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Wifes cousin visits from college pt 2 (Complete)

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Wifes Cousin Visits From College (part 1)

Wife's younger cousin.

When my wife and I moved into her Aunt and Uncle's old house we knew their daughter Brittni would be coming home to visit from college on occasion. My wife's cousin is in college on a band scholarship, and though she's never been the "dainty cheerleader" type, she's about 5'10", average build, with dark black hair that shimmers in the sunlight. She takes very good care of herself and stays in great physical shape (as I would find out later!) During her first trip home from spring break, I caught myself checking her out quite often. Walking in while she was napping on the couch, staring at the outline of her panties through her thin sweatpants, watching her yawn and thrust her hot firm tits out (accidentally, of course!) I found myself trying to hang around her and/or walk into where she was just hoping for more than a glimpse of her hot 20 year old body. About 3 days into her vacation "home", I got more than I was hoping for.

I got off work early and quietly parked and went inside. The wife was at work, so I quietly slipped up the stairs to find her cousin's door slightly ajar. She was laying back on her bed, eyes closed, wearing only a T-shirt. Her legs were bent at the knees and spread out just right as her hand worked her pussy over good. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. I took a deep silent breath and figured to go for the gold.

Without saying a word I strolled right in and put my hands on her knees, keeping her from totally closing them off from me when she jumped in surprise. "I just want to help you out," I told her, staring down into her green eyes, "especially with my tongue."

She paused for a moment as her eyes glazed over. Her face turned bright red as she merely nodded her head. I ran my hands up her bare legs as she trembled. Even her hand covering her short pubic hair was shaking as my hand slid up to take the place of hers.

"Just relax and enjoy it." I whispered while moving my face down to her beautiful pussy that was barely covered in pubic hair. She inhaled sharply as I worked her lips and clit over with my tongue. Soon she was holding onto my hair as she rode out her first orgasm on my face. As she was coming down I inserted my finger as well and used it to stroke where I figured her g spot to be. She started bucking again, only this time she started whimpering. With a few deft flicks of my fingers pressing up and curling back on her insides, the whimpering turned into screams as she jerked and used her hands to grind my face into her now soaked cunt.

Although I slowed my licking and just held my fingers still after her last orgasm, she pushed my head away as she tried to catch her breath. "No more. Not yet," she said, "what time will Kaye get home?", referring to my wife.

"A couple of hours, but I have GOT to go jack off now." I told her. I grabbed a towel and wiped my face off. "Can I watch?" she asked me. "Absolutely, just follow me." I said. We walked into my bedroom and I closed the door behind us.

Her eyes were glued to me as I dropped my pants and pulled my shirt over my head. I lay down on the bed and started stroking my cock. She sat on the edge of the bed and stared at me as I stroked it fast, then slow. Then, reaching out slowly, she rubbed the palm of her hands all around the swollen head of my cock. I stopped stroking and just squeezed it as Brittni rubbed the tip of my dick in her palm, then all over her hand from her wrists down to her fingertips.

Then without saying a word she leaned in and engulfed the head of my cock in her sweet mouth. I watched my cock disappear in my wife's cousin's mouth as she furrowed her brows right before her long blue-black hair fell down over her face and down across my balls. She worked my cock over with her hand and mouth furiously, while tugging on my balls to try and keep me from cumming to quickly.

Soon I felt my orgasm building and started to thrust my cock faster into her mouth, but she got up on her knees and grabbed my hips to hold me down as she controlled the pace. Working me over with just her mouth now, I looked down to see her tits swinging inside her t-shirt. I told her to be careful because she was about to make me cum, but she only grunted her approval as she maintained the slow steady pace of up and down motion on my cock.

To this day I can say I have never had an orgasm so intense. It felt as I'd it started in my lower back. I could feel the cum start spurting out before the full strength of the orgasm hit. I came and came, and yet she still kept bouncing her head up and down on my dick, fucking me with her face even as my juices leaked out of her mouth and onto me. I came for what seemed like a solid minute. Later she told me she would have gagged trying to swallow a load that big, so she let it just flow out of her mouth and kept bobbing. Yet another trick she had learned just a few weeks ago in college she said.

After she wiped the cum from her face she crawled up beside me and held my cock as it softened. She whispered in my ear, "Meet me downstairs tonight after everyone's asleep. I want this thing inside me before I go back to school next week."

(Part 2, cont'd)

Later that night, we started playing a board game, the wife, her cousin and I. As expected, the time flew by, although it was the hardest thing I could do, to look at my wife's cousin sip her sweet tea with those sexy lips that had milked my cock just hours earlier. As my wife stretched and mentioned she had to work the next day, Britni asked me if I could stay downstairs and "go one more round." Ha! Clever girl, my wife didn't catch the double entendre! The wife kissed me on the lips and said, "Have fun, Darling, but don't be up too late." Ha! If she only knew!

We set up the board again and played for about another 30 minutes, and I checked to make sure the wife was asleep. Between all the tit-flashing and tongue teasing though, I'd say it was the longest half hour of my life.

I came back down and held her against the table as I pulled her shirt up and instinctively started massaging her firm breasts and hungrily kissed those lips. I just couldn't get enough of that mouth! She finally pulled away and led me by the hand into the den, where she stopped in front of the two-person recliner. She helped me out of my shorts, only to giggle when my cock popped free to smack her in the face.

She pushed me back into a seated position and pulled her shirt off over her head before dropping down on my cock like a starving woman. Using no hands, she went down as far as she could, only slightly gagging before making grunting noises and bouncing off the tip of my dick with the back of her throat. 

She sat upright and climbed on top of me, having taken her clothes off while making my rock hard cock as wet with saliva as her pussy was with it's own juices. She guided me inside her with one hand, and sat down on me, squirming around and taking more of me with each gyration of her hips. Her mouth and eyes both flew open wide with the size of my cock. At 7 1/2 inches long and almost as thick as her wrists, she hadn't taken anything as big as me yet.

She grabbed a small seat cushion to muffle the sounds and buried her face in it on my shoulder as she held on for dear life. Meanwhile, My hands had a firm grip on the bottom of her ass, which I used to bounce her steadily on my cock. I felt her tense up and suck in a big breath as she gripped the back of my head. She looked into my eyes and held her breath as her mouth moved in a silent scream, her eyes rolled back in her head and her pussy gushed fresh juices all over my lap. I didn't slow down, even when she weakly tried to stop me from bouncing her on my dick. She sucked in air in small breaths and whispered "Too much, too much!"

I told her to take it like it was made for her, and asked if she was ready for my cum. I started pumping her furiously when she nodded her head yes, only to have her grab my shoulders in a death grip, as she sucked in another big breath of air.

Faster I pumped her up and down on my lap, until I felt my orgasm start to come from what felt like the tips of my toes. I whispered into her ear, "I'm cumming for you, Britni. Here it is baby." She breathed out and with a cry her whole body went limp on me.

I kept one hand on her ass and lifted her face off my shoulder to make sure she was ok -- she had passed out!!! I let her head rest on my shoulder again and squirmed around under her, feeling the slickness of both our juices dripping down into the chair. She convulsed and tightened her hug on me, lifting her head to slowly gain focus on my face as I continued to grind my still hard spent cock in her overflowing cunt.

She was starting to whimper louder and louder when I decided to stop and walk her to the downstairs shower. It was a careful walk on very shaky legs, but we made it. I showered her off and she washed my cock back to hardness. She sucked me again after we dried off. Not being my first orgasm of the night, it was gonna take a while, so I helped her by jacking off into her open mouth. Seeing a young college student hold her mouth open and lick her lips waiting for your cum will drive you wild!

I stood her up and knelt down to give her breasts one last "good night suck" before standing up and watching her dress and stagger off to bed.

I woke the wife up the next morning with a pussy-licking, and after she came on my face, I promised that i would get mine when she got off of work today and we got up for breakfast. Her cousin was still asleep when I saw my wife off to work.

Needless to say, I called in that day, and woke Britni up with cock ...But that is a story for another day...

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