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Who Is She - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 - Who Is She?

Jon was finishing up a long 11 hour day at work and as he walked to his truck he put the day’s events behind him and tried to focus on what was waiting for him at home. He had talk radio playing inside the truck but wasn’t paying attention as he was anxious to see his boys and have a hug and kiss from his wife. He hit the driveway at home and the dogs were waiting at the front stairs with tails wagging as his boys came running from the yard; suddenly work seemed all worth it again. After hugging the boys Jon pet the dogs while the boys explained the days events; it was all too clear that the children were enjoying the early stages of summer vacation, and rightfully so. Leaving the dogs with the boys, Jon made his way inside the air conditioned home and found his wife busy in the kitchen.

Lacey was putting the final touches on dinner when she smiled at Jon, her smile still melted his heart and hardened him somewhere else. He leaned over the counter and kissed her when he was treated by the fact that she was wearing a tank top with nothing underneath. “Nice” was all he said and she knew he loved it. “Go change and come back for dinner”. Jon did as he was asked, peeling of the blue polyester of his job and putting on a pair of cotton shorts and an oversized T-shirt, this was his idea of a king’s wardrobe.

At the dinner table the family’s business and plans were discussed. And afterward, with a full tummy Jon sat on the couch to catch some news while Lacey supervised the boys in cleaning up the kitchen. Once the dishwasher was stacked and running and the kitchen was back to normal Lacey joined Jon on the couch as the boys headed to a friend‘s house to play for a couple hours. As Lacey sat there watching the news, Jon’s attention was focused on her. Although Lacey was not happy with her appearance sometimes, Jon couldn’t help but be amazed at her pure beauty and sensuality. Often they would talk about it and Jon had a hard time putting it into words, but quite simply in his mind Lacey just had “It”. And Jon was certain that other men saw the “It” in Lacey as well, although Lacey would always argue that no one else saw the “It” in her and that she really didn’t have “It”, and that Jon was just crazy or insane or something similar.

Lets see if the author can put “It” into words, describe or define it if you will. “It” is that sexuality and sensuality quotient, that look and attitude that just wreaks of fun, inventiveness, skill and truly enjoying most things sexual. And not only having sexuality and sensuality but displaying it without being trampy or sluttish. And truly, although Lacey didn’t realize it or just wouldn’t admit it to herself, others, men and women alike, saw the “It” in her as well. Often Jon would explain it to her and she just would not get it.

And not only did Jon, and others, see her as having “It”, they also saw her as a truly beautiful woman. That too was difficult for Lacey to understand. Jon was able to make this very clear to her, although again, she wasn’t buying it. You see Lacey loves to watch reality television and read romance novels and of course everyone is straight out of Hollywood. All of the women have skinny little bodies with large busts and shapely hips and asses. The men too were all chiseled from stone with the body of AJonis, and even if the men were not perfect, they all still craved the Goddess type woman. What Lacey didn’t understand was that real men, guys who are not superficial and have a firm grip on reality, loved real women. And let me tell you, Lacey is a real woman. Lacey has a body that is near perfection and Jon loves her for it; she may want to make some changes and Jon supports that, but he makes it clear to her she doesn’t have to change it for him.

Well in any case, Jon was admiring his lovely wife while she was watching TV. As usual, she could feel his eyes on her and she turned around to smile at him. Jon could only smile back as Lacey moved closer to him on the couch. After all these years he still cherished cuddle time with his wife. Little did Jon know that Lacey wanted more than cuddle time, being home with the boys all day she needed some adult company. Soon she was stroking his bare thigh with her fingertips and in no time at all her hand was up the leg of his shorts. As she rubbed the hair on his nut sack his cock began to show it’s approval by stretching to life. It wasn’t long before his cock head was poking through the bottom of his shorts and Lacey was now paying attention to it.

Jon tilted his head back, closed his eyes and groaned with the pleasure he was receiving. Lacey was using her fingertips to trace up and down lightly over his taut flesh. He enjoyed this for several minutes and then he needed to get his short off for fear they would burst from the pressure his hardening flesh pole was applying against the material. Once he had gotten them down he tossed them on the floor and got one leg on the back of the couch and the other he spread with his foot flat on the floor. Lacey settled in between his thighs and Jon decided Lacey needed a show so he proceeded to slowly stroke his own cock for her to watch. Jon watched Lacey intently as she was enjoying what he was doing, this was something that Lacey loved to watch and Jon loved to do for her; hell he would do whatever she asked no matter how far out there it may have been.

Darkness was falling outside the house and now the only light was provided by the TV and the street light one house away. The blinds were open but that didn’t matter to either of them. Still stroking his cock Jon whispered hoarsely for Lacey to get her clothes off. Standing between the couch and the coffee table Lacey slowly and seductively pulled her tank top over head, her 46DD breasts hung like heavy pendulums and made Jon smile from ear to ear.

Lacey was no more than three feet from the large picture window when she teasingly pushed her shorts and panties down while bending at the waist. Jon took the opportunity to play with her tits for that brief moment until she stood back up. Then Lacey began to climb onto the couch between his thighs. While she was doing this she asked “What do you want now”? This was a mute point because she knew full well what he would ask for but she just wanted to hear him say it. “I want my cock in your mouth” he almost slurred as her bare skin came into contact with the inside of his bare thighs.

Laying on her stomach and propping herself up on her elbows she positioned her lovely face just a fraction of an inch from his cock, still being pumped slowly by his own right hand. Stopping his hand and holding his pressure hose at the base he said “Open your mouth” as he stared directly into those lovely blue eyes of hers. Those lovely eyes answered back by sparkling as she opened her mouth without moving her head. Jon then tilted his cock towards her mouth until the head of it was between her lips, she held it there while Jon restarted his stroking, gently brushing his fist against her pursed lips on the up stroke. Lacey allowed this for a bit but then she pushed his hand off and she replaced it with hers. Now that she was completely in charge of the situation she held it firm while she alternated between fucking him with her mouth and then taking her mouth off and just licking the underside and head. She did this until Jon was displaying all the tell tale signs that he was close to cumming.

Lacey stopped, sucking and let go of his meat pole with her hand and mouth and then asked “What’s next”? Once again grabbing himself, he lightly slapped both her cheeks with his cock several times as he said “Get up”. Lacey stood and looked out the window hoping no one was walking by. Jon then had her put her hands on the back of the couch while standing spread eagle, her knees touching the couch. She could hear him push the coffee table out further and started to turn her head around to see what was going on when Jon said, “Look straight ahead Missy”. She begrudgingly did as she was told and jumped a bit when his tongue found the bottom of her love slit. Jon had knelt on the floor behind her and was spreading her ass cheeks with both his hands, that allowed him to explore her sweet spots with his mouth and tongue.

While he was tonguing her nether region she saw a couple walking a dog down the hill. Lacey lowered her profile, hiding her tits behind the back of the couch but still having her head sticking up. She made eye contact with the couple, smiling at them as they were backlit by the streetlight and she by the TV. They waived at her just as Jon’s tongue began to run up and down as far as he could go in both directions. Once the couple gotten out of sight, Jon brought his right hand up. His thumb penetrated Lacey’s wetness while his forefinger found her clit. She moaned as he thumb fucked her pussy and lightly massaged her love button, his nose pressed into her backside his tongue darting in and out of her pussy at the bottom. This was too much for Lacey and her knees buckled as she rode out an orgasm, biting her lower lip so as not to make too much noise. After her orgasm had subsided, Jon removed his hand and face from Lacey’s honey pot. But before she could move he stood behind his wanton cock pleaser and slid his dick into her slippery wet dick ditch. He wasted no time and soon was fucking her as fast and as hard as he could, holding onto her hips for support and leverage. The air was filled with noises of animal sex, both of them breathing heavily, Jon grunting, the sloshing of cock parting soaking wet pussy and the repeated slapping of his fleshy thighs against her lovely round ass cheeks.

Placing her forehead into the back of the couch she shouted “Fuck me” as Jon continued his humping, causing her tits to sway back and forth with each thrust from his hips. “I’m close” he stammered, still driving his pussy pleasing pole into the depths of her sweet, sweet love canal. With her forehead still pressed into the back of the couch Lacey almost yelled when she said “Take it, cum in me, fill me up with your cum”! That was all he needed; Jon pushed one final and violent time, pressing his pelvic bone tight against her pussy, his thighs against her ass cheeks as he let go of his seed. Some strange noise came from his lips as he jetted out spurt after spurt of his thick white stream, Lacey was enjoying it too as she pressed back against him.

Jon held himself inside her as long as he could, but his cock was so spent it shrunk and retreated from the warm wetness of her love canal. Just as Jon was backing away from Lacey she looked out the window and saw the boy’s flashlight coming up the stairway. Quickly they grabbed the quilt and both half laid and half sat on the couch covered up. The boys came in and talked about their play time before padding off to bed. Jon and Lacey sat there the whole time listening like good parents, still riding the orgasms they had and with Jon’s stuff leaking like the Niagara Falls from Lacey’s inner depths.

Once the boys were in bed, Jon and Lacey still naked, made their way to bed for some sleep.

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