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Young Wife and the Rasta Man

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My ex-wife and I shared a number of swinging experiences during our six years together, mostly her playing with other guys, and sometimes I would get to watch and occasionally we would bring a guy in for a MFM. My work moved me around the country quite a bit, twice a year some times, so it made it easier to play and run. She would usually end up playing with one guy in each place we lived, sometimes two.

This time, we had just moved to a nice suburb of Washington, DC. My wife, Kara, started taking classes at the local community college, and working varied hours, part-time, at a local department store in large shopping mall. The store was going out of business, and the job was temporary. As soon as she started working there, a nineteen year-old black kid named Ray began putting the moves on her. Kara was a hottie, and still is, and she was long used to guys trying to pick her up. She had just turned 20 when we moved there (I was 6 years her senior, and we had been together since just after her 18th birthday). Kara stood 5?-5?, 120lbs, firm 34C titties, awesome ass, long black hair and always horny. She didn?t shave her bush at that time, but kept it neatly trimmed and close-cropped. I liked it that way, as well as shaved.

At this point in our relationship, she had slept with several other guys, most recently an older black neighbor in our last community. Kara had performed many other sexual activities with a number of guys, from flashing to oral sex, in both public and private areas. She was the definition of uninhibited. All of these activities were done with my knowledge and consent. A few flings happened when I was traveling or otherwise unavailable, but she always told me after and once she called me during the encounter to give me the details.

To make a long story a little bit shorter, Ray chased my wife for a few weeks, even after she told him she was married. He would ask her to go out on dates, offer to take her to lunch, and things like that. Kara always politely refused, and would come home after work and tell me every time he hit on her, which happened at least a couple of times per week. I asked her early on if she was attracted to him, and she said he was cute. When Kara says a guy is cute, she really means that she would have no problem fooling around with him. She said he was shorter than me, about 5?-9?, skinny, but muscular like a runner?s body, and had medium length dreadlocks. He was a Rastafarian type, and she was attracted to that, admiring the culture and being a Reggae music lover herself. That weekend, I went into the store to get a look at Ray, and did so without meeting him. I didn?t want him to know who I was at that point in time. That evening when Kara came home I told her that it would turn me on big time if she would fool around with this guy. We talked about limits, and I agreed that just about anything except fucking would be okay, for now, until she got to know him better.

A week or so went by, and one night I came in from work and Kara said she had something to tell me. I knew immediately it was about Ray. She said they took their lunch break together went for a walk in the mall. She told Ray she wanted to get to know him a little better. Ray asked her what exactly she meant, and Kara told him she meant she would like to fool around, but most likely only short-term. She made it very clear that she wanted to start slow, as in making out, and then see if anything else could happen. She made it clear that she was not interested in dating him, and that a physical relationship was as far as it would go, and there was no guarantee that intercourse would result. She said Ray got very excited about this. He asked about me, and if I was aware, and my wife told him that I was okay with it. They then grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed back to work.

Kara then told me she agreed to meet Ray that night when he finished his shift at 10pm. I was pretty excited, and asked how far she thought it would go, and she just smiled and told me that I would have to wait until she got home.

My wife dolled herself up with the usual makeup, and dressed in a sexy white lace bra, tight fitting white top, skimpy thong, and skirt that stopped at just above her knees. She looked hot, as usual. She left a little before 10pm to meet Ray, and I lay in bed with all the usual thoughts running through my mind until Kara returned home just before midnight. I jumped from the bed as she walked into our bedroom, and my cock started to rapidly stiffen in my boxers when she stepped into the dim light from the table lamp. Her long hair was mess, her lipstick was smeared about her mouth, her clothes were rumpled and her bra was in her hand. I embraced her, looked her in the eyes, and asked her if she had a good time. She smiled and said she did, and told me to sit on the bed and get ready for the details.

We had a routine when Kara came home from her dates. Either she told me to sit, and then sits behind me naked and strokes me while whispering the details in my ear, or she told me to lie down and she would blow me while relaying the details.

I whipped off my shorts and sat on the edge of the bed, and Kara proceeded to undress in front of me. She stripped off her top, dropped her skirt, and peeled of her thong. I was wondering if the thong would still be there, and was more curious that she was still wearing it. Kara then climbed on the bed and slid in tight behind me, pressing her tits into my back and reaching around for my cock. She asked if I was ready as she began to stroke me, and I said I sure as hell was. Kara said that she parked on the other end of the mall, and waited for Ray at the agreed location. She was there about ten minutes when Ray pulled up next to her in his truck (an older full-size Chevy Blazer). Ray rolled down his window and asked what the plan was, and Kara said that she wanted to stay local, and suggested they drive somewhere else so nobody from work would see them. They both drove to the movie theater parking lot across the road, and picked a back corner away from the street. Ray then asked Kara to get in his truck, and she did. They chatted for a few minutes, and Ray seemed to be having a difficult time holding the conversation. He asked if she wanted to smoke a joint, and Kara politely declined. She does smoke once in a while, but felt it was best to remain sober this time.

Ray smoked a bit, and then seemed to be a little more at ease with the situation. Kara said that shortly after he finished toking, he suggested they move the bench seat in the back. Once in the back, he moved toward her and put his arm over her shoulders, leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She responded immediately and soon their tongues were flying. Kara said that the kissing was great, and it didn?t take Ray long to test the limits. My wife said Ray pulled her face tight to his as they kissed with one hand, and his other hand went from her waist to her boobs in no time. She said she moaned a little as he squeezed and fondled them over her top and bra. Ray took this as a signal to go further and wasted no time in sliding that hand under her shirt so her bra was now the only barrier. They made out like this for a while and Ray pulled back and asked if he could see her tits. Kara was feeling pretty horny by now, and took off her top and bra. She said she sat there for a moment looking at Ray while he fixated on her firm 34C?s. Ray then leaned in and briefly kissed her on the lips before dropping his head to her chest and attaching his lips to her nipple. He sucked one, then the other, alternating every so often. Kara loved to have her tits sucked, and her moans prompted Ray to further test the limits. He slipped his hand under her skirt, and Kara quickly swatted it away with hers. Ray then straightened up and slid away from Kara, grabbing her legs and placing them so her feet were now on the seat and she was now on her back, lying fully flat on the front seat with her knees pointing at the roof. Kara said nothing as he pushed her knees apart and her dress fell to her waist. He moved in closer and lay atop her, between her legs, and resumed sucking her tits. As he felt Kara relax a little, Ray began to slowly slide his groin into hers. His tempo increased as Kara offered no resistance, and she said she could easily feel his hard cock through his pants. Ray then went back to kissing her as they dry-humped, and Kara said that she was getting very wet by this time, eventually leaving a fair-sized wet spot on the crotch of Ray?s pants.

Ray broke the kiss, and asked her point blank if they could fuck. Kara said no, that she was not prepared for that yet. She told him that before she sleeps with someone, she needed to develop a comfort level that she didn?t have at that time. Ray looked disappointed, begged a little, and then realized it wasn?t going to happen that night. The made out and dry-humped for another hour or so before Kara told Ray she was having a really fun time, but had to go home. Ray asked when they could do it again, and Kara told him that it would be soon. Kara pulled her shirt back on, sans bra which she said was for my benefit, kissed Ray goodbye and jumped out of the truck.

I was ready to burst at this point, and Kara moved to the floor in front of me and sucked me off until I blew my load in her mouth.

A few days passed, and Kara called me at work and told me that both she and Ray were working until 7pm, and were then going to meet somewhere. I told her to be careful and have fun. Kara came home around 9pm that night, and we repeated our routine. She said this time they drove to a secluded wooded area where people party and park sometimes. She described the details and their encounter was about the same, except that she let Ray finger her for a few minutes just before she had to go. She met Ray three more time over the next two weeks, giving him a handjob inside his sweatpants on their third date, and letting him eat her pussy until she came on their fourth date. On the fifth date, she blew him and swallowed his load, telling him that next time she might fuck him if I was okay with it. She said he had a fairly big cock for his size, which he told her was more than seven and a half inches long, and about two inches in diameter.

More than a week had passed when Kara asked me if I was okay with her having sex with Ray. I told her that I was good with it, as long as she was careful. She seemed pleased with my answer, and the next night told me that she was going out with Ray that coming Friday night after he finished work. Friday night rolled around, and Kara said she was meeting Ray at the movie theater at 815pm. They would then decide where they were going to have sex. I asked her if it was the parking area in the woods where they were the last few times, and she said she didn?t know but would call me. I told her I would like to sneak in and watch if it was there, and she said she would let me know. Kara dressed in a tight, short black skirt, a form fitting black top, and no panties or bra. She looked awesome and I was feeling horny as hell, but I knew that I would have to wait.

Kara met Ray and jumped in his truck. Ray told her his family was gone for the weekend, and that he wanted to go to his place. Kara agreed, and told him that she had to call me with the address, which she texted to me as they drove there. I was bummed, as I was really hoping to sneak up on them and watch. However, I did get to watch her fuck a black guy at the last place we lived. Kara later told me that the area that Ray lived in was not so nice, and she was a little scared walking from his truck to his house, as several lewd comments were made by guys hanging on the street. One even asked Ray to give her to them when he was done. Kara said Ray?s apartment was big, and nicer on the inside than outside, and that he lived there with his parents and sister. They were away visiting family in another state until Monday.

Ray asked her to sit on the sofa, and he went and got a couple of beers. They talked and watched TV for a while, and Ray then went and grabbed his weed and bong. Kara ended up smoking a little with him, and she said the pot he had made them laugh uncontrollably at times. It wasn?t long before Ray moved in and they made out on the sofa for a while before he suggested they move to the bedroom. Kara was feeling pretty good by then, telling me between the pot and a few beers, she had quite a buzz going.

Ray took her by the hand and led her to his room. Ray turned on his stereo, Reggae music of course, and sat down on the bed holding my wife?s hands as she stood in front of him. He asked her to strip for him, and she said she wasn?t a stripper. He said he didn?t want her to dance, he just wanted to watch her undress. She let go of Ray?s hands, and lifted her top over her head, freeing her braless boobies. Ray immediately reached for them, and Kara stepped back telling him he had to wait. Kara then unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor around her ankles. She stood in front of Ray, letting him examine her for a moment, and then told him it was his turn. Ray stood, removed all of his clothing except his underwear. He asked Kara to finish undressing him, and she slowly pulled his briefs down, kneeling as she went. She said he was semi-hard, and she uncovered his cock ever so slowly, purposely teasing herself and lightly running her fingernails along its length. She said the weed felt like it was amplifying her senses and emotions, and she was feeling incredibly horny.

Kara dropped Ray?s underwear to the floor, and began to massage his cock and balls with both hands. Ray stood there with his eyes closed and his head tilted back, thoroughly enjoying my wife?s gentle touch. When his tool was a little harder, she started to slowly stroke it while massaging his balls with the other hand. Ray was fully hard in moments, and Kara leaned in and started to suck him off. She managed to get about half his cock in her mouth before it became too uncomfortable, and then focused on getting Ray off. At some point, Ray pulled back and told her he didn?t want to blow his load like that. He sat back on the bed, and motioned for Kara to join him. She took a step toward the bed, and Ray reached out, grabbed her arm and pulled her on top of him. The made out for a while, and Ray fingered her until she almost came, but stopped just shy of her cumming. Kara said they started fucking missionary and he fucked her in multiple positions. She added that Ray?s cock felt wonderful inside her. Kara?s pussy was tight, but accommodating. She has fucked a few very big cocks without much trouble.

Kara said she had her first orgasm about fifteen minutes after he entered her for the first time, and she described it as ?fucking fantastic?. She said she came as she watched his big black tool slide in and out of cunt, and she was imagining him shooting his load inside of her. She said she hadn?t cum that hard in a while. Ray fucked her for another ten or fifteen minutes before he informed her he was going to cum, and asked where she wanted it. My wife first said anywhere he wanted, soon thought better of it, and asked him not to cum in her pussy. She said he moaned loudly as he pulled out, grabbed his cock, and started stroking himself. Kara watched as he moaned and groaned, and seconds later several large white loads landed on her cunt and stomach. When Ray was finished emptying his balls, he rubbed the head of his cock on her cunt and bush, smearing his sticky loads like a painter working on a canvas. When he was done, he asked her to clean him up with her mouth, and she willingly complied.

Kara said they then relaxed for a while, talked and drank a few more beers, and then proceeded to fuck for another hour or so. She said she had one more orgasm, though not as mind-blowing as first, and Ray ended up stroking his last load on her face and chest. She said they both fell asleep for a while, and Kara awoke around 1am. She got out of bed, woke Ray, and said she had to go. Ray pulled her back into the bed and they ended up fucking one more time. He came, she didn?t, but she still enjoyed it. When Ray came this time, he spread my wife?s ass cheeks with one hand, and stroked his final load on her bum hole. In typical Ray fashion, using his dick like a paintbrush, he made sure he spread it up and down her crack. She thought he was going to try and enter her ass, but he didn?t, as she had previously told him no anal. Ray asked her not to clean up, as he wanted me to see what he had done to her. He said if he could not cum inside her, he had thought about where to deposit his loads on her so I would see the results.

When Kay got home, she reeked of sex and had the look of a woman who had been thoroughly fucked. She made sure I saw every bit of the dried cum that Ray used to mark his "property", pointing it out as I received the play-by-play. As she was too sore for me, I stroked off a load on her and re-claimed my territory from Ray.

My wife saw Ray a few more times, fucked him once more spending the night at a hotel, and then ended it as the store they were working at closed.

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