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What the Hell is a Lot Lizard?

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Not that I have a "girl in every port" but as a long-haul truck driver, I have met a few ladies that I see once in a while when I pass through their towns. Sue is one of these ladies. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I met her at a bar a couple of months ago when I had to layover one night waiting to deliver my load the next day. She was at a bar with a couple of girlfriends across the street from the truck stop where I parked for the night. I went in just to have a couple of beers before hitting the sack for the night. She made eye contact with me and then gave me a "come hither" smile. We talked for awhile, had a couple of drinks and danced to a couple of songs. The conversation eventually got around to what we did for a living. She was a financial consultant and I told her that a I'm just a truck driver. "A truck driver" she exclaimed, "I've always thought that would be a great job to have. Driving all over, seeing the country." "Well, that's part of it, but it really is a demanding job and you are away from home a lot," I answered. Then I took a chance and asked if she had ever been in a big truck? She said no but would love to see the inside of one. Bingo! She told her friends she would be back in a little while and across the street we went.

My truck is a shiny black Peterbilt with a full-size walk-in sleeper. I helped her up into the cab and she sat in the driver's seat. I went around and got into the passenger seat. "How do you know what all these gauges and switches do?" she asked. I went through every one of them and explained their functions. She grabbed the big gear shift and commented, "Does this truck have 5 gears like my car?" "Not quite. It's got 13 forward gears and 2 reverse." Her mouth came open in awe, "Damn, I could never keep track of all that." "It just takes training and a lot of practice. Pretty soon you don't even think about it." Then she looked around the rest of the cab and saw the sleeper part. "Oh! You have a bed back there!" she squealed and jumped right back into the sleeper. The bunk is about twin bed size. She bounced up and down on the bunk and said, "This is really neat, kind of like a little RV". "Yep" I said, "a regular home away from home". I've got a small fridge, TV/DVD and microwave oven. Then she asked if I had any good movies for my DVD player. I opened a cabinet which I kept well stocked with movies to occupy my time while waiting to load or unload. She fingered though my collection of action and war movies and gave me a dirty look. These are just guy movies, you got any chick flicks in here?" I said "nope, not my thing" and then decided to take a chance, "but if you're interested, I do have some porn movies". That brightened her right up. "So, is that what you use to jack-off with when you are out on the road all alone?" she asked mischievously. A little embarrassed now I replied, "Uhhh, yeah. I guess you figured out my little secret." "Nothing to be embarrassed about" she cooed. "I like to masturbate to porn sometimes too when I can't get the real thing. Let's see what you have." I reached into another cabinet and showed her my special stash. She picked one and we slid it in to the player.

Not knowing where this would lead, I sat on the bunk with her as the movie started to play. I don't remember now what the movie was about because, right away during the first fuck scene, she started kissing me. That got things going and as I massaged her breasts, her hand found my hard cock. Game on! We quickly got all tangled up for a while as we unbuttoned buttons, unsnapped snaps and zippers were unzipped. Soon we were both naked and in a 69 position. Her shaved pussy was delicious and her juices were flowing buckets. Her hot mouth on my cock was great and she had a very talented tongue. She quickly climaxed with my attentions on her pussy and clit and I was on the verge of cumming myself. We changed around and I entered her in the missionary position. Although this is the most basic position, it's my favorite. I love to look into a lady's face as she's being fucked. I also love to kiss while I'm fucking. It only took a short time before she is cumming again and bucking like a bronco. I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my load into her. She bit on my neck as we came together. I soon collapsed beside her and we kissed for a long time as our heart rates came back down to normal.

She said that we should get back to her friends before they get worried, so we collected ourselves and walked back toward the bar. As we walked across the truck parking lot a security officer came up in a golf cart and said that she can't be on the property. I asked why not and he said because they don't allow "Lot Lizards" at this truck stop. That really pissed me off. I got right in his face and told him that this lady was a friend of mine and not a lot lizard and he better back off before I shove his night stick up his ass. He sat there with his mouth open and started to apologize. I ignored his apology and took Sue's arm and as we continued toward the bar, she asked me "what the Hell is a lot lizard?" I told her that is what the truck stop prostitutes are called. Don't know where the name came from but that's what they are called. Most truck stops have several that hang around and knock on the truck doors soliciting their services. Most of them, I wouldn't touch with someone else's ten foot pole. They are usually nasty crack whores and many drivers even have stickers on the driver's side window with a picture of a lizard with a no sign across it and the better truck stops try to keep them out. "Well, I'm sure glad you defended my honor back there", she said as she held me tight.

We got back in the bar and rejoined her girlfriends. You could tell by their grins they knew what we had been up to. She told them about the security guard and all about her new knowledge of lot lizards. Her girlfriends got really interested also and they quizzed me all about it. They wanted to know how much they charge. I told them that I never used one but you hear drivers talk about them on the CB radio. Some lizards even advertise on the CB. Just a quick blow-job usually costs $20 bucks or so. For a quickie fuck it runs around $50. Once in awhile I've heard the really good lizards get up to $100. They were all fascinated by all this asked several more questions. I answered as well as my limited knowledge could. Lot lizards are just a nuisance as far as I'm concerned and I never gave them much thought. I had one more drink then told them I had to get back to the truck and get some rest. I can't drink alcohol within 8 hours of driving and it was time to quit drinking and go to sleep. I had a mid-morning delivery scheduled the next day then a long drive to Phoenix. Sue and I exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and we kissed goodnight. She gave me nice parting cock squeeze as we hugged and I hoped we could get together again next time I was through town.

Sue and I kept in touch by email for the next month or so and finally I got another delivery to Albuquerque. I let Sue know when I was going to be there and we made a date to meet at the same bar across from the truck stop. I violated several speed limits for a couple of days so I could get to Albuquerque ahead of schedule enough to have a nice evening with Sue. I offered to get a motel room for us so we could be more comfortable and she said no, I really like your truck. So, I got to town in the late afternoon and had time to wash the truck and straighten up the inside. I washed some clothes and the bedding at the driver's laundry in the truck stop and then took a nice long shower. I re-made the bunk with the fresh clean sheets and pre-loaded a porno in the DVD player. Then it was time to meet Sue across the street.

I was a little early and she was a little late. I took a booth in the back of the bar and had a nice tall draught in front of me. I was watching the door for Sue but got distracted for a moment by the nearby pool game. Then a hush came over the crowd. All the din of the conversations and movement in the bar had just stopped. The pool game paused and the players looked toward the door. I looked around to see what was happening and saw Sue. She was standing in the doorway and everyone was looking at her. Most of the men had their mouths agape. It was like John Wayne walking through the swinging doors of the saloon and the piano player stops playing and all the bad guys are staring at the door.

She was wearing a flaming red satin dress with the hem to her knees but a slit up the side all the way to her waist. The dress was cinched at the waist by a wide black patent leather belt and the top was cut low. So low that her gorgeous breasts were bulging out of the top her lacy black bra that was just visible. She had seamed black nylons on her luscious legs and red high heeled "come-fuck-me" stilettos. The top of a stocking and her black garter belt was visible through the slit in her skirt. Her red hair was done up high with ringlet curls dipping down, framing the sides of her face. Her make-up was overdone but not trashy, sort of theatrical. Her glossy red lips matched her shoe color and they looked plump and wet. She stood there a moment looking around for me. I stood up and waved to her. She finally saw me and with the sexiest smile on her face, she slowly strutted across the stunned barroom to me. I didn't know whether to shit or go blind. I couldn't believe how sexy she looked and more importantly, I couldn't believe she was there to be with me. I was standing there with my legs going weak as she came up to me. Sue wrapped her arms around me, pressed all of her beautiful body against mine and kissed me full on the lips. I thought it would be just a quick hello peck but she held it. We kissed long and deep. Her tongue pushed through my lips and entered my mouth. Our tongues danced for what seemed like ages. A knee pushed between mine and her thigh pressed against my instant erection. Her red painted fingernails scratched tracks around on my back. Finally, she broke the kiss, looked me in eye and said, "Hi there Trucker, did you order a Lot Lizard?"

Needless to say, I was stunned. The last time I met Sue here she was in just jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy like this. Now she struts in looking so hot the whole place had their tongues on the floor as they stared at her. We finally sat down in the booth with her on the inside and me beside her. As I slid in, she stayed right up against me so our thighs were pressed tightly together. Her hand rested on the inside of my thigh under the table. Still somewhat speechless, I stammered, "Yyyou want something to drink?" She said she would like a frozen Margarita. The waitress was already heading our way, no doubt to get a closer look at Sue. I ordered the Margarita and another beer for me. The waitress lingered for a long moment looking Sue over and then turned and walked away. I looked back at Sue and all I could say was, "Wow, you look great ... sooo, what's going on with fancy get up?" "Don't you like it?" she asked with a pout on her lips. "No! ..... I mean ... Yes! I love it. You look beautiful. It's just I'm surprised that you got all dolled up just to meet me here." "Well", she explained, "after our last episode across at the truck stop when that rent-a-cop accused me of being a lot lizard, I just couldn't get the thought out of my head. The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I got. I have thought about it so much now it's become a fantasy I want to fulfill. I want to be your lot lizard for the night." If I was stunned before, I was dumbfounded now. I had never even had the desire to pay a lot lizard for sex, but then again, I had never seen one as sexy as Sue was now.

A different waitress delivered our drinks. I think this one wanted a closer look at Sue also. I took a big gulp of my beer to help settle me down then told Sue, "You're a bit overdressed for the part but you can be my lot lizard anytime you want". She said, "So, how do the lizards do this?" "Well I don't really know, I've never screwed one before but, I know they usually have several Johns each day and probably don't sit around the bar like this wasting time." With that, she gulped down her Margarita and started bumping me out of the booth. "Then let's get to your truck and get down to business, the night is wasting away and I got more clients waiting for my services." I dropped some bills on the table leaving half my beer sitting there and we walked out of the bar arm in arm.

She had a little trouble walking across the street and the rough parking lot of the truck stop in her high stiletto heels. I don't think she has worn them before. She must have been planning this little fantasy for awhile to go to the trouble of putting this outfit together and buying new shoes. As we started to walk between the other parked trucks, we heard a few whistles from some of the drivers. I looked around and several of the drivers who were sitting in their trucks were starring at us like the bar patrons had before. Then one of them blasted his big truck air horn. Then another. Then several more picked up on it. I tried to walk faster toward my truck parked in the back row but Sue held me back. She just walked with her head up at a nice slow pace. She was really enjoying all the attention. I was worried the rent-a-cop would show up and I would have deal with him again. But we just continued across the lot as the truckers whistled and honked at Sue. We finally got to my truck without seeing the security guard. I opened the door and tried to figure out how to get Sue up in the truck in her outfit and high heels. Well, I guess she had thought about that also. She kicked off her shoes, put one stocking covered foot on the first step and told me to boost her up. The only place to boost her up was her ass which she had invitingly stuck out for me. I put both hands on her ass cheeks and lifted. The feel of the satin over her butt was sensational. I had a full double handful of ass as she went up the steps. When she got to the top step I looked up and got a great view of her white thighs above the stocking tops and her panties above them. Standing there on the top step, she paused for just a moment, looked down and me and obviously knew where I was looking. She had a great big smile on her face as she said with a sultry voice, "Hon, would you be a dear and get my shoes for me"?

Sue climbed through the passenger door and I bent over and picked up her stilettos. As I stood up, I turned and looked up at the truck parked next to mine. A big burley driver was sitting there staring at Sue. Then he looked at me and his expression was that of a starving man watching someone else about to eat a big T-bone steak. I instinctively said, "How ya' doin'?" "Not near as good as you, looks like you're going to have a good time tonight", he replied. "I hope so", was all I could think of saying as I walked to the other side of the truck and climbed in. I got into the driver's seat but Sue was not in the passenger seat where she had just climbed in. I looked over my shoulder and there she was. Already on the bunk with her head and shoulders propped up on my pillows in the far corner. "Trucker, don't just sit up there, I got a job to do and not much time to do it". I quickly locked the doors and almost tore the front curtains down trying to get them closed across the windshield. But before I got them closed, I noticed the security guard drive by in his golf cart in front of my truck. He seemed to be looking for someone. I quickly shut the curtains and went to the sleeper. "Do you want to watch another porno? "We're going to make our own porno so just play some music", she purred. I put my favorite George Strait CD in the dashboard player and stood facing her. I was standing in the space between the backs of the seats and bunk in the sleeper. I just wanted to stare at her, taking it all in. The red satin dress, nylon stockings, garter belt, lace bra and the most gorgeous face to have ever graced the inside of my truck.

I decided to take charge of the situation. She wants to be treated like a whore so here goes. I handed the shoes to her and told her to put them back on. Then I told her to spread her legs apart some. She spread her legs until I could see up her skirt to the dark stocking tops. "Pull your dress up" I ordered. She pulled her hem up until her bare thighs were showing above her stockings. The elastic and lace straps of her garter belt were now visible. "Higher", I commanded. She lifted her ass just a bit and pulled her dress above her butt and up to her waist. In the process she let her legs close back up. "I told you to spread your legs!" I demanded. Sue spread her legs out wide and now I could see the whole crotch of her panties. They were black silk and see through. I could just make out her shaved swollen pussy lips through the thin fabric. Just then, a darker area formed on the black silk. She was already getting wet! "You must make pretty good money out whoring to buy such expensive lingerie like that", I said. "I do alright most nights", she replied. Then I told her to rub her pussy for me. She put a hand down to her crotch and started lightly running two fingers up and down her panties. "Rub it harder". She pressed harder and the silk slid up into her pussy crack. Her eyes were starting to close and she leaned her head back into the pillows. "Do you feel how wet you're getting?" "Yes" she panted. "Push deeper. Get those panties wetter". She was rubbing fast and hard now. The panty crotch was almost all the way inside her pussy lips. Her nectar was glistening on her fingers now. "Put your fingers in your mouth and taste it". She brought her hand up and slid two fingers into her mouth and sucked them. "Do you like your taste?" I asked. "Yes". "Play with yourself some more", I ordered. She put her hand back down and again fingered her pussy through her panties. "No", I said, "put your hand inside your panties and finger fuck yourself." She slipped her hand under the elastic waist band and as her fingers reached her pussy, the fabric slid out of her labia lips. The panties were really soaked now. I could smell her fragrance. Her sexual scent was filling the small interior of the truck. It was making my head spin. I hope it lingers after she's gone.

Unable to resist anymore, I started to rub my cock while I watched Sue finger her pussy. She was obviously enjoying herself and was rubbing faster. "Give me a taste of that" I said. She brought her dripping fingers up and I bend down to suck them into my mouth. I sucked and licked her fingers savorying every drop. She put her hand back into her panties and her fingers were working on her clit now. Her hips were gyrating and matching the rhythm of her hand. Her other hand had roamed to her breast and she was squeezing it. "Put your hand inside your bra and play with your nipple". She did and I could see her pinching her nipple under the bra. I could now see that she was already close to cumming. I continued to order her to finger fuck herself and squeeze her tits. She pulled down the front of her dress and bra and her breasts bounced out. The pink nipples were erect as she continued to pinch them. I was rubbing myself through my jeans and really enjoying the sight of this lovely lady masturbating for me. Her orgasm engulfed her body as she arched her back and furiously rubbed her clit. Spasms coursed through her body and she moaned loudly. I'm sure the guy in the next truck could hear her. I didn't care. Let him get some jollies too.

As her orgasm subsided I smiled at her and said, "Well, that's a little strange." "What's so strange"? she asked. "You just had an orgasm. I thought prostitutes never have an orgasm with a John", I said with a sly grin. "Damn you! You just messed up my fantasy"! I thought I had just fucked up and now she's pissed. Then her smile came back. "Come here!" she ordered. She sat up on the edge of the bunk, grabbed me by the belt and pulled me to her. I was still standing and she quickly unbuckled my belt, lowered my zipper and pulled my pants down to my knees. The underwear came next and my hard cock sprang out in front of her face. No teasing, no licking, no hesitation, she just took my cock into her mouth all way to her throat. Her hand cupped my balls and her other hand stroked my shaft. She may not be an experienced whore in real life but she sure was experienced at sucking cock. She worked on me like a pro. She pulled it out of her mouth and spit on it for more lubrication. Then back into her mouth and her hand jacked me up and down. She knew just the right moments to gently squeeze my balls. She would pull her mouth back off my cock and let one string of saliva stretch back from her lips. Then she would suck it back in as she went down on me again. Damn, that's such a turn on. She must have known when I was getting close to cumming because she brought me just to the brink and backed off. She squeezed my shaft hard and sucked and licked my balls and the near orgasm went back down. Then she sucked me some more. Again, almost to the point of no return and then she stopped again. Ohhh Yeahhh! She definitely knew what she was doing. And then, every man's dream come true. She looked up at me and said, "I want you to cum in my mouth. You want to do that for me don't you?" "Hell Yeah!" Her mouth came back down on my throbbing cock and with only a few more strokes, I was on the brink again. I told her I was about to cum and instead of stopping this time, she went faster. Sucking hard and stroking me harder. Her other hand squeezed my balls until they hurt so good. My hot cum gushed into her mouth and she didn't miss a stroke. She continued pumping me until she had every last drop.

As she flicked the tip of her tongue on the tip of my still throbbing cock she said, "Trucker, we need to get on to the fucking now. Times a wasting and my time is expensive." I said, "No, I want to eat some pussy first. You will just have to make some overtime tonight." I reached down, grabbed her under the arms and lifted her up off the bunk. I unbuckled her sexy black belt and then reached behind and lowered the zipper on the back of her dress. The satin fell with a soft rustle onto the floor of the truck. Again, I reached around her and unhooked her black lace bra. It fell to join the satin dress on the floor. The panties came off next. I knelt down in front of this beauty and slowly slid them off. She had put them on over her garters for easy removal. What a pro! As they joined the pile of satin, silk, nylon and lace on the floor of my truck, I couldn't help but appreciate the contrast of the two. Expensive, feminine, dainty lingerie piled on the floor of big, work every day, semi-truck. My eyes slowly came back up taking in the whole lovely view. The red stilettos, the full-fashion seamed stockings and black lace garter belt. My lingerie fetish was getting its fill tonight. My face came up to her shaven pussy, still wet with her glistening honey. I buried my face in it and inhaled the perfume. My tongue shot forward and gathered some nectar to my mouth. The taste was intoxicating. I felt her knees shake a little then she sat back on the bunk. I grabbed both of her knees and spread her thighs apart. Her labia was plumped and opening like a flower. Her little button of a clit was trying to peek out from under its protective hood. Again, I buried my face in her pussy. I explored her slit as far in as I could with my tongue. Then up to her clit. Softly around it, just teasing, flicking, lightly licking. I put two fingers in her pussy and stroked in and out. Getting progressively faster. I curled them up and caressed her G Spot. That brought out a moan from her. With my other hand, I reached up and squeezed a breast. I found a nipple and gently pinched it. Another loud moan. I pinched harder. Her hips came off the bunk and she pressed her pussy hard to my mouth. I increased my finger fucking and rubbing her G Spot. My tongue worked more on her clit. The climax built up like a tidal wave and crashed all over her body at once. Her nipples stood up like little soldiers. Her clit was erect and out of its hood as I sucked on it. Her juices started running out of her pussy, down my fingers and over my hand. Her vagina was throbbing with its own rhythm. The sides of her pussy were squeezing my fingers until I thought they might break. She arched her back and let the spasms wash over her. She was moaning incessantly now and I was sure the entire truck stop could hear her.

I tried to stay in there, gently licking her clit but she clamped her thighs together until I thought she would squash my head. I reluctantly backed out and she slammed her thighs together as the spasms kept racking her body. I wanted to get back in there and "help" but she pushed me away, "No, it's too sensitive!" So, I slid up next to her and kissed her. She opened her mouth and invited my tongue in. I knew that I had her pussy juice slimed all over my lips, nose and cheeks but she took it all in. Our tongues wrestled with each other as she cleaned her nectar from my face. Between licks and panting she asked, "So, are you ready to fuck me now?"

She wriggled back up fully on the narrow bunk, opened her lusciously thighs wide and with both hands outstretched, beckoned me to her. My rejuvenated cock was standing straight out again as I positioned myself between her legs. Not wanted this wonderful evening to finish too quickly, I teased her with my cock. I let it lightly slide up and down her labia just barely touching her. I contracted my Kegle muscle to make my cock wag up and down on her pussy. I thrust forward but let my cock slide up her pussy to her clit. I humped up and down making the underside of my cock rub on her clit. The whole time I was looking into her face. Her head was back and her eyes were closed. I'm sure she was waiting for me to enter her at any second. But I didn't. I kept teasing until she opened her eyes and looked at me. "Oh God, just fuck me already!" she almost screamed. Her nails dug into my ass as she pulled me to her. I aimed my cock at her pussy and she pulled me all the way in. She arched her back and wrapped her legs around me. "Ohhhhhhh Yesssssss!" she screamed. "That's it! That's what I want". I'm sure hope the driver next door wasn't getting any sleep.

Supporting myself on my knees and hands, I fucked her with long slow thrusts. I slid my cock into her as far as I could then pulled out until I was almost out. Then back in again. As I have heard it described in erotic stories, "we became as one". Our movements formed a ballet of sex. My thrusts were met by hers. Our bodies instinctively moved in unison to maximize our mutual pleasure. I tried to hold myself back to prolong the experience but despite all my efforts, my orgasm could not be delayed any longer. My body froze in place for a moment as my cock got hypersensitive and the first bursts of cum shot into her pussy. Then I started stroking again as the joyous spasms engulfed my body. My hot semen added more lubrication and I pumped my cock in and out as fast and deep as I could. That sent her over the edge too. Her legs grabbed me again and her nails dug into my back and we pounded into each other with wild abandon. Her shouts of joy escaped the cab and echoed through most of the truck stop. Her spasms kept coming and her pussy literally pulsed around my cock. It felt like it was try to milk every last drop of cum from me. Finally her spasms slowed and her screams dwindled to meek whimpers. I collapsed to her side we kissed. Our tongues resumed their wrestling match. Our hands caressed each other's sweat soaked bodies. We laid there together for what seemed like an hour trying to regain our senses and normal heart rates.

Her voice pulled me out of my reverie and matter-of-factly she asked, "So trucker, was that the best truck stop fuck you've ever had?" The fantasy continued. "Well, not that I have had very many to compare it to, but definitely yes, that was the best." "Good" she replied, "Us lot lizards aim to please". "You've certainly done that. I will have to send a letter of recommendation to your pimp", I quipped. "I don't have a pimp", she retorted indignantly. "But if any other Johns want a reference, I'll have them call you. But now, I have to go. I have other truckers waiting," she said as she started to get dressed, still acting out her game. I quickly dressed also then helped her down from the truck. Once again, I got a great eyeful up her dress as she descended the ladder. I don't know what it is about a lady in a dress. I had just fucked this lady, ate her pussy and saw every naked part of her. But looking up her dress at her panty covered pussy made my used up cock give another twitch of life.

It was late now and most of the drivers in the lot were asleep. At least those who were able to get back to sleep after the noise we had just made. No honking this time but the few drivers who were up and around stopped what they were doing and gave their full admiration to Sue. Then the golf cart slid to a stop in front of us. It was the rent-a-cop again. As he got out of the cart, I braced myself for another confrontation. But before either he or I could say anything, Sue stepped up to him and with her hands on her hips said, "You don't have to tell me to leave! You're too late. I've already made my money for the night and I'm outta this two-bit truck stop. You'll just have to try to catch me earlier next time." With that said, she grabbed my arm and we quickly walked across the street to her car parked at the bar. At her car we laughed thinking about what the security geek must be thinking. Then we kissed a little while and I do believe I was just about ready to go at her again when she backed up a step and held out her hand, palm up, fingers wiggling. I gave her a questioning look and she said, "Time to pay up trucker!" "What?" I asked with a smile. She said indignantly, "You told me yourself that lot lizards get around fifty dollars for a quickie fuck and hundred dollars for a really good fuck. You just got a full fledged, certified, hundred dollar fuck, so pay up". I realize she was acting out a prostitute fantasy but I hadn't thought she would take it this far. But the look in her eye told me she wasn't kidding. I pulled out my wallet and reached into an inside hidden pocket where I keep a folded up $100 bill for emergencies. I handed it to her and she snatched it out of my hand. "Thank you trucker, it was a business doing pleasure with you. Call me next time you're through town and I'll see if I can schedule you in". Sue got into her car, blew me a kiss and drove away. I stood there for a minute with my mouth open. Then I went into the bar and sat down. That load of freight on my truck is just going to have to wait another eight hours, I need a beer!

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