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WorkPlace Surprise

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It was raining that hot September evening in TN. She was thinking of him at work and the thought made her even hotter than the air outside. The throbbing in her pussy was almost more than she could stand. An idea was taking shape in her mind as she used her fingers to try to relieve the tension that had built in her. With little success at getting some pleasure solo, she would have to find him so he could give her the memorable pleasure she was longing for.

Without hesitation, she drove to his work, wipers beating a tune against the windshield the whole way. As she pulled into the parking lot she realized that wiper beat was similar to the rhythm of their lovemaking. With that realization she noticed the wetness in her crotch increase.

Frantically searching the halls, she finally found the door to his office, it was closed but the light was on. She ever so silently opened it, hoping he was there. Once she saw his form turned toward his computer she crept up behind him without him noticing.. Slowly she dropped her dress from her shoulders, revealing her pulsing breasts. The moisture in her crotch was now to the point of dripping with anticipation.

At this point, he heard a sound and swung around in his chair. As he swung around, his face was immediately greeted by her breasts. A big smile spread across his face as he realized this wasn't going to be another ordinary night at work. He rose from his chair and reached for her. Her skin was on fire and he knew that fire all too well. Only his caresses, kisses and huge cock could put out that fire once it was lit. Her breathing was quickening especially once she saw his arousal at the site of her breasts. She knew he wanted her as badly as she wanted him.

Both of them slowly undressed and she lay on the desk. It is such a wonderful thing; the way desks are just the right height for fucking. He bent down to kiss her, his tongue slowly making first circles then thrusts within her waiting mouth. She responded with nibbles at his lips then as the tension built her tongue furtively searched for depths he hadn't known before.

His hand slowly found it's way to her moist waiting pussy. With just a few well placed strokes she was ready to cum. She began to lightly moan, like a kitten searching for milk. As his fingers searched her secret spot, the moans became louder. As he played with her clit, her pelvis started to respond with thrusts of ecstasy.

Just to tease her, he removed his hand leaving her whimpering for more.

She was begging him to relive the tension and being a gentlemen how could he refuse?

He slid her to the edge of the desk and placed her legs on his shoulders. With a gentleness his size and build belied, he slowly, ever so slowly started to penetrate her.

Oh, the feel of her welcoming, wet pussy was so good, he could have shot his wad right then, but from years of practice he held back-there was work to do!

By now, the first contact of cock to cunt sent her over the edge to her first orgasm. As she came, he caressed her inner thighs and breasts. When her breathing returned he continued to stretch her as his massive cock filled every spot in her. Man, did she feel good to him, just tight enough but not so tight to be uncomfortable. By now his balls were pulsing. He knew he wanted to give her the whole shaft but didn't at first-good things come to those who wait.

After he was in her as far as she could take it, he started fucking her, at first slow, short strokes. As his own arousal built, his thrusting became harder and quicker. He could feel the cum building in his balls just waiting to explode in her soft, warm cunt.

She was lifting her pelvis to meet his thrusts, gently telling him just how much she loved his big cock and the way it filled her. With each stroke, she felt a wave of awareness of just how full she was. Oh, my God-could anything feel better?

He was so close now, he could feel the cum slowly moving down his long shaft. His body started to shudder as his own orgasm started. When she felt him shudder she knew as if by instinct that he was going to fill her with his hot cum. That thought, along with the fullness was all it took to bring her to another, even stronger orgasm.

Together, they let out loud, at least to them, moans of pleasure. His orgasm lasted for what seemed to be minutes and made him feel weak but yet so alive. Hers sent her pussy into spasms, each one clamping down on his cock.

As they started to come down from such an incredible sexual high, they realized almost 1 1/2 hrs had passed. Time does fly when you're having fun they laughed.

After a few more minutes still connected by his cock in her pussy, they had to part. He was responsible for much and she had to get back to the hotel.

They quickly cleaned up so they could re-dress. A few stolen moments of kissing when they both wanted to just stay skin to skin for a little while longer was all they could take the time for tonight.

She peeked out the door to be sure no one was in the hall and slipped out, using the back stairs to leave. He spent a few minutes remembering the great surprise and how it broke up a boring night. Then it was back to work, with the hope that on another day, she would find another, sexy way to surprise him.

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