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Winter Wolf

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Winter Wolfs Driving to see my friend she lives up in the mountains I am bring her chirstmas early before the bad weather starts, It always scares me a little driving by the hunting lodges I think of all the hunters in the woods , the guns and poor moose and deer. It is about a 4 hour drive I love to drive it, it is so relaxing the fresh air. I was about two hours into the drive when the clouds started moving in with my late start it seemed about 10 at night I was thankful it was only 7 pm I still had a ways to go. So on came the cd Kid rock and I turned on the heat the air was getting colder. I knew I should have worn more clothes but I had just got this hot sexy new shirt and wanted to show it off I am a bigger girl and while my friend is nice lookin she has always loved how my tits look she says I wish I had them . She is little up top so I just tell her more is a waste and she tells me to little leaves them hungry.

Man I needed to go to the little girls room when I really started looking around I thought I seen snow I must be tried it is only oct 28 last year it was after thanksgiving. But sure enough it was starting to snow holy cow just what I needed. Everyone but me must have seen the weather going through this little town everyone is tucked in there house?s. I stopped and got a hot coffee and the potty break out of the way as I was leaving the clerk told me 6 to 10 inches of snow now were the hell did that come from and I would have to pick today to drive to Maddy?s house.

Brrrr the air was cold now and the snow coming down I needed to get going and fast. On the outside of town I looked up at the crescent moon it was cutting through the clouds that had a spooky feeling to it. made you think of warewolfs and shit that was not good to think of by yourself in the no man?s land I so needed to shut my mind off that. I was passing the moose head lodge it was so pretty it had a big dining hall and cabins around a big covered fire pit the only way I knew was I seen it in a pamphlet on one of my trips up it did not look like to many people were there O well with the way the weather was I would not want to be out hunting in it anyways .I thought it was nuts to freeze your nuts off in a tree or wherever.

This piece of road was scary would make for a damn good haunted hay ride It was so dark and the trees dr*ped over the road the moon peeking in the clouds moving over the mood you can see shadows on the road when the wind blows the trees . It was about that time something jumped out of the trees in front of my car I Jumped and pulled the wheel the car started spinning and hit the ditch. OMG my head hurt from the air bags what the hell I was going to do now the car would not start it is getting colder and the snow is already 3 inches I am so in trouble here fuck fuck fuck. Only a light sweater in the back seat was not a good thing damn I could kick myself well I better look for something I cannot sit in the car I had not passed a car in a few hours. Picking up the cell phone and no bars so a call it out. Seeing maddy?s gift I grab it, the useless cell phone and my purse and sweater. The lodge was about a mile back. Why the hell here in this piece of road my skin was crawling I was so scared every noise had me jumping I wish I had a flashlight something it was so dark I could feel the fog wrapping around my ankles the shadows was moving this way and that way I was almost running, when I heard something behind me I turn to look and took off at a full ran and ?BAM? I hit a wall of stone , On my butt I fall sceaming tears flowing down my cheeks.

I could see something coming at me shaking my head trying to clear it. I scramble up and took off running I can now hear feet running after me yelling Stop NO NO STOP ?. To late The icy cold water hits me as I fall in the stream I cannot move the stream was thigh deep the cold took all the air from my lungs my butt hitting the bottom just as I felt fingers go around my arms and jerk me up. The wind hit me like 100 knifes I started shaking lips turning blue I could not feel my feet, hands, nothing seemed to work. I could feel my eyes closing and could feel something picking me up. The wind and snow was blowing hard on my face they were running with me in there arms I was drifting in and out. Where was I going and what were they going to do with me ?KILL ME??

I could feel the warmth it was nice I just wanted to snuggle deep in the warmth moving my hand my eyes popped open I had no clothes on. Closing them fast so no one could see I was awake I laid still and listened not a sound. I peeked with one eye seeing no one I looked around. There was a fire in the fireplace a chair by it with a coffee cup (so it is human lol my mind said) that is a relief I think.

I need to find my clothes I move to stand up and hear footsteps ? damn do I jump back down what? Does not matter because when I looked up I was staring into the eyes of a grey wolf stocky and the muscles were everywhere my eyes moved slowly down then up again we just looked and watched each other seemed like hours but only minutes. My name is Ryan I am the new manager her at the lodge.

I said the moose head?

Yes the moose head, Why did you run last night I was there to help you I was checking the lodge before bed last night when I heard the tires squealing and the sound of the car hitting hard. I did not hear you when I looked back all I seen was someone running at me. It scared me you could have said something instead of scaring the shit out of me I yelled at him. Now she was mad why she was not sure.

Ryan said I tried to but before I knew it you were in the water and I did not have time for small talk.

Turning and walking away I heard him saying a thank you would have been nice what a bitch. Man I felt like one at that moment to if it was not for him I would have died.

Wrapping the soft white fur blanket around me I went searching for him. He was making a new pot of coffee I walked up to him with his back turned to me and whispered thank you I am sorry for being such a ass. He chuckled and said u mean a bitch. Ok yes a bitch He turned and handed me a cup of coffee.

Wrapping my hands around it the blanket slipped down my breast the thighs and to the floor my eyes looked up into his and all I seen was desire hot wet deep begging desire.

No one moved or said nothing, The wind was blowing outside the windows the cold air seeping in touching the ends of my nipples feeling them go hard and standing out his eyes changed colors to gray and icy with need, it made my knees weak I started shaking he picked up the white fur handed it to me. ?Come? taking my fingers he led me to the fire there was a big bear rug on the floor he told me to sit. I did I watched as he opened the door to the cabin and walked out in the knee deep snow brrrrrrrrr it was so cold had to be 20 I could see the dawn was coming soon He waited at the edge of the wood pile for a minute lost in thought it looked like. I can see why our paths cross the feeling was in the air like this was destiny. There was deep heavy pang of need deep in her nothing she ever felt before and she had a feeling she would never find it again she had been anticipating this for her whole life the yearning that there was always more out there the unquenched passion she had. At that moment in time she knew she trusted him and was going to give herself to him the blood was boiling the cold air felt good. she had to cool off, walking to the door watching him walk to her she was the werewolf on the hunt now as she could just as easy see she was the prey for him. He calculated His steps past her not touching her added the wood to the fire. The Energy was wild She growled at him and pounced in his arms wrapping her long golden smooth legs around him kissing him he was growling at her in a mating howl . Tearing at his shirt ripping it off she can see the marks she left there. There is no time for feelings that well come later, He drops to all fours with her still wrapped around him pushes her on the fur. She had never relinquished control to anyone, it sit her blood on fire her hips was bucking with need she had not known she had . Ryan popped her ass, down !!! take deep and slow breathes. He stood and undress in the firelight as it danced over him the light shining on his manhood took my breath. Like a starving wolf his kiss was fierce and unrelenting. The index finger finding her nub made her cry out whimpers were heard deep in her chest. He pushed her legs open knowing he had to cool her down, His tongue found her wet and swollen with paws he held her open and licked her clit lightly sucking it. He knew she could not last long but also knew what that gaze meant.

Feeling her shake and bucking the howls and moans, He sucked hard at just the right time. She feed him He was hungry still?

There was no time for rest she was not done either, he stood and she withed at his feet running her arms up his muscled legs she nibbled her way up to his manhood and clean him he fell to the floor as she crawled on top of him leaning over she run her tongue deep in his mouth claiming him marking him hers she sucked and bite his neck. Feeling his manhood at her opening she pushed back letting it slowly slide deep in her sitting there letting her body get use to it and letting him feel how tight she was ,he could not stop the moan.

Moving ever so slow up and down feeling it slide in and out of the tight lips she would grab it back in with the tight muscles the pace was picking up she felt his hands grab her hips and push her up and down now slamming her on him. She could feel the tearing and the sweet hot pain, But could not stop it the throbbing of his cock deep in her was more then she could take the back arched and she pushed deep on his and let the waves roll over her the tears of pain and pleasure took over her. Their bodies melted as one to never have another as they had spoiled each other. She never made it to Maddys?s or anywhere they now run the moose head and run the woods as the werewolf?s should?..Mfayecpl

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