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Whats for Breakfast?

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What's for Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs or Me?

byLia MondeĀ©

Hillary loved the kids to death, but sometimes needed a break. So she packed the twins off to her sister and loaded the suitcases in the car. After work on Thursday, she picked up Jon and they headed to a rental cottage in the woods for a long weekend alone.

The plan was simple: relax, recharge and have sex. Both were eager for the time together to reconnect without interruptions. The kids were great, but they take a toll on your sex life.

As soon as the car hit the highway, Hillary loosened her hair, undid a button on her shirt and felt the work-a-day stress melt into the rearview mirror. She rested a hand on Jon's khaki-covered thigh and relaxed into the seat.

Before reaching the cottage, they enjoyed an intimate candlelight dinner at the village inn. The food was good, the atmosphere was warm and the wine was enlivening. Hillary played the tease and Jon was bluntly horny. His strong desire six years into their marriage touched her heart and enflamed her passion.

The cottage was set deep in the woods, halfway up a hill. Spring flowers gave the twilight air a perfumed scent and brought back memories of a sensual weekend there when they were dating. They did some minimal unpacking and fell into each other's arms for a long overdue night of hard and needy sex.

When the first light of morning came into the room through the trees, Jon stirred, moved tightly against Hillary and continued the night's lovemaking. This time was slower and more tender. After each reached an orgasm, they spooned together and dozed back to sleep.

Several hours later, Hillary turned over, stretched and smiled at Jon snoring quietly into the pillow. She felt relaxed and well-fucked. She slipped from the bed, dropped the red and black peek-a-boo negligee on the chair and padded to the bathroom to shower and freshen up. Forty-five minutes later, Hillary emerged naked and renewed.

As she walked by the bed, Jon opened his eyes, grinned lasciviously and said, "Come here Lady Godiva, I've got a horse for you to ride."

"Down cowboy, we've got all weekend. Even Lady Godiva has to eat," she replied, continuing to the bureau. "Why don't you shower, while I start breakfast?"

Propping himself up in the bed, Jon stared at Hillary's firm and shapely jogger's ass moving erotically. "I'd rather watch you."

Basking in the attention, Hillary selected a set of the sexy, new lingerie she'd bought especially for the weekend. She gave an extra shake of her hips as she pulled up the sheer, roseblush colored boy shorts with the lace embroidery in front. Continuing the tease, Hillary faced Jon and stretched her lanky body. Thrusting her breasts forward, she pulled on the matching bra. For good measure, she leaned toward him and made a show of adjusting her light brown nipples comfortably into the soft cups.

The lingerie had the intended effect on Jon. "Those are gorgeous," he said with desire. It wasn't clear if he meant the lingerie or her breasts. "Come here. I'll help you put that on."

"Not a chance, tiger. I don't think 'on' is what you have in mind."

"You're killing me, Hill."

Not wanting to be cruel, Hillary decided to lower the sexuality a notch. "Sorry Hon, we can play later." She blew him a kiss and could see Jon was still aroused.

However, as much fun as the sex was, she was determined not to spend the entire weekend on her back. She moved to cover up and quickly finish dressing. Her favorite worn-denim skirt had a button fly, flared below the hips, and hit just above the knees. She laced a light blue paisley sash through the belt loops and tied it on her right hip.

From the closet, she retrieved a three-quarter sleeve poplin shirt in pink and white vertical stripes. The look was fittingly wholesome and country.

"Why are you getting so dressed up?" Jon asked.

Clasping a silver chain holding an ebony stone around her neck, Hillary replied. "So after we eat, we can go to town and pop into some galleries."

"I just want to pop into you."

"Sweet. Neanderthal, but sweet. No more nookie until after we've had a hearty breakfast and some culture." Jon seemed less than thrilled. Ignoring his disappointment, Hillary put on her thin glasses and completed what Jon called her 'sexy librarian' look by pulling her hair up and securing it in a bun. Sliding her feet into slippers, she headed for the door.

When she was halfway there, Jon lunged at her with lust. Hillary dodged and skipped away from his grasp as he fell onto the floor. With a laughing squeal, she made it to the hall. Ignoring his pleas for "Just one more time", she shouted over her shoulder. "Take a shower. A cold one!"

Reaching the kitchen, Hillary paused to take in the scene of the lush forest through the sliding glass door of the deck. She was shaken from her reverie when she heard the shower running. Relieved that they'd make it to town without a further detour to the bedroom, she turned her thoughts to breakfast.

The sex had made her ravenous and she knew Jon would feel the same. Deciding to go all out with fruit, bagels, bacon and eggs, she started to assemble the food and utensils. By the time she had everything on the counter, she noticed the shower was off and heard Jon moving around the bedroom. She shook her head and wondered for the thousandth time how men could get washed so quickly.

Hillary reached over and placed a Laura Branigan CD in the player on the counter. As she rinsed the fruit in the sink, Branigan's booming voice filled the room.

Jon entered the kitchen and leaned against the door jamb. Wearing black sweatpants, he was barefoot and shirtless. He looked freshly scrubbed and his hair was tousled. Glancing over at his well-toned body, Hillary said, "You look handsome, Love."

"I'm horny," he said simply.

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