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Wifes strip club experience

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So my wife text me and asked me if we could go out on Friday. I asked her what she had in mind. She said she wanted to go to a strip club. I was a lil shocked hearing this out of my mom of 5 who I have never heard of talk about strip clubs. But I was like well if that's what you wanna do we can go. In the back of my mind I was a lil worried though , I didn't want my wife getting mad or jealous at the strip clubs. Oh well, give it a go and see what happens. So Friday got here and my wife had already dropped off the kids and was home getting ready. When I got home I changed into a decent outfit and went out and sat in my lawn chair waiting for her to get ready. She is very sexy 5'7", 155, black hair, hazel eyes , curves that kill , shaved sweet pussy , and a set of GG' s that will drive you nuts. I am 5'11" , 180, sandy blonde hair , blue eyes athletic build , a nice tan and a better than average package. She came out to get me and I was shocked to see her in high heels , short booty shorts , and a top that made her tits jump out at you. Wow she was hot. I wanted to fuck her right there. She asked if I was ready to go get some dinner so we headed to her favorite Mexican restaurant. She was the center of attention to every guy in the place and a few women. She asked me at the table if she was dressed a lil to sexy. I told her no that she looked hot and every guy in there wanted her. After dinner we headed to the club and as we got out of the car my wife looked a lil nervous. I asked if she was ready and she thought for a second and said yea let's go have some fun. I paid the man at the door and we headed in. I found us a table next to the main stage and we sat down to enjoy the show that was already getting everyone in the place hot. We ordered a couple drinks and watched the show and was getting turned on seeing the two women on stage dancing with each other naked. They were really getting into each other. So I asked my wife if any of the ladies dancing in the club were attractive to her. She pointed out a blonde and I had the waitress get her. She came over and asked to give my wife a dance. This blonde was all about it. She was rubbing her tits in my wifes face and shaking her ass right in front of her . The blonde ran her hand from my wifes shoulders down across her breasts all the way down to my wifes thighs. As she finished her dance she leaned over and said something to my wife and my wife just smiled. After the blonde left my wife leaned over to me and said , the dancer liked my breasts and wanted to play with them. I said well you should have let her. My wife was pretty worked up at this point . I saw a sexy blonde and had the waitress get her I wanted me a dance. Thought this would be the test to see if she would get upset. So the dancer started shaking her ass in front of me and then running her hands up and down my thighs . She stratled me and started dry humping my cock while rubbing her breasts in my face. I looked over to see if my wife was upset but I seen her rubbing her own breasts through her shirt watching . I was a lil shocked and really turned on. The dancer had to feel how turned on I was. My cock was hard as a rock and as she thrust those hips against me rubbed right up against her pussy. The dance was over and she left. I asked my wife what she thought and she said omg that was hot watching her hump you with me watching. I got us a couple more drinks and watched the show some more. I asked my wife is she wanted a private dance. She asked what it was and I told her they had private rooms to get a more erotic dance from your favorite girl. Her eyes lit up and said she wanted to try it and that she wanted her blinded from before. I had the waitress set it up and she led us to one of the rooms and my wifes blonde met us there. She started out dancing on my wife and then moved over to me and was rubbing her breasts against my face. She looked over and saw my wife playing with her nipples through her shirt and reached over and started playing with my wifes other nipple while dancing on my lap. My wife was really getting turned on at this and the blonde stood up and leaned over my wife and slowly pulled my wifes breast from her top and started suckling and licking her nipple while she reached over and started stroking my cock through my shorts. My wifes hand slid down into her shorts and started playing with her clit while her blinded pulled her other breast out and started licking her other breast . My wife was in heaven and finally she came right there as the blonde lightly bit down on her nipple. I was going crazy , I had this hard on that needed relief. Finally she stopped stroking my cock . Kissed me on the cheek and kissed my wife on her lips for what seemed to last forever. The blonde said thank you and walked away. My wife looked over at me and said we need to go. I need your cock. We got in the car and my wife was like an animal as she practically ripped my shorts open and devoured my cock. I start driving us home with is a 45 minute drive. As she continues to suck my cock I reach over and start playing with her tits . Rolling her nipples between my fingers and pinching them every so often. Then I reach further over and start rubbing the front of her pussy through her shorts as she kept taking my cock deeper in her throat. Finally she stopped , sat up and took her top off, then slid her shorts of and climbed across me as we were driving down the hwy. She mounted my cock and just started slamming my cock into her pussy . I had to lean over so u could watch the road. There was no exit for a few miles. She was so worked up that within a few minutes of her riding my cock she came for a second time that night. I thought ok she will climb off so j can drive us somewhere to finish. But no, I was wrong she continued to hump my cock for the next few miles and as we were getting off on the exit ramp she came for a third time. This time when she came she tried to bury my face in her breasts and just about caused me to wreck the car. As I pulled into the closest parking lot , it was a McDonald's, I got the car parked and she said I want you to fuck me from behind. I told her the only way that was gonna happen was if we got outta the car. She hopped off my cock opened the door and got out of the car naked and bent over the hood , hot as can be with her ass up waiting for me to fuck her. I jumped out and grabbed her hips lined up my cock and rammed my cock deep in her pussy. I started fucking her hard and fast. A couple cars had driving by slowly and honked as I was slamming into her pussy. After a lil while she came for a forth time and I was getting close. I pulled out , told her to finish me off with her mouth and started fucking her mouth til I finally dumped a huge load into her mouth , she choked for a sec but cleaned it all up. She quickly jumped back in the car and we headed home. The whole ride home she just sucked on my cock nice and slowly while lightly massaging her pussy til we pulled in the driveway. Once in the house it was crazy but I will give you that later.

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