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You Cant Rape The Winning

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??You Can?t r*pe The Willing?

(or can you)

It is warm in the car. A little too warm for my taste (the climate control is set at 85). But it is January and I have the heat turned up and the engine running so that you will have a nice warm car to get into when you get off the bus. Looking at the dash clock...10:48. Typical. The bus is late, as usual. Why is it that the more anxious you are to get somewhere or for something to happen the greater the certainty that there will be delays? Resigning myself that I am going to have to wait, I settle back in the seat and turn the radio up just a little bit. The song currently playing is ?Lorelei? by Styx. Somehow the line in the song, ?Tonight?s the night she?s moving in.

And I can hardly wait.? seems appropriate. Looking in the mirror I see a bus turning the corner and heading towards the station. Finally! Grabbing the giant sunflower from the seat next to me, I jump out of the car, lock the doors, and rush to meet the bus. The air is chilly (about 10 degrees) compared to the warmth of the car but as I adjust to it, it really isn?t that bad considering that it is early January and late at night. As the bus pulls up my heart sinks. The bus is coming from Lansing, Michigan. Wrong bus. I am so disappointed that I go into the station and ask the clerk if they have any idea when your bus was going to be arriving. They tell that your bus encountered bad weather around the Wisconsin Dells but has made up quite a bit of the time. In fact, the last message they?ve gotten said the bus was on final approach and should be there by now. Nothing else to do but go back to the car and wait. As I leave the station and turn towards the car I see another bus turning the corner. This time I can see the front of the bus and can read the destination card which says ?Chicago?. This is the bus! I am so excited that I can barely stand still. I feel a rush that makes the chill disappear. I stand and watch as the bus pulls in, scanning every window as it goes by for that face I am so eager to see. When the bus has come to a complete stop and I haven?t seen you I experience a moment of panic. Did you miss the connection in Chicago? Then I come to my senses. It must be that you are sitting on the other side of the bus. Quickly moving to the front of the bus, I take up my position and assume my best Henry Gibson pose, standing straight, sunflower centered in front of me. As you come down the steps of the bus the tired look on your face is soon replaced by one of joy and excitement. From the bottom step you take three bounds and wrap your arms around me, almost knocking me over and give me a hug that takes my breath away. So much for the sunflower.

After a few minutes of hugging and kissing we finally break and collect your bags. As we walk to the car I push the buttons to unlock the door and pop the trunk. I tell you to wait in the car while I put your bags in the trunk. As you get in the car you find two more giant sunflowers crossed on the seat with a bouquet of roses between them. ?You romantic rat!?, You call back to me. All I do is smile. After I join you in the car you turn to put your flowers in the back seat. As you turn back I take you in my arms and give you a passionate kiss, my hand sliding inside your coat. It soon becomes obvious that you are not wearing a bra under your thin, silky blouse. Breaking from the kiss you notice that I have discovered part of your little surprise. ?You like??, you ask with a glint in your eye.

?What?s not to like?? I say, giving your breast a little squeeze, ?I mean, what could be better??

Now you really smile. ?How about that I am wearing ?matching? panties??

?Oh. Really??? I say, reaching for the hem on your long skirt.

You grab my hand and stop me, ?Ah, Ah, Ah,? you say teasingly, ?That will have to wait until we get home.?

?Then home it is!? I say putting the car in gear and all but squealing the tires.

As we are driving along you lean over and raise the armrests. Moving closer you reach over to my lap and begin fondling me.

?Hey! No Fair!?, I lightly protest and reach for your skirt hem again. Again you stop me and tell me to just worry about driving and getting us home without having an accident.

?You are SOOO going to get r*ped when we get home!? I threaten.

?You can?t r*pe the willing.? You smile and reach inside the waistband of my sweat pants.

?We shall see!?

You continue to fondle, stroke, and tease the rest of the way home but never let me touch you in return. It was pure torture.

Upon finally reaching home we took off our coats and threw them on the couch, then carried your luggage to the bedroom. I set your bags down then closed the door. You came into my arms. Then I pushed you back against the door and brought my lips to your neck, my hands to your breasts. As I nuzzled your neck and throat, my hands massaging your breasts, I slide my thumbs between the buttons of your blouse. Stepping back from you I tear your blouse open, buttons flying in all directions. You start to protest but I cover your mouth with mine and our tongues wrestle furiously. Finally breaking the kiss I take you in my arms and carry you to the bed, my mouth finding your hard nipple and sucking it gently as we move. I lay you in the center of the bed and place my hands on your waist. Then sliding them down to your hips I grab the seam on either side and pull your skirt down and off of you. Quickly stripping out of my clothes I lay beside you and we explore each other?s bodies. After several long minutes of this we break and I ask you, ?Do you remember what I?ve always promised we would do?? You just look puzzled.. So I roll you over on top of me and urge you upwards towards my face. You begin to get the idea. As you straddle my lips you bring your hand down to part the way for my tongue to reach the pleasure center of your body. As I begin to tongue your lips with short flicks I guide your other hand to your left breast while my hand takes up a similar station on your right. Closer and closer my tongue works it?s way towards your clit. Your hand involuntarily massaging your breast and nipple, my hand matching your efforts. My free hand is massaging gently up and down your back. As the passion grows and I get closer and closer to your clit and I am gently tugging on your nipple my hand settles on your soft round cheek and begins to squeeze in rhythm to your hand on your breast. As my tongue finally reaches it?s destination you shudder as I run the tip along the outer edges of your clit. I squeeze your breast, pinching the nipple between my index and center fingers. My fingers slip between your cheeks and find your anus which I begin to tease and tickle with small circular motions. After a few minutes I shift position slightly so that I can bring my lips to your clit. As I close my lips around it you gasp and start to rock back and forth.

Both of our hands are working your breasts and nipples frantically, My finger gently pressing against your anal opening, just enough to cause pressure but not enough to enter. Tongue and lips working your pleasure button, hands on your breasts, the pleasure is building and your breathing is becoming faster and irregular. You are now pushing back against my finger and it is working it?s way into that tight little pucker. First just the tip and then to the first knuckle. I now begin a rhythmic tonguing which matches the movement of your hips, my finger working in and out to the same beat, now penetrating to just beyond the second knuckle at the deepest point and barely the fingertip at the shallowest. You are by now so engrossed in your pleasure that you have lost all track of anything else and your hand has dropped from your breast. This is my signal to move on to the next phase. Shifting again, I bring a quicker and heavier pressure with the tip of my tongue while pulling and squeezing your nipple. This is all it takes. You shudder a couple of times then stiffen. After several seconds, you relax. I pull back and gently kiss and blow on your womanhood which sends little shivers through your body.

?Your turn.? you say, trying to dismount. ?Just let me catch my breath.

?Oh, no! I?m not done with you yet? I say as I turn you around to the classic sixty-nine position with you on top.

As I once again begin to pleasure you orally you bend forward and greedily take me into your mouth. I jump a little as I feel the long awaited sensations you are bringing me. This just spurs me on to pleasure you even further. It becomes a race and a challenge to see who can distract the other more. This goes on for almost an hour with each of us getting control and then losing it as the other gains control. The end result is that we are both teasing and being teased to the very edge of climax then backing off. Eventually I feel you start to shudder and feel that I will win the race. This overconfidence is just enough to break my concentration long enough for you to take control. You stroke me deep, sucking hard and squeezing with your fingertips. It is more than I can stand and I let go into your waiting throat. As my orgasm is subsiding I increase the efforts I am applying to you and you climax almost instantly.

We roll over onto our sides and bask for a moment in the afterglow of our orgasms. I eventually roll over onto my elbow and say, ?I?m sorry about not warning you or not pulling out, I just got lost in the sensations.?

?Silly Man, after what you did for me I wasn?t going to let you go anyway.?

I get up to turn off the lights and I ask, ?You don?t mind waiting until tomorrow to unpack, do you??

?Not at all. It?s not as if I?m going to need anything to wear tonight.?

As I come to bed and settle into our usual spoon fashion, I whisper in your ear, ?So, you can?t r*pe the willing, eh??

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