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Wifely Confessions

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My wife Marg and I have been toying with the idea of meeting others over the last year or so. It is in our minds more and more and especially when we fuck. It is as if we are emerging from a cocoon. We have enjoyed a great sex life together over the years and as our personal lives become free from the pressures of raising a family, the realization that there might be more to sex has captured our imagination. Marg took on a part time job working in a dress shop owned by her now close friend Audrey. She is more attentive to her health and exercise, dresses smartly, and has become more outgoing at parties and meetings. A pretty looking woman is now a very desirable woman and she quite enjoys the attention she gets from other men. We now openly discuss the possibility of either swinging or just fucking others.

From my standpoint, the once negative thought of her screwing another man had now emerged as an erotic fantasy. Mind you, the fucking would have to be just sex and pleasure, no love and affection allowed in my mind. To this end, I had considered finding a way to move from talking about it to actually doing it. So one night after a long extended foreplay and just after I had began fucking her, I decided to confess to an encounter that I had experienced a few months prior. When she figured out where I was going with my story, she became very aroused and wanted very much to hear it and I told her.

"If you recall; last fall when you went to that Buyers conference with Audrey, Brad and I went east on a business trip. We had dinner the first night and a few drinks, and you know how Brad gets away from home, and he convinced me to go with him to an Over Thirties Bar. We picked up two ladies, sisters as it turned out, one married and the other just divorced. We invited them back to our hotel suite for drinks. Within minutes Brad had the married gal in the bedroom and began fucking her. The other lady was a little uneasy but when I made a move on her, she seemed to relax. We were on the sofa and soon her bra was loose, her tits out, her skirt around her waist and then I pulled her panties down. I stood up to drop my pants and shorts and prepared to settle down between her legs to fuck her. (At this point Marg was beside herself, her hips driving up at me her fingernails buried in my butt, it looked good). Just as I was about to get down on her, she jumped up, grabbed her clothes and dressed quickly and ran out the door. I was standing there with my cock out wondering what had happened. Her sister came out of the bedroom and asked me what had happened and I shrugged and told her the story. She said that it was too bad, she should have not pushed her sister to go out on a date, and that she was just getting over a divorce and was very uncertain and vulnerable. Then she looked down at my cock, still upright but shrinking. She said, ah poor guy, look at that, I can cure that for you, sit down. She told Brad to go back in the bedroom and moved over top of my lap and settled her still wet cunt around my cock and just sat down. Ah god, she lifted one breast to my mouth and began to fuck me. She whispered that Brad had not got her off before he cum and she needed it as much as I. I began driving my cock up into her, all of a sudden realizing her cunt still had Brad's cum in her, and got off with that thought in mind."

Marg was wrapped around me like an octopus and she began to cum almost violently. The results of my story went far beyond my expectations; it had not only turned Marg on but me on as well. As we settled down, side by side, her leg over my hip, she wanted to talk. She asked me what it had felt like to fuck a pussy wet with another man's cum. I said it had been exciting as hell as I fucked it. She said that she would love to present me with a wet pussy after fucking another man. Her words jolted me at the thought of it; my cock began to stiffen once more. I told her that in order for that to happen she would have to fuck another man first, which as I understood she had never done. I could sense something in her now, I knew she wanted to tell me something but was reluctant. And I was pretty sure I knew what it was, so I asked her if she had fucked someone else lately, and if she did I wanted to hear about it. I could almost hear her mind working and finally she related her story for the night.

It had happened at the same time as my experience when she had joined Audrey on the buyer's trip and convention. They had managed to get a double bed suite at the convention hotel. The first night they went for dinner and many people came over to say hello to Audrey. There were buyers and sellers and retail people and Audrey knew many of them. The next day during the Trade show part of things, Audrey asked if she would like to join her for dinner with two men that she knew well. Marg was nervous but curious to be out with men other than me, and agreed. They met the two men that evening at the restaurant and spent a pleasant time talking and laughing. Both men were a little younger than Marg and Audrey and both were quite attractive. They went to a lounge after dinner, had a few drinks and Marg danced with both men. They held her close; she allowed them to rub against her, felt their hands on her butt a few times and managed to bump into their cocks while dancing. Audrey asked her to join her in the bathroom and while there asked if she minded inviting the two men to their room. Marg raised her eyebrows, she knew that Audrey had fucked outside her marriage and knew that was on her mind now. But once again she was curious and wanted to tempt fate a bit and agreed to invite them. At the table, all were relaxed with Audrey's invitation. (To this point I had been mildly excited thinking of my wife being pursued by two guys and thinking of her becoming aroused. But when she told me about the invitation my cock surged and my heart began to pound and Marg recognized that she was charging me up. I pushed my knob into her and settled back to listen.)

Soon after arriving in their suite, the taller man Mark kissed Audrey and they went into the bedroom. The other guy, Tony who appeared to be of either Latin or Italian ancestry pulled Marg close and they kissed. He turned her around and unzipped the back of her dress and guided it to the floor. He kissed her neck and ears as his hands unhooked her bra and dropped her tits out to his hot hands. Holding one tit in his hand, his other slid down her belly and worked its way into her panties. Marg was almost frozen in place, this had happened so quickly and as his finger slipped down her shaved mound to her slit, he said in her ear, "I am going to fuck you Marg, like you have never been fucked before," as his fingers found her slit and he murmured "ah boy, what a nice wet cunt." Despite herself, Marg was already moving her hips to fuck his finger and she turned her head for a mouthful of his tongue. There were no other thoughts in her head except for wanting to feel that hard cock that was now pressing against her cheeks to fill her cunt.

He was a very smooth and experienced lover and one who had enjoyed a wide variety of women and could read their thoughts before they even recognized it themselves. He turned her around to face him, stepped back and undressed while she watched; her heart pounding. He had olive colored skin, a sleek hairless chest and slim hips and belly. When he pushed his under shorts to the floor Marg's eyes focused on a very long but slim dark cock with an inflamed red knob, glistening with precum already. He pulled her to him, his cock rubbing up along her belly, his hands caressing her cheeks and her tits squashed against his hairless chest. He asked her, "How do you want it? On your back?" and Marg said "hmmm anyway, on my back is good." He said, "how about you ride me and let me suck your tits at the same time?" Marg said, "Yes if you want, I love to have my tits sucked while fucking." Marg did not care how she got it, she wanted it period. But Tony was enjoying himself and his cock got harder by the minute, now bending upwards in a bow and Marg was imagining it rubbing the inside or her cunt hole. He said, "We can do doggie if you like, I could hold your tits and squeeze them as I fuck you." Marg had gone far enough with it and said, "Fuck me any way you want to, just fuck me."

By this time I believe I had cum but if I had I was still hard and I fucked Marg frantically a dozen or so hard strokes. But I wanted to hear more detail and Marg realizing this wanted to relate it.

Tony picked her up and carried her into the bedroom on the bed beside Mark and Audrey who was riding Mark with her long tits flailing away. Neither even looked up. Tony set Marg down sitting on the edge of the bed and pulled her head to his cock and said, "Hmmm baby, give it up for me, lick and suck it a bit, make it slippery enough to find the bottom of your cunt in one stroke. Marg held the dark cock in her hand and slipped her mouth over it, stroked while she sucked until Tony could not stand any more. He pushed her to the pillow and got on between her legs, swooped down for a gigantic cunt lick and moved his cock between Marg's legs. Marg almost passed out at tongue in her slit and then arched her back upwards to receive another man's cock for the first time. As Tony drove it into her she could hear Audrey cumming in the bed beside her but looked only up at Tony leaning over her and fucking her wildly. She came very quickly and he followed.

I was a wreck at this point; the image of my beautiful wife being fucked wildly by another man seared my mind. I was not sure if I was angry or aroused more than I had ever been, but I did know I had the hardest hard-on I could remember. And I begun to cum along with Marg, not violently but deliciously, those cums that curl your toes and make you return for more and more. We collapsed for a while, Marg was relieved that she had confessed to her actions and also was well aware it had turned me on to a very high degree. I asked her if she had only been screwed once by Tony. She said yes but that in the early morning when she got up for a shower, she noticed the two guys were in bed with Audrey and still sleeping. After she got in the shower, the other guy Mark opened the shower door and came in with her. He said, "You didn't think you could give it up for Tony and not me I hope." And began to soap her tits and then suck them. At first Marg thought maybe she could get off with just a hand job and began to soap and stroke his cock and balls. But then she did not stop him when he turned her around and stuck his cock between her legs. His knees went between hers, spreading her wide, he bent down and worked a big thick cock up her pussy. She braced against the shower wall, her slippery tits swinging as she felt the thick rod penetrate upwards slowly until she could feel his bush rubbing her ass cheeks. She came fairly quickly but he kept ramming her for the longest time until he unloaded in her.

I was hot again at the end of this tale. I told her that she had been a lot busier than I in the infidelity area but that she had excited me with her stories. Then I asked her if she had done anybody else since that trip. She said carefully, "not since that trip." I asked "what do you mean, did you do more on that trip? Did you do the same guys again?" She said "no, did not meet them again." I could tell there was more but she was very reluctant to admit it but at the same time wanted to air it all out now.

"I will not tell you all the details, but Audrey convinced me that we should have a special treat now that they had fucked together. She told me that she knew an exciting man who she had fucked many times, and that she would like to share him with me and do something she had always wanted which was a threesome with another woman and man. This guy could easily handle them both and was a perfect lover. He was considerate of women, gentle but insatiable, would do anything to please a woman, could fuck all night long and into the day, and had the biggest cock she had ever handled. She told me that I had seen the guy a few nights ago when Audrey had talked briefly with him in a lounge and that I would remember because he was black, a Jamaican named Andy. I did remember him as he was quite striking looking, long slim body and easy athletic moves."

Ah God, I was not sure I really wanted to hear about it. It certainly excited me to think of her taking on an expert with his cock. One part of me wanted to hear it, another did not. I believed that we had progressed far enough for Marg to provide me with a wet deck and I was going to suggest my partner Brad as the one who would both love to fuck her and had already provided one for me.

I guess I will have to think about hearing that story for a while. Damn, the mental pictures I have though would make your cock explode.

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