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When it rains enjoy

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I was driving back to the apartment with one hand on the steering wheel and the other one down the front of Bonnie's jeans. She must have poured herself into them as tight as they were. That's probably why she popped open the top button as she sat down in my front seat. We had just left a frat party and both of us had a lot of beer. Bonnie was pretty wasted and she really came on strong towards the end. I'd seen her a few times before but we had never hooked up. She was pretty much passed out as soon as we left the driveway. Ever since I got to college all I ever thought about was pussy, school, pussy, eating food, and eating pussy. So as I looked over at this passed out beauty, I couldn't resist slipping my hand past her panties. Her vagina had a nicely trimmed bush with completely bald lips as I struggled to get my fingers to the promised land. I was able to get my middle finger down the middle of her slit and was about to stick it into her when she groaned and unconsciously moved her ass back in the seat. I pulled my hand back out immediately. We soon arrived and I literally had to help her walk up the stairs.

I set her on the edge of my bed and she fumbled with her zipper as she drunkenly mumbled, "I've got ta pee." I pulled her top off and she had the ample breasts of a typical 20 yr old. Her breast defied gravity and her nipples were perky. She fell back on the bed as I pulled her jeans off. She was wearing white cotton briefs and I removed them also. Her tummy was taut and her ass was tight. She groaned again that she had to pee and I help her to the toilet and set her down. I didn't have a pee fetish but I had never watched a woman pee before so I spread her legs apart to get a better view as she lay against the back of the commode. She was in no condition to complain. Her piss shot out in a hard spray that hit the top of the bowl. I was fascinated by the sheer force in which it came out. After a bit it tapered off and then she squeezed out a final weaker burst before it turned into a dribble that leaked down her slit. I watched as drops of urine collected at the base of her cunt and fall into the toilet. I got a wash rag and soaked it with warm water and wiped her pussy down. This dishwater blonde had beautiful pussy with two sets of perfectly symmetrical cunt lips tucked next to each other. Her clit was hidden underneath them but I was able to see it as I wiped her down. The sight of that reddish pink interior covered by smooth flesh covered petals is one of the hottest visions ever. I helped her back to the bed and laid her back down with her legs hanging over the edge. I didn't care how drunk she was, I hadn't had sex for over two weeks and I was going to fuck this beauty tonight. I disrobed and snuggled up next to her. I sucked those sweet nipples and they grew stiff in no time but no response from Bonnie. I dropped down on the floor and spread her legs. Her cunt smelt fresh and I started eating her out. After a few minutes I heard her start to purr. The more she purred the wetter her pussy got. Even in her drunken stupor I heard her moan, "There, right there." Her pussy was becoming slick with her sex when I felt a surge of her juices increase tenfold and then she yelled, "Yeeesss!" Her legs extended away from the bed and her pussy pulsated wet sweet nectar as she climaxed and I drank from her well. Her legs finally dropped back down as she panted from exhaustion. I stood up and my cock was rock hard. Now my dick is about 8 inches long with some pretty good thickness. I've had girlfriends refuse to let me fuck their ass because of its girth but after two weeks of going without it seemed bigger than normal. I gazed down on this goddess laying naked on my bed and stroked my cock a few times. I was going to enjoy fucking this sexy hottie. I hooked my arms under her knees and pulled her butt close to the edge of the bed. She lay passive as I positioned my cock directly in front of her well lubed cunt. When the bulbous head of my cock was in the middle of her slit I firmly and steadily pushed it in. "Ooohhh!" she squealed. Her eyes popped open and it was like someone had shoved an icicle up her ass. The shocked look on her face told me she was definitely awake now. I began to pumped her pussy with long steady strokes. "Oh baby, your cock is so big." she moaned. As horny as I was it wasn't long before I was pounding her sweet cunt hard and fast. Now when I slammed my 8 inch cock into her she let out small little grunts, "Ugh, ugh ,ugh." I wasn't going to last long and all the cum that was boiling it my loins was going to find its way into this hot little slut's pussy in just about another 30 seconds. I yearned for release and I slammed her unmercifully right before the end. Her breasts were jiggling like mounds of jello and I drove her ass back onto the bed. My cock exploded and I shot jets of hot cum into her stuffed cunt. "Fuck, fuck, it's so hot." she cried. All the cum I was pouring into her must have set her off too and her body quivered involuntarily around my spewing cock. We both came for the next minute and then I released her legs and collapsed on top of her. I don't know how much time passed but my cock became soft and sensitive and I withdrew it from her pussy. She looked like a thrown away rag doll. Her cunt was now engorged and nasty. Her beautiful pussy was seeping cum onto the sheets and looked like hammered shit. I went into the bathroom to clean up.

I took a quick shower and when I returned Bonnie was curled up in a fetal position fast asleep. Her backside was completely exposed as her knees were close to her chest. I could see her still swollen cunt lips and there was some seepage trickling down her one thigh. My cock started to twitch as I spread her ass cheeks apart for I better view. Her asshole looked ever so inviting. It had been even a longer time since I had ass fucked a girl. I got some anal-eaze from the night stand and put a cushion on the bed and rolled her over on her stomach. Her butt was elevated just right and I spread her legs apart slightly to gain access to her ass. Her ass was firm and outstanding if I do say so myself. I spread her cheeks and poured some lube directly onto her asshole. I slipped my pinky finger into her butt but didn't get even the first digit in before her sphincter involuntarily clamped down. I waited until she relaxed and drove my finger in deeper. Her asshole soon loosened up and I pour more lube and worked it into her ass. I positioned myself right above her thighs and lubed my now erect dick up as I fantasized about shoving my cock in her tight ass. I spread her ass cheeks with my left hand and position my cock at the entrance to her butt with my right. I very slowly pressed the head of my dick into her tight little asshole. She only flinched once as I slid my cock past her anal ring. Once my German helmet past her anal ring she didn't even realize she was about to have her ass reamed out. I took it nice and slow and she never even responded. She jumped when I had shoved my huge dick into her pussy but now she had nearly half of my big boy up her shit chute and she was still passed out. It didn't matter I was savoring the feeling of her ass wrapped around my cock and I took my time pumping her butt. Kneeling on my haunches I could only get about 6 inches into her as so I pulled out and got on top of her in a push up position and slid my cock back in her ass. This way I was able to drive more of my cock into her sweet butt. Again I took my time and enjoyed the way her soft cheeks felt pressed up against my groin as I penetrated her balls deep. I knew I would have no trouble cumming for the second time tonight but I wanted this feeling to last. Soon even though the sensation was incredible I wanted Bonnie to feel my cock fucking her ass. I began to pound her harder. I finally heard her groan through her drunken stupor, "Argh...Aaarrgghh!" Once she was awake I slammed her harder. "Oh shit!" she screamed. Not yet, I thought but maybe soon. I continued to deep fuck her ass and asked her if she ever had such a huge cock up her ass. "No, never," she pleaded. "Please, please cum," she begged. Impaled on the end of my cock I asked her if she was in a hurry to get somewhere. "I have to pee, I have to pee badly," she replied. Shit, I thought to myself as I was close and didn't want to stop. "I have to pee now." she screamed. I rolled her over with my cock still inside of her and we made it into the toilet with my dick still in her ass. We both straddle the commode and I continue to fuck her as she leaned forward and put her hands against the wall. I heard the sound of urine hitting the water and then the bowl as her spray was rocking to and froth as I pounded her defenseless ass. The sounds of her peeing as I ass fucked her was turning me on and I slammed her even harder. My sack must have swung up against her cunt because I felt a warm wet sensation running down my balls and onto my thighs. How hot is that, this girl can pee while having my cock in her ass. She was peeing on me and the knowledge of that was all it took. I shoved my cock as deep as I could and began my own "peeing." White hot semen rocketed deep into her bowels as my prostate worked overtime and pumped everything I had left into her ass. "Aaahhhhh," was Bonnie's only response. I don't know if it was due to relieving her bladder or the fact that her ass ordeal was over. I didn't care, I just kept pouring cum into her. This was one of the best fuck session I had ever been involved with. Pee was still dripping off my balls when I finished cumming and the whole area smelled of sex and urine. I wanted to leave my cock in her ass but Bonnie could barely stand. I pulled out and I carried her back to the bed. Bonnie and I have been dating for nearly two months now. She squats down, spread her pussy apart and pees for me in the shower all the time. And sometimes when she's had a lot to drink I've gotten her to let me fuck her ass as she rides me cowboy and she pisses on me at the same time. Golden showers and sodomy make for an enjoyable combo.

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