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Wife Cheats and Tells

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My husband had written a while back about a story I had told him about fucking someone when I was younger. It turned him on, and he knew there were more...well he's right.

Listen to this.

We had been married for about a year when my sister was getting married. I was to be a bridesmaid, hubby was not in the wedding party as we hadnt been together long. I want to preface this by saying that my husband has a good size cock, about 7", sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller..depending on hard he gets. But me ex before him had a very big cock, over 9 inches and very thick. I dont think it ever fir all the way in. The problem was..he didnt know how to use it. That was why we broke up. I never came with him. But hubby...different story. He was the only one that had made me cum. Well anyway, I knew the ex would be at the wedding, because he was still friends with my brother in law.

The day of the wedding and hubby and I had been fighting a little. Typical first year stuff. But I was looking hot in my dress and I had had a few drinks. I danced with my hubby.

when I saw my ex walk by. He was going to the bar. I said I needed a drink and we walked over to Mr X. We made small talk. I could tell that hubby was uncomfortable, but he was gracious.

Little did he know what I had in store. Mr X congratulated hubby on our marriage, and we talked some more. Well, I had to do the wedding party pictures, and so got called away.

After it was over, I couldn't find my husband anywhere, I thought he might have left me there. I saw Mr X at the bar and walked up to ask him if he knew where he was. He said he didn't but asked if I would like a drink. We made some talk, and he asked me how I was doing, honestly. As we talked I kept thinking about his big cock. I was getting wet. He shocked me when he asked me If I wanted to dance. It was a fast song, so I said ok. All the while I had not seen my husband around. We danced a little, then went back to the bar. I looked down at his bulge and he caught me. I was red faced. He just smiled and asked if I wanted to go outside for some air. I said yes, as I was feeling the drinks. Outside was chilly September air and we walked over to his car. As we talked I leaned close to him, and said I was cold. He put his arm around me, then pressed his cock against my ass. I fought with myself to walk away. But my mins was thinking, if I maybe could cum with his big cock now, because I had learned to cum with hubby.

My pussy actually ached with the remembrance of how he filled me, and I was really wet feeling him press up against me.

As we talked I almost blurted out I want to suck your cock, and I had to stop myself. I kept sipping my drink, and as I did I lost my will to fight. I put my head back on his shoulder, and put my drink down. I reached both hands behind me and squeezed his semi hard cock. He moaned, and asked me if I was sure. I replied by squeezing harder and kissing him.

He said he wanted to go back inside, and I was crushed. Maybe he was having a change of heart or being a gentleman, I didn't know. We walked in seperatly, and I went to the bathroom to freshen up and compose myself. When I came out, I saw hubby and he asked where I had been. I told him I was smoking a j with my friend. He didnt push it, and we talked for a while. The wedding dances were comig and I had to pee. I walked to the bathroom, but it was crowded, as there were several weddings going on at one time. My sister told me I could the wedding party's private changing area, and there I went. WHen I walked in, Mr X was there with my brother in law, they were leaving. I almost died... I winked at him and said I had to use the bathroom. I walked in and I heard the outer door open and close, but no surprise...when I came out...Mr X was standing there. HE locked the door, I think more to make a point. I blurted out, "I want to suck your cock".

I dropped to the floor and began to suck on his hard cock.

It seemed like it had gotten even bigger than I remembered it and I licked it like it was the last cock I was going to have.

He reached down and played my my tits, as I sucked his balls, and his massive cock. I had learned to deep throat hubby and stick my tongue out to lick his balls, but I could'nt even get close here. My pussy always gets wet from sucking cock, and I was playing with my clit. After sucking him for about 10 minutes, I told him I wanted him to fuck me from behind.

That is my favorite position. The room had a vanity counter with a mirror for the bride, and he walked me over to it and bent me over the counter. I held on as he pushed his cock up against my pussy, then slowly started to work it in. He could never slide it right in, he always had to work it in. He pushed slightly and worked it in til I could feel him hitting that familiar deep there was no further to go. I asked him to hold right there...then ground my hips back onto his cock....getting just a little more out of it. He slowly began to pump me, and my pussy was grinding his cock. I asked him to fuck me harder and he grabbed my shoulders and leaned forward and began to fuck me hard. I was moaning and getting ready to cum. I felt his cock pulse, then he shot his hot load deep in my pussy. I came then, the first time I had ever cum on his cock, and dropped my head down. I was a mess. I had just fucked my ex at my sisters wedding on the day before my first anniversary. Then his cock pulled out. I turned around and saw his semi hard cock still with my juice on it. I began to suck on it again. In no time he was hard and I swallowed his second load. I let him out of the room, and saw my b in law kind of standing guard. He was keeping hubby busy while MR X walked out. I cleaned up and came out ten minutes later.

I then had to dance with the usher who was my partner in the wedding party, and then my family had sent me and hubby balloons to celebrate our anniversary. I danced with him while they sang and MR X's cum squished in my pussy. It was shortly after that that hubby had asked if I would like other cocks.

I said no at first, but I knew I wanted the chance to suck and fuck another big cock. We have had some threesomes, I even fucked his friend while my hubby was sleeping in bed. I have had two FFM with him, only because he likes it, but I prefer cock. I have even had a five man gangbang....I am a slut and I am and kisses...k

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