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Who is In Charge?

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Originally written for a special lady. The story line is from her fantasy hence the 2nd person perspective. It has a slow start but also some surprises.

"Who's In Charge"?

You and Greg are sitting/lying on the bed reading with you dressed in hardly anything. As you read, his hand is just lightly caressing you on whatever piece of bare skin he can find. Just touching and teasing. he gets more interested in you and less in the book as he puts it on the nightstand. He slides over closer to you and leans to kiss your stomach lingering on your navel. You ignore him! he slides upwards sliding your thin and sexy top with him. You merely move the book out of his way but keep on reading.

He reaches your breasts, kissing and licking the nipples. He feels them start to respond as they become inflated. By now your arms are on either side of him and you are reading your book looking around his head. his lips travel to the small of your neck kissing and nibbling until finally you put the book down and dipping your head to look at him ask...

"And what is it that Greg wants tonight?"

"I want to play?" he responds

"Seems like you already are?"

"OH, much more." he exclaims as he starts to remove the remainder of your nightclothes and leave you sitting up propped against the pillows with all your nakedness before him. He reaches into your nightstand and finds the black blindfold you like to use on him and places it over your eyes. He leans up and kisses your lips. He has anticipated this event and pre set the stage by bringing all of his props to the bedroom before you started reading.

You can hear some glassware being moved but cannot figure what is he is doing.

"Christine,” He says” I'm going to put something on your lips and I want you to concentrate on the texture and then you can taste it."

At first you're uncertain of the first choice as it is course on the outside but then your nose gives it away as you open your sexy mouth to take in a fresh ripe strawberry.

"mmmm, good"

Next, he coats his finger and rubs it on your lips gently back and forth. You can smell nothing as you pout your lips to receive more. He gently slides his finger between your lips and you suck it like it was his hard cock.

"mmmmm, honey" you both exclaim as you tease his finger with your tongue.

As he had hoped, the warm honey has dripped from his finger to your chest and he leans down to lick it from your skin taking long strokes across your breasts.

He dips his finger into a bowl and coats your nipples with the dark fluids letting it run down your stomach towards your sex. You remind yourself you are glad you shave, otherwise it would never reach your nether lips. You know eventually he will clean you with his tongue and the thought excites you.

He reaches for the small banana and dips it in the chocolate and bringing it to your lips tells you..."Open wide Christine" and he Oh so slowly lets you lick and nibble the banana until you have consumed it. His excitement builds as he visualizes you doing the same to him.

Again his lips travel the length of your body licking whatever drips and runs may have escaped him. He removes the pillows from under your head and moves them to under your hips raising and thrusting your sex upwards.

He reaches for the last item that he has placed in a small squeeze bottle and you smell it before I can even bring it to you.

"Caramel! I love it". You tell him.

But what you didn't know is it had been warmed to just about 10 degrees above body temperature. Not nearly enough to burn or cause discomfort but warm enough that you can feel it every time it touches you.

He slowly lets a couple drops hit your lips and tongue.

"Oh my, did you warm that up?"

he ignores your rhetorical question and drips it on both nipples. Then travels with a thin line down to your navel and downwards to your sex. He reaches down and with gentle fingers open the lips of your sex exposing your sensitive inner folds and your most sensitive clit.

His thin stream of liquids starts at the bottom slowly warming as he gos until he reaches your clit where he lets drop after drop hit you until you start to squirm. That is his clue and he leans into you and begins licking your sex along both sides and then buries his tongue between your lips searching for the sweet taste. You can feel his tongue search and burrow into you and when he finds the sweet taste his lips begin a sucking motion consuming as much as he can. his tongue finally arrives at it's destination and while searching for his golden nectar he finds your clit and attacks it with vigor. Your legs clamp him as you reach a climax, not a big one but a sense of expectation of things to come.

He looks up into your eyes, "Christine, you're a mess!"

"Me, you should see your face" you reply. "We need to clean up"

As he leaves the room he says back to you, "Tell you what, you strip the bed and by the time you have it remade I will have my shower done and I'll call you in."

you were right, his face and chest were covered in food. The warm water of the shower easily cleans him back up. When he is done he begins drawing your bath and call you helping you in the tub verbally reminiscing telling you.

"Remember when they installed this oversize monster of a tub for us. I would bring you in just so the guys would know what I was going to do in it. I wanted them to know it was going to be me in here with you and no one else.”

The tub is large enough for the two of you and actually one more if you wanted. He sits you between my legs.

He begins to carefully wash you with the scent free soap that he searched for long and hard. You learned early on that he liked to bath you and when through smell your scent. The powerful scented soaps would hide your natural aroma to him. He generously lathers my hands.

He starts with your fingers, washing and kissing each one. His fingers explore the spaces between yours and he probes those spaces as he would the inside of your thighs. Slowly and softly he travels up one side and down the other of each finger until he has caressed them all.

Gradually and with great care he transfers the lather from his hands to your skin rubbing oh so slowly so as not to bruise or irritate. He continues up your arm to your neck and then down under your arm just adjacent to your breast. The same is repeated with the other side.

He carefully rinses the soap from your hands arms and neck area. He tries to suck on your fingers and you playfully slide them in and out of his mouth taunting him. He reminds myself to taunt you the same later.

Using both hands he lifts one of your legs and while holding your foot with one hand he begins washing and caressing your foot and toes with the other moving down to your shapely ankles. He then places your foot on his shoulder to steady it so he can use both hands as he gently washes towards your knee and on to your thighs with one hand on either side of your shapely legs. He stops at the waterline and switch to the other leg stopping short of his ultimate goal at the junction of your thighs.

He looks you in the eyes and you return his lustful gaze as his hands travel yet again towards the nether regions of your beauty but on the other leg. Your eyes betray you as his hands come closer and closer to your sex. You sense him stopping once again and you oh so gradually try to push yourself on to his hand, exposing yourself above the bubbles to his glare. He is wise to this trick of trying to entice him to continue as you have played this game before. He withdraws his hands slowly easing your leg back into the water denying you his touch on your sex. You lay back with your dagger eyes piercing mine and tell him "You'll pay for that!"

he begins to drain the water so he can wash the rest of your beauty following the receding water down your body. He asks you to sit up and you respond un-ashamedly exposing your perfect B size breasts turning away from him as you do so he can wash your back. More lather on his hands as he washes your back and travels to your breasts wrapping his arms around you from the back.

His hands meet your smooth and perfect curves and he becomes even more excited as he finds that your nipples are as erect and hard as he is. He relishes in the thought that perhaps if he does a good job tonight you will let him kiss your breast and nibble on your nipples.

He lingers on your breasts until you become impatient and tell him to move on. At your command he returns to the small of your back again, working around to your trim stomach area. He can reach no more and ask you to stand as the water is now almost completely gone.

He has only a small but sensuous part of you to wash. He asks you to stand and turn away from him. He washes the firm globes of your ass and ask you to "Bend over and brace yourself against the wall a sec."

He then opens your cheeks and beholds yet another sensitive and erotic area. You are self conscious or perhaps embarrassed when he exposes you, as this is new territory for you. He senses you trying to close yourself from him prompting his comment.

"Christine, it's ok. Everything about you is beautiful and I want to explore it and love all of it with you."

You seem to find comfort in this as you slowly relax the muscles of your sphincter and let him have his way. As he lathers his fingers he gently washes your pink rosebud between your now willing cheeks. You shudder with excitement as no man has touched you there yet alone in such a loving manner.

He continues to cover the areas between it and your nether lips. My fingers finally touch your lips, as his thumb remained poised on your anus. You buck towards him yet again and you almost succeed in impaling yourself in both places. Your frustration is beginning to show. You are on the verge of tears and want relief so bad. You reach for yourself and he stops you reminding you of your deal that tonight was your night but that he would be in control.

Your nether lips are red and swollen with excitement as he gently washes them being careful to not let any soap get inside for fear of irritating you.

He is about to finish and he sees a small protrusion at the top of your slit. He flicks it with his fingers and you jump again glaring at his for being so thoughtless.

You are still covered in lather as he takes the shower head and begins to rinse your entire body running his hands over you as he does. The shower is set to a fine spray and it's like needles to your now hypersensitive skin. He changes that to a fast pulsating spray and as he comes to your nether lips he directs it purposely on your clit with the water acting as an un-tiring vibrator. You grab his shoulders for support pushing him to his knees as your body reacts to the familiar sensation of the water.

You secretly wonder how he knew it was one of your favorite means of masturbation. You relish that you will finally get some relief but then your eyes snap open as he turns the water off just as you are about to reach a golden climax. You beg him to turn it back on which he refuses and stop you from touching yourself again. He is am on his knees with you above him looking into your yet again glaring eyes. As he begins to grin you slap him out of frustration as tears begin to stain your perfect face.

He is not shocked nor is he mad at this display of anger for he intentionally brought it on to heighten your senses and desire. He stands and reminds you that this night, your night, is young and you will climax as you never had before. Your eyes change to a look of understanding and then to one of passion as you lean in to him and wrap you wet body against him.

He carries you to your bed smelling your scent of excitement. It further excites him knowing you also are wet with anticipation of the ultimate.

he plans to continue your torment of frustration but your pleading eyes tell him otherwise. He asks what it is you want. You blush, remain silent and roll over onto your stomach spreading your legs as you go but still you do not answer. He gets between your legs, leans forward and begins kissing the back of your neck and the sides of your breast.

Moving down your spine he drags his erection across the crack of your ass cheeks and his cock leaves a trail of pre sex lube. He continues until he mixes with your wetness and places his swollen head against your lips. You push back in to him and he penetrates your warm lips from behind. The feeling is almost overwhelming as your heat engulfs him and you start that twitching thing with your muscles tormenting him, but he resists. He allows you a few strokes until he can stand no more and slowly withdraw himself. As he continues down your spine with his tongue he comes to the top of the crack of your cheeks and finds that he is also overly excited as he has left a trail of pre-sex lube from his erection in the crack of your ass.

He looks up and sees you looking over your shoulder returning his gaze as he gives you a quizzical look. You have yet to tell him what you want. You silently answer him by taking your hand and gently guide his mouth to the trail of sex that he has left.

He senses what you want and begins licking his fluids from between your cheeks. You exclaim how sexy and exciting it is to have a man clean his own juices from you as you have done for him. As he continues lower you reach back with both hands and spread yourself. He takes the hint and uses his tongue to caress your little rosebud. You shudder at the sensation.

And again you speak, "do it, do it for me, use your tongue in my ass!" he tries to force his tongue into you but your virgin ass is to tight. You shudder with a mini climax as he continues to probe you with his tongue and tries to give you what you want. He refuses to use his finger for fear of hurting you.

You unexpectedly roll over spinning under him between his legs pulling him above you with his knees on either side of you. You pull his face to yours French kissing him to see if you could taste yourself. He exclaimed "you didn't have to do that" and you replied, "I wanted to share in what you were tasting and I want to see if you taste the same!"

Now it is his turn to blush as you reached for his hardness while telling him this. The sudden exclamation of what you wanted to do to him coupled with the touch of your hand nearly brought him to orgasm.

You see this and roll you both over pinning his thighs between yours and kneeling above him so he is the one on the bottom. You now have his cock where you can get to it if you want. You offer to finish it for him but that wasn't the deal we made. He reminds you yet again that for a change it was your night and he was going to stay hard until you are done and he is the one in charge.

You looked at him with a devilish look and then boldly thrust two of your fingers into yourself while grabbing his hard cock. You squeeze him and more pre-cum lube comes out and coats your fingers. You pull your fingers from between your legs and place them in his mouth and as he begins to suck and clean them you suddenly release your grip on his cock and put those fingers lubed by him into YOUR mouth and moan. It was to much! He came without you even touching him. We both looked at his stomach and the small stream of sperm that was still oozing out of his spasming cock.

You take one hand and place it back between your legs and begin stroking your clit while occasionally dipping into yourself to maintain the fluids. At the same time you lean down and clean his stomach of his juices holding it in your mouth until you can kiss him and pass it to his mouth. His acceptance of this most intimate trust and passionate embrace allows you to come yet again even if it's by your own hand.

You lay there a bit just cuddling until you asked if he was ready to continue. "I thought we were through" he exclaims. To which you reminded him that....

"The night is young and it's MY night..."Besides", you exclaim grabbing his now flaccid cock, "Who's on top of who? So who's really in charge, huh, Greg?"...

He watches as you lean down and engulf him taking his shriveled dick into your mouth. It's small enough now that it easily fits in your mouth and you swirl your tongue around it.

He calls out to you as he winces, as the cap of his cock is still very sensitive.

"Christine! DAMN that's still sensitive!"

You hold him between your lips and create suction as you lean back up, stretching him until it is released from your mouth. The suddenness of this and the vacuum you create makes your lips create a "POP" and it snaps back as if trying to hide from you. You can't resist one of your famous comments.

"Well, Greg, it doesn't look to menacing now. I don't think that will do much damage for a bit, do you?"

With that said you swing yourself around to the classic 69. It puts his mouth directly over your sex and you can nibble and suck on him without having to bend your neck back or bend him in half.

And as you lower yourself to his lips knowing he won't refuse you, you make your wishes known... Come on Greg, do me, I want you to suck on me until you get hard enough to take me again."


"Yeah, I know! So I guess you better get to it!"

He could never refuse you and as he looks at your hairless, swollen, and red lips descend to him he reaches out with his tongue to taste you. He kisses these tender morsels lightly and gently and runs his tongue down both sides of the puffed edges. Then he begins to trail his tongue down the center towards your clit but never penetrating your crease.

He teases you by repeating this until finally his tongue penetrates the slit and runs up to your clit and he feels you shudder during its entire journey. When he reaches your clit he Mimics to it what you are doing to him with your mouth and tongue. Then you stop and wait for his tongue action and follow suit doing to him what he is doing to you reversing the roles. He gets pleasure from your moans as you continue this game and he feels himself beginning to respond hardening once again to his own amazement.

"Greg, I want to try something?"

"What's that love?" he replies.

"You do trust me don't you?"

"Christine, you've got my dick in your mouth, damn right I trust you"

"Be serious damn it"

"Yes, of course I trust you."

"GREAT!" you exclaim with a renewed exuberance as you raise and sit on your knees next to him.

"Now I want you to turn over and get on your hands and knees.

"What's this......."?

"No questions, OK? If you don't like it I'll stop"

Once he assumes "the position" you re-arrange yourself so that you can run your hands over him. Your soft touch travels along his back, his sides and even down his arms to his wrist.

"I feel like a horse at auction" he comments.

"Greg, shut up, you're going to break the mood."

You work your way down his back stroking his ass cheeks and then down his thighs. He can feel you moving alongside him. Your hands are caressing the inside of his thighs but you feel you do not have enough room.

"Spread your knees out a bit. I want to get to you from between your legs!"

Still not sure what you have in mind he complies and moves his legs a little bit apart. He feels you shift your weight and you force his legs even further apart as you place both your knees between his legs.

You move your hand under him and oh so gently fondle his balls that you find distended but vulnerable to your every wish. You reach through his legs letting your hand and wrist slide on his balls until you reach his hard member. Wrapping your hand around it you stroke him in what is now front to back still sliding your wrist along his balls.

"mmmmm good" he moans.

And then your other hand begins caressing his ass cheeks. He begins to think he knows what you want and begins to hope you will do to him what he have done to you. And then you do, you take one finger and slide it the length of his ass cheeks barely grazing his anus. He tries to relax to give you more access.

His acceptance of your attention at his ass emboldens you and you remove your hand from his cock momentarily. You place a hand on both his cheeks and as you spread them you lean into him and tentatively lick his asshole as you would a new and strange food on your plate. Testing to make sure you like it or not.

"OH SHIT! That feels good."

He becomes as hard or if it's possible harder than he was before as you decide it's what you want to do for him. You continue your ministrations on him and reach back under him with one hand and once again begins to stroke his cock.

"Oh Christine, you're going to make me cum you keep doing that"

And with that said you release you grip on him and lean back.

"Well, I certainly don't want that" Should I stop?"

"No, if I get close I'll tell you."


"Yeah, I promise!"

With that said he feels you spreading him yet again and he anxiously awaits your tongue to return to him. But no, he feels your finger rubbing his hole and as slick as it is he wonders how your tongue was able to leave that much saliva. Then in a few short moments he feels a warming sensation and it hits him.

"You devil you! You grabbed your warming gel didn't you?"

You just giggle

Your left hand returns to under him and grabs his cock. Your finger continues to massage his ass. You have brought him to such a heightened sense of arousal that he hardly hears your next question.

"Do you want me to do this?"

He assumes you meant rubbing and kissing his ass and said to you" Yes, please"

He quickly found you were talking about two different things ! And he feels your lubed finger penetrate his ass in one smooth motion clear to his prostate.

"OH GOD DAMN!" he exclaims as he buries his face in the pillow under him.

You stop suddenly and start to withdraw your finger! "Are you OK?”

Moaning to you..."OH SHIT, DON'T MOVE YOUR FINGER Christine, just give me a sec., OK"

"Did I hurt you?"

"FUCK NO, I almost came all over myself again!"

You wait a few moments and he feels you slowly withdraw your finger and you lie across his back and whisper to him...

"Perhaps we better save that for our next foreplay instead of after play when you're not so excitable."

You continue to whisper as though there was someone else in the room..."Greg, I really want you to take me now. I need you in me and I've been waiting all night and I think it's time!"

You lie on your back next to him and slowly pull him over between your legs. he holds you with your head buried in his neck. "I Love you," he whispers to you and you merely squeeze him tighter.

He begins to slide down your chest, which is red with excitement, heading to your nether lips for some more oral play but you grab his head, look at him, and tell him,

"No, just put it in me, it's time!"

he slides back up your smooth body and wraps his arms under you. You grab him wrapping not only your arms around him but also your legs as well trying to position yourself so you can complete your session of lovemaking. Your aim is perfect and your wet lips swallow his hard cock. It takes a couple of strokes to work the natural lubrication from you down the full length of him at which time he feels your soft lips reach the base of his cock.

"Ohhhhh, I feel so good in you. You are like velvet in there and so damn warm."

Your feet reach back and settle on his butt trying to pull him further in to you.

"Christine, I'm sorry hun, that's all I got. You have all of me!"

"No, it's not that, I want to feel the base of your dick rubbing on my clit. Move up a bit!"

he slides up your body a bit which changes the angle of his penetration. he slowly moves in and out leaning into you, making sure the full length of his cock rubs your clit as you encourage him.

"That's it, right there, and keep doing that."

he does as commanded but raises himself enough that he can look into your face and see the pleasure of his actions. Your eyes are closed in bliss and he feels you start to increase your rhythm. Your urgency increases and he knows it's only a matter of moments for both before you climax. Your nails dig into his back and somehow he manages to get just a bit deeper in to you. He kisses you passionately but knows enough not to give you his tongue when you are so excited. He steadies myself and stops his thrusting so as not to break your rhythm as you are moving faster than he can keep up, maintaining your clitoral contact as you do.

he leans down and whispers to you,

"Can you cum for me honey? Come on, just a bit more, cum for me Christine, we can do it. Just keep it going, that's it, that's, it....AAAAAAh God you're good!"

And his climax begins yet again tonight but he knows you are oblivious to him. You squeeze him with your legs and begin your own throes of passion and bite down on his shoulder. you both hang onto each other as you throb, jerk and convulse giving you both what you have wanted all evening. You are mumbling something unintelligible into his shoulder as your body finally is drained of all power to do any more.

he holds you as you collapse back to the bed and roll you on to your sides facing each other. As you do you make sure that you don't pull yourself out, as you want to keep it as long as you can. he looks you in your eyes...."I love you. That was great!"

As you lean over to kiss him you ask if he'll hold you until you fall asleep. He does't answer but merely snuggles closer and within moments you are both sleeping oblivious to the world around you.


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