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Where it began

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This all started over a year ago. My good friend Cal and I were having our monthly breakfast/gab session together. Of course this included staring at and commenting about all the women walking by the windows, and through the restaurant. Cal said, "Holy sweet Jesus look at the ass on the one, man o man that would be good to get behind". I turned and looked and just caught a glimpse and said "heh, looks like my wife". Turns out it was my wife. I apparently forgot my cell phone at home and she was dropping it off before heading out shopping. As she stepped up to the table I looked over at Cal and he was bright red, I laughed out loud and said "Hey honey, thanks for bringing the phone, dont suppose you will slip under the table and give us a quick blow job will you?" She just rolled her eyes and said "Dont be such a pervert, see you later" handed me my phone and walked away. I turned and followed her ass with my eyes and then said to Cal, "holy sweet Jesus, that would be good to get behind". Cal was really red and said "sorry man, I didn't know it was your wife". I chuckled and said "Are you saying my wife is not hot"? he Stammered "er no its not that, its yeah she is hot but umm my comment about getting behind her". I smiled and said "no worries man, with an ass like that its no wonder you want to get behind her, if it makes you feel any better I'll imagine myself behind Linda (his wife) for awhile".. I closed my eyes and said "oh yeah that's hot".

He threw his napkin at me and said" Come one dude dont be such an ass". I said "What? Are you telling me you have never thought of banging my wife? The way you two flirt sometimes and your comment now, I know you want her. I would have no trouble at all switching it up for a night if the women would agree". Cal Laughed and said, " yeah right Mike, like I would ever let my wife near that monster cock of yours." We laughed and continued talking about other stuff and that was that, or so I thought.

I guess a description of all of us is in order before the story goes any further.

I am 5'9' 200lbs (alot of muscle, but not all muscle), blondish hair, green eyes, a nice tight ass (according to my wife) and a 10 inch skinny cock. I keep myself mostly trimmed down there, with just a light dusting of pubic hair.

My wife Sarah is 5'3", has brownish red long wavy hair ( mid back), blue eyes, 38 GG breast with very large areole that have large diameter but short nipples, a 34inch waist, and about 42 inch hips, the difference between her waist and her hips makes her have one hell of an awesome looking ass. She keeps her ass waxed and only about a 2 inch strip of hair above her pussy. (damn nice going down on her ass and pussy its all so clean and neat)

Linda is 5'9", blonde hair, grey eyes., 36 C breast, 34 inch waist and 36 hips. Her most striking feature has always been the absolutely enormous camel toes she gets no matter what she is wearing. She has a nice heart shaped butt and slender legs and the most delicious looking toes I have ever seen on a woman.

Cal is close enough to 6 feet to call it 6 feet, about 180lbs, shaves his head bald, has green eyes and basically a nice toned body, having seen Cal naked in the shower at the gym I would say his most striking feature is that even soft his dick while not that long, is extremely thick.

Later that night as Sarah and I were fooling around in bed. She said, "Why were you laughing and why was Cal so red when I dropped off your phone?". I kissed her and said, "suck my dick, and I will tell you" she just shook her head grabbed my cock and stuffed it in her mouth."mkay, ell e ow" she mumbled around my cock. Damn I love have my cock sucked when it is soft. So I said "well, when you were walking passed the window on the way in Cal saw you and not knowing it was you said, look at that ass, I would love to do that!, when he realized it was you he became a little embarrassed". She pulled her mouth off my dick and smiled and said "I can see how that would be embarrassing and you guys are pigs!" She slapped my cock and rolled away. I grabbed and jumped between her legs and said "yeah right like you and Linda never talk about stuff like that" I put the head of my cock and the entrance you her pussy and noticed she was soaking wet. "heh, you sure seem turned on, dont happen to be thinking about Cal do you?". I nudged the head of my cock in, holy man was her pussy ever hot tonight. She just said" whatever Mike, quit being such a jerk". I laughed and said, "if you aren't thinking of him fucking you, how is it I can do this"? And I slammed all 10 inches into her pussy in one slick motion. She absolutely erupted cumming all over my cock. I just held it there for a while letting her push and grind and cum until she needed to stop. I pulled out and layed beside her, my dick still super hard.

She got up and turned her back to me for a little reverse cowgirl. As she was lowering herself, she said "spread my asscheeks" I reached up and willingly obliged and to my surprise she lowered her ass onto my cock. I almost came right then. Sure we have had anal sex several times in the past but with my cock so long it usually ends up hurting her with a little more then 3/4 of it in her so I never get to pound on her. Usually we just lay on our sides and I have to go slow and be real careful and it takes forever to cum. This was the first time she ever did it this way. She got about half my cock stuffed in her ass and then layed forward wth her tits on my legs. She squeezed her ass a few times before starting to move slowly up and down. Do to the angle when she was all the way down only about 6inches was ever in her. She pumped up and down a few times and then started going faster and faster. Slamming her ass hard onto my throbbing cock. She really started moaning and gasping. "fuck, fuck oh fuck yes yes your cock is stretching my ass, fuck yes, oh god cum in me, cum in me cum in my tight fucking ass." Holy CHRIST this was good. She reached down underneath herself and grabbed my balls and I freakin lost it. "ARGGHHHH FUCK YEAH" i screamed and I started cumming. I grabbed her ass and pulled it down hard and held it there, my first shot of cum made my stomach crunch and I sat up a little forcing another 2 inches of cock into her ass. This set her off and her ass started quivering all over me while I shot load after load into her. I came hard about 6 times, it felt like a damn river pouring through my cock it was totally unbelievable. She collapsed forward, my rapidly softening cock plopped out and the cum just poured out of her ass. It was a completely ridiculous amount all over my legs and balls. She smiled and said" that was nice" I started to say"what the hell was that..." but she cut me off and said" I am going to sleep" she rolled over and pretty much fell asleep. I needed to clean up so I got out of bed and went and had a quick shower and then crawled back in beside her and was snoring before my head hit the pillow.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night with my wife slowly rubbing my cock back and forth between her legs. I said, "damn baby, that hot" .She moaned its about time you woke up". I was already at half mast and now that I was waking up my cock when solid real quick. I pulled her close to me and started nibbling all over the back of her neck and ears I said. "You want my big cock in your pussy?" she moaned "uhhhhhuh" and kept pushing back more and more stroking my cock between her legs. I nibble some more on her ear and whispered "you want to fuck Cal dont you, tell me the truth or you are not getting my cock", She just pushed back and said " shut up and fuck me, I need your cock".. I nibbled some more on her neck and said. "tell me". She groaned,"uhn..." kept trying to push her pussy on to my throbbing dick. I pulled back and said" tell me" I reached around and squeezed her left breast, her nipple was super hard. She said, "do you want me to fuck him?" I laughed and pushed my cock head slightly in and then pulled back. " Tell Me !" I commanded. She said" fine, yes I want to fuck him, I know you want to fuck Linda too, but this is just fantasy so dont get mad". I pushed her shoulders away thrust my hips forward and fed half of my cock in. I pulled on her hair with one hand and pushed her away with the other and started pounding her cunt real good. She was close to cumming and I slowed down. she whimpered "oh god dont stop". I said.. "why do you want to fuck him". She just reached down to play with herself. I grabbed her arm and said "why"... She said "fine... because Linda says his cock is super thick, and only about 7 inches long. I want my ass fucked hard. I love ass fucking and you are too long. I want to be pounded and stretched wide." holy shit.. Hearing my wife talk like that made me nuts. I rolled her onto her stomach and fucked her pussy like mad forcing her into the bed with all my weight I reached around and started choking her lightly and just fucked her hard plowing her into the bed until I came about 10 minutes later. A few spurts and I was done. "Oh christ yes I love it when you use me like that" she said. I rolled off her and snuggled close. She said, "so, are you mad at me?", I answered "Not at all, why would I be?, we use dildos on you what difference would a live cock make?". she said "none I guess, umm. so what do you like about Linda?" I thought for a minute, definitely what her pussy looks like. I really want to see it with no pants or swimsuit on it." She said, "oh god, you should see it when she shaves, it looks so lickable sometimes when we are changing after the gym that I almost want to lick it". My dick twitched a little but was not going anywhere after the action so far tonight. "Oh really I said" and what would it take to push you over the edge and make you lick it?". "unh...definitely it being freshly fucked and full of cum" she moaned then said. "eat me, I need to come again". After the fun she had given me so far how could I resist. A freshly fucked pussy always smells so good, there was hardly any cum in it so I just went to town licking her up and down and all over tonguing her hole and coaxing her to and nice hard short orgasm. We snuggled together again kissed for awhile and drifted back to sleep.

I was going to tell Cal, that yes I would let him fuck my wife and that she wanted it, but unfortunately life gets in the way. That Friday he landed a new job 20 hours away that started in one week at a much higher rate of pay and they spent the next 3 days feverishly packing what they needed and heading out. My wife and I promised to watch over the place until they could get back next month to list the house for sale. My wife and I had many more fantasies over the next month fucking like mad pretending we were with the one or the other. We even went to their house and fucked all over the place dressing up in their clothes. It was quite the month of sex. We got a call close to the end of the month and they would not be able to make it back and asked if we could pack up for them. Of course we agreed. We worked at it over a week or so and one evening while packing up their bedroom closet we found "it". It was their porn and such collection. Some straps and cuffs, several dildos and vibrators and some home made movies... damn. We stopped packing and started playing.

We threw the movies on and got into bed. The first movie was Linda and ..another woman. In fact it was our sons teacher. Linda stayed clothed and proceeded to make love to the other woman. licking, biting, spanking and fucking her with the dildos. Pretty soon I found my face shoved in my wife's cunt and I was eating her out. She orgasmed pretty hard. we fast forwarded through the movie and while Linda licked and sucked and fucked her with a dildo for over an hour, she never once got naked, we did hear Cal ordering her around a few times, so it was obvious who was recording. The next movie it was the same thing Linda never getting naked and with a pretty little blonde that we recognized as a cashier, and the next a red head that was a member of town council and then some hot tight Asian chick with huge boobs. We watched that whole one and this time it was my wife between my legs as I came real hard just as the Asian chick got her first orgasm from being fisted. We fast forwarded to the end and were about to switch to the next movie when finally Linda started to get undressed. Here it was, my moment to see her naked. I had just come but my cock was stirring again. My wife reached down and started stoking it. Linda removed her blouse and she was wearing a beautiful purple bra which held her magnificent boobs perfectly. She bent down and pulled off her slacks and was wearing matching panties. Her ass looked glorious bent over clad in them. As she stood up and turned to the camera there was some shuffling which must have been Cal placing the camera on a tripod because he stepped into view already naked, his cock as hard as steel and my wife just gasped. True it was only 7 inches long but easily twice as thick as my cock, if not thicker and while my cock points slightly upward and I am not circumcised his was pointing straight out and he was indeed circumcised, with a very large very purple head and a set of balls the almost looked like golf balls the were so huge. My wife started stroking my cock and licking the head. Linda undid her bra and let her tits spring out. They were very perky and she had long nipples that stuck out about an inch, and where my wifes areole were brown, Linda's were still a very nice light pink. Cal started sucking one then the other."oh wow" I said "how come you never told me how nice her tits were?" My wife shrugged her shoulders and kept licking my cock which was completely hard again. Linda sat down on the bed and pulled cal close to her, stretched her mouth wide and swallowed his cock right to the base without even gagging. My wife quickly tried the same with me but could not get it all in. Then she started going back and forth slurping up and down and around his cock. The Asian girl pulled the dildo out of her cunt, got off the bed and knelt behind Cal. He stopped moving. She pulled his ass cheeks apart and slammed the dildo home into his ass. He grabbed Linda's head and started fucking her face. WTF!??!? My wife stopped sucking my cock for a moment, saw the dildo in question, reached for it in the box and slammed it home into her pussy and then started sucking again, trying to take as much as she could in her mouth. Jesus this was hot, the Asian was ass fucking cal with a dildo, cal was pounding his wife's mouth like it was a pussy, my wife was sucking my cock like a vacuum and she had that same dildo from Cal's ass in her pussy.. My wife started coming around the dildo, literally soaking it and her hand and the bed she came so hard. She shoved her mouth down on my cock and it actually slipped into her throat. She was freakin deep throating me!. my Eyes rolled back in my head and I was in utter bliss. I guess thats why I never realized my wife and taken the dildo out of her pussy until I felt it at my asshole. Now, every once in a while my wife would finger the outside of my bum, but never even put a finger in. But all of a sudden she slammed it in and literally started fucking my ass hard with it. It was so slick from her cunt juices there was no pain at all. I opened my eyes and watched what she was doing.. she was consumed with lust fucking my ass, watching cal get the same and staring and his huge hard cock. He erupted into Linda's mouth. He pulled back to splash her face, extremely long, very very think wads ( yes WADS) of cum splatting out. His enormous testicles contracting with each spurt. My wife was not even touching her self and she started cumming again. The Asian chick pulled the dildo from Cal's ass and dropped it to the floor. She started licking the enormous amount of cum off Linda's face. Cal just say back and watched, playing with his still hard cock. After cleaning her face off the Asian chick kissed Linda on the lips got up and left. Linda stood up before Cal and slowly peeled her panties off. The view from behind was breathtaking. Her ass was very tight looking and all you could see was a deep V of her pussy. She turned around and stuck her ass right in Cal's face and he started licking her up and down. Back and forth from her ass to her pussy and back. She started to shake and shiver and then let out a very loud FUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKK and holy christ, she started squirting, ALOT. My dick twitched and I came all over my wife's hand the side of her face, up my stomach and chest and even hit my chin. Jesus I love watching porn and seeing women who squirt and seeing it from a woman I knew and hoped to fuck blew my mind. Then Cal laid her down stuck his thick cock in her and started fucking. My wife pulled the dildo out of my ass, shoved it in her cunt and fucked to the same rhythm Cal was going doing her pussy stroke for stroke when Linda started cumming again so did my wife and I guess having all that juice squirt on him sent Cal over the edge and he started cumming too. Again his massive balls twitching up and down real hard. My wife arched her back and rolled through a second hard orgasm. Cal pulled out of Linda and again a freakin insane amount of Cum poured out. He got up his massive cock slowly going soft, glistening with their juices and turned the video recorder off.

My wife and I lay in their bed gasping for breath. I finally said. "wow, that was fuckin hot and damn is his cock thick." My wife said, "honey, can you please arrange it so we can swap, and even if she dont want to can I please have that cock fuck my ass"? I said, "oh you are fucking that cock alright and I sure hope I get to suck on that pussy and fuck it while it squirts all over me." Over the next week we finished packing their house up and even showed it to the realtor for them. They made a real short trip "home" to sign the papers, pack a uhaul and leave. They were so exhausted from running around we never even got close to getting a chance with them. We were of course disappointed, by life is life and we let it roll on. My wife and I still fucked like rabbits with the occasional ass play ( now for both of us! ) and life went on for the year. Eventually we got a chance to go see them a year later, and thats where the story began.

to be continued

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