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When opportunity knocks

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A true story by SLS member comments welcome! Enjoy!

It's been entirely too long since I've had some serious sexy play time. When the opportunity presented itself earlier this week, I had to pounce. On Wednesday I was chatting with Ross, the sexy male half of a young couple we love to play with. His adorable wife Rachel was out of town for a couple of weeks and he was home alone. Needless to say my pussy was tingling at the possibilities. I knew that Jason would be working on Saturday and our daughter would be out for a few hours, so a dirty plan came to mind. With permission of spouses, I would be headed to Ross's house for a few hours of fun. I have to stop and say we have some fucking awesome spouses. Even though we are all swingers and have been together with them numerous times, it's not every day that your spouse says you can go fuck some other guy. He's a keeper.

Anyway, back to the story. The anticipation of having this delicious man all to myself for a few hours was driving me crazy all week. However, one of the side affects of this anticipation is that my sex drive kicked into overdrive. I was pouncing on Jason every chance I could get. I even had to take care of myself a few times. LOL! When Saturday came, I was flushed with excitement. I don't know why really. We'd been with this couple before. Ross was not a new conquest for me. So I don't know the reason for the excitement. Maybe it's just been way too damn long.

I arrived at Ross's house about 6. After about 10 minutes of pouring wine, starting music and exchanging pleasantries, the sexual tension got the better of us. I sat on the chaise part of the L shaped couch and slowly undid his shorts. Setting free his ever hardening cock, I sighed with delight as it has been to long since I've had this cock. Ross has a nice about an 8 1/2 inch uncircumcised cock. Pulling back the foreskin, I slowly licked all around his engorged head. Looking up into his eyes, I could see the glaze of desire wash over them. Wrapping my right hand around his cock and my left hand cupping his balls, I worked my mouth up and down his shaft with much abandon.

Not sure if he was able to take much more, I slowed to a stop and then leaned back. I rolled over onto my stomach and put my knees on the floor. I took off my top and undid my bra. At this point, Ross was on his knees behind me cupping my breasts and nibbling on my neck. Moaning with delight I could feel my pussy getting wetter. I slid out of my pants at which point he bends me over the couch and says, "You want to get fucked don't you?" Um, hell yea!! I rolled onto my back and Ross buries his face in my dripping pussy. Enjoying the licking but needing to be filled, I tell him to fuck me. Ross gets to his knees and slides his hard cock about 2 inches into my pussy. Then he pulls out and does it again. The fucker is playing with me! He does this until when I least expected it, he buried himself balls deep in my cunt. I gasp at the fullness of him and grab onto him for the ride I know that's coming. Ross fucks my pussy with furious abandon. I play with my engorged clit trying to ride this wave to its crest. Not quite getting there, I tell Ross to sit in the corner of the couch. The L shaped couch is one of those that have loose pillows for a back, so I was able to adjust as needed. Ross says, "Suck my cock." Well I had other ideas in mind. I wanted to suck it after I came on it. So I straddle his cock and bury it deep within my pulsing pussy. Taking control of the depth, I start to bounce up and down all the while fingering my clit. Feeling the wave of pleasure building, I stop moving but push as much of him inside me as I can. I can cum better if I'm not bouncing around. I like to feel the fullness of a cock, not necessarily the friction. While I was getting closer to an orgasm, Ross starts pushing up into my every tightening pussy with small pulses. That small movement threw me right over the edge of a major orgasm. My pussy tightened, my hands turned into claws on his chest, my breath coming in short gasps between yells and spasms rocking my entire body. With a final gasp and a twitch I fell forward on his chest. Fucking eh that was awesome!

Now Ross has a unique ability to orgasm without actually coming, but for some reason it wasn't happening much. I had a feeling he was riding that razors edge of an orgasm that he couldn't hold back. After coming down from my monster orgasm, I flipped over on all fours in the corner of the couch. My face buried in the pillows, my ass up in the air and Ross pounding my pussy was like a dream. He grabbed hold of my hair, pulled my head back and pushed his cock deeper and deeper. I would hear his breathing get ragged and feel his body stiffen, but I wasn't pushing him over that edge. He was holding out on me. Hmmmm....I had to change tactics.

Getting really, really hot we caught our breath for a minute as I crawled to the carpet and told him to come down here. Ross crawled up between my legs and fucked me nice and slow for a few minutes. Two more positions later, I was on my stomach with his cock rubbing nicely inside me. I put my hands behind my back to where he could hold them like reigns on a horse. Men like feeling this type of control over a woman. Ross said that he loved this position with me as my pussy spasms over and over making his cock quiver. Ross had an orgasmic spasm moments later and I could tell that he was getting closer. Bringing my ass up in the air so I was on all fours, Ross buried himself in me as deep as he could get and started pounding as if it was his last fuck. He grunted out that he was going to come and I of course tightened my pussy up as I pushed back on him. Ross made animalistic grunting sounds with his orgasmic release. He held my hips as he pushed and pulsed his hot cum in my pussy. We collapsed in exhaustion.

After catching a snack, drink and our breath, we went for round two. Needless to say, I'm sure you can figure out the rest of the evening. It was very enjoyable and very sexy. Ross is an awesome lover and I can't thank his wife enough for letting him come out and play. Actually I could thank her, by licking her pussy to a mind blowing orgasm. Hmmmm.....that's an idea.

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