"Don't be such a coward," I tell myself.

My heart is racing so fast; shallow breaths leave me. I feel faint. Part of me hopes your door is locked, while the other part is begging for it to be open.

What luck! Your door stands wide open. Peering around the door jam, I can see your large bed. Although it's dark, my eyes are adjusted to the dimness. I'm hyper alert.

Even though it feels like its been hours, only a few moments have passed. I hope that you take long showers. I really don't want to be busted for being a voyeur.

"It's now or never," I whisper to myself.

Taking a deep breath, that I hope will calm my nerves, I peek through the crack in the door. I can see that your shower has a glass door and that the sides are clear, as well. But...I can't see you.

The buzzing in the pit of my stomach doubles, as I ease the door open wider. My tension causes every muscle in my body to contract, even in my pussy. My thighs are slick with nectar.

My eyes make out your outline, causing my fluttering heart to skip several beats. You're exquisite. I see your toned arms shampooing your hair; the bathroom filled with an exotic masculine scent.

The air is humid from the warm water, causing the mirror to begin to fog. I open the door a little wider, hoping to equalize the humidity. Blending in with the darkness, I lean against the door and watch.

As the warm water runs down your body, I see you run your hands over your sculpted body, lingering at your nipples. Unaware that my hands had moved up to cup my full breasts, my nipples harden painfully, as I mimic your actions. I rub my thumbs over my clothed nipples, when you flick yours; pinching them when you do. I can't help but notice how your cock jumps with each action.

If I would have known that you were aware of my presence, I would have fled back to my room. Blissfully unaware, I continued to observe the show you were giving me. I should have been more aware. The look in your eyes said that you were going to take me.

As it was, my gaze was glued to the movements of your strong hands, which by now hand roamed down your belly to tease your cock...and me. Your manhood was thick and long.

The shower glass is crystal clear, and I can see how smooth and hairless your groin is. As it swells, your pole rises. I can tell that you?re getting more and more aroused.

You spend several long minutes soaping up your shaft; slowly stroking up and down.

I hold my breath, as your thickness expands and your shaft stands up at full attention. My cunt gushes, when I see your hand slip under your ball sac. I know what you're doing. Even though I can't see it, I can imagine your long finger probing your puckered rear hole; first circling the entrance, and then pressing in and out and matching the pace of your other hand.

I want to rub my massively swollen clit so badly. I want to copy your slow strokes, by shoving three fingers in my hot, little hole, but for now, I just watch.

I happen to gaze up to your face. I've always thought that a person cumming was the sexiest thing, and I wanted to see your face, as you shot your shot all over the glass door. To my surprise, your eyes captured mine. I panicked and was about to bolt, but something in your gaze told me to stay. The wicked grin let me know that you were aware of me the whole time.

You ripped your gaze away from mine and closed your eyes. I watched, as you thrust your hips outward and stroked a now very rock hard cock. In the position you were in, your shaft was sticking straight out at a steep angle.

Knowing that you're doing this for me makes me even wetter. Watching you is driving me insane, which has me licking my lips, as my arousal grows stronger. My nipples are pebble hard and throbbing in time with my clit.

Since my panties were abandoned in my room, my juicy slit is weeping huge tears of milky cream. My free hand slips between my drenched thighs; using my fingers to probe my cunt. All the while wishing it was you, instead of me. My thumb circles and flicks my clit in the same rapid pace that you're using on your cock.

Everything else in the world fades, as our hands move faster. Only our pleasure matters; the sheer lust of the moment.

I can hear you grunting and moaning. The raw power of it buckles my legs, and I slide to the floor. My fingers a blur, as I see your thighs tighten. You're about to cum. I just know it.

Thrusting your hips forward as you squeeze and pump furiously, I see a huge amount of white cum splatter all over the glass door. It's too much. My head thrown back; I let wave after wave of shocking pleasure roll over me. My pussy contracts around empty air and my thighs tighten and shudder with each pulse.

My eyes remain closed; as I hear you yank open the shower door. There is urgency to your movements, but I'm not ready to face the jury yet. You pull me up and press me to the wall.

"Open your eyes," you growl.

Obeying; I see the wildness in your eyes. Your body is pressed close to mine. My clothes are getting soaked from your wet skin.

Your still hard cock nudges my bare mound, and I gasped. Taking advantage of my open mouth, you tongue ravages me; probing everywhere.

Without breaking contact with my mouth, you rip my shirt open, sending buttons everywhere. You growl deeply into my mouth; frustrated by my bra. Reaching behind my back, I feel you tear apart the clasp.

Sighing in satisfaction, my electrified nipples brush your chest. With my skirt around my waist, you wrap my legs around your waist, and my cunt lips surround your pole. I whimper. My pussy sucks at your dick.

You need me and push all the way into my pussy in one stroke. Fuck foreplay. You stretch my tight hole, as you push deeper and deeper. I'm so fucking wet that your cock grew slippery, as you pound me.

I wrap my arms around the strong column of your neck and hold on tight, as you pound me the wall. I scream loudly, biting your shoulder. You're gonna make cum again.

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