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What is it About You?

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I sit there stupidly staring at your face while you talk to me about ?Oh I don?t even know. I am smiling and laughing in all the right places but still my mind is somewhere else. Somewhere dark and cold with crisp white sheets and that strange smell of cleaner that only motels have.

I am already there in my mind with your hands on my body and the taste of you in my mouth.

You touch my leg under the table and my already wet sex flushes and burns. Just the sight of you does me in. It as though your body turns a switch in me I cant control, a bad switch or a good one depending.

I am studying your face your expressions and I know you have had just the right amount of talk and drink because I can clearly see the hunger that usually hide in your eyes. That intensity but you are a glutton for punishment. Anticipation you call it and force me to be patient so I know asking to go now would only have you delay more.

I take a swig of my beer, yes I like beer straight from the bottle a trait some men find a little amusing and you seem to ignore like its just a natural thing.

That?s what I like about you everything is ok.

I shift in my seat and feel the thick seam of my jeans push and stroke the swollen flesh in my crotch. I want to shift again, damn I should have worn a dress, then maybe I could have coaxed your hand right there, already slick your fingers would have slipped in easily and found their way to the spot.

What did you say? Oh! Yes, I think so and I laugh.

You aren?t handsome in that traditional way but you have they manly ego and strength oozing off of you like a predator all the girls say so. Your face is friendly and your laugh contagious. I look around the bar and there are a few younger women catching glances at you, well younger than us, and when you stand to go to men?s room, I catch one checking out your firm hot ass. I love the feel of it in my hands my nails pressing into the flesh of it while you push deep into me.

Check Please! I am thinking out loud. I may not make it to the hotel sheets, I consider following you to the toilet and begging.

I can feel you arrive at the table before I even turn around to see you there my nipples harden to tell me. You lean over and your breath on my skin sends chills through me. I feel another flood of hot juice escape my body as you say ?Ready??

Walking out I know what is ahead and my heart pound at the thought of it. You ask where I want to go, what I want to do even though you know the answer you want to hear me say it because its hard for me.

I lean in kissing your mouth tasting you and feel that familiar lost sensation, my body screams. You tell me as usual that wont work and ask me again, Right there in parking lot under a buzzing a street light my heart races, OH how I love it when you make me do anything. Your hand reaches between my thighs and you rub pressing your hand, making the feeling worse, I close my eyes.

?You want to fuck? you ask so matter of fact but I know you say it like that because I want you to and that makes it sweet. All that escapes me is a breathy moan of encouragement as I shamefully push toward your hand.

?Ask me.? You say.

I open my mouth and find my voice, ?Yes?

?What else?? you continue rubbing enjoy my utter surrender.

?Yes, please?? I ask again.

I hear you laugh that sexy low laugh you save for me.

Your hand leaves my crotch and I feel your fingers wind through my hair and pull me to your body. I can feel you hard and ready against me as I give my mouth over to you.

?Lets go.? You say

OH, I am hoping you will lay me down and eat me the way you do with your finger buried inside me with the fullness of your mouth sucking my hard little clit, I love that I feel my orgasm flow out me into your mouth, oh I want that tonight.

You give that wicked grin and I cant wait I realize we are a little to old for parking lot play but I cant help and I know you wont criticize everything I want is ok.

I grin back and move to lean over you in the seat and you grab my head. I watch you free your hard cock and lick my lips waiting, you don?t have to say it but you do, it gets me going.

?Suck my dick.?

I notice your voice never cracks like mine and I feel my hunger all the way in the gut.

I lean over and take you in mouth. I love the way you smell like laundry I can always smell dryer sheets mixed with your skin. I run my tongue over the head of it tasting the drop of you and I take you in my hand. I stroke you the way you like gripping hard and moving in rhythm with my mouth. I love sucking you. Your cock is thick and fills my mouth. I know you are watching and my body starts to move with my motion.

I undo my jeans and pull them down to my knees I don?t know if you asked me to do it, I just do it. Then I return to your cock. I know my ass is in the air and anyone coming out now may see it. See me swollen and aching wet with my ass in the air, that turns me on too.

I can feel your hands running over my ass and my heart is pounding in my chest, please I think please plunge your fingers inside me, please finger fuck me. You run your finger over my flesh and pull your hand away.

Oh, I gasp, and then with no warning you push two fingers inside me. I come up from my task because my head is swimming because I can?t think to move you feel so good. I look at your face, I can see your eyes are crazy with lust and need and it drives me on as I buck toward your skillful hands.

Again and again, you stroke the spot deep in me while your thumb works my little knob. Two fingers, three fingers I feel you open me. Oh, I moan, yes please yes. I place the weight of my body on your arm and can feel the heat of it on my stomach.

?That?s it, come for me? I hear your voice in this place where we go when we are like this far away from where we are sitting in the parking lot.

I do. The burning inside me grows till I cant take it anymore but I want more the journey is the fun, no time its too late. I feel the walls of my cunt throb and contract and the flood of my orgasm rushes that warmth over me. Oh! I cry out.

You are ready you know what I want and have already moved the seat back so I can clumsily move my way to face you and lower myself onto your cock. Its like coming again, you are hard and thick filling me up, It is soon after my orgasm and I and out of rhythm too hungry with need for you to control it.

You grab my hips and stop me. I laugh that sweet pleasant laugh of sex. Again I ride slowly at first savoring you inside me. Looking at you, eyes closed head thrown back. I am wet again with fresh juices from the site of it and as I catch my stride, I feel the burning again.

I want you to touch my clit the way you do I hate doing it myself I love the feel of your fingers as work me. I grab your hand from hip and move it to me. Your still closed you smile moving your finger up and down in long strokes with the timing of my ride.

You know how because I told you how I like it. One night drinking at a bar over stale, nuts and laughs from friends while we go over the joys of sex but you listened and really heard me. No circles I hate them no clumsy back and forth or slapping from side to side its too hard but this OH yes this motion the up and down pushing my clit toward your cock as it moves in me, oh yes, please.

I can feel my cunt grow tight and the muscle throb, I stop riding because I have never mastered the coming and riding part I prefer the bottom to the top and you take up the motion pushing into me from under my weight. Moments pass and I lean toward you inhaling the scent of your skin. My gasps escape into your neck absorbed by your flesh I come again.

You keep going I know you are ready, I ask you to say my name and you do right before you explode, gripping my hips.

The windows are all foggy. I laugh and jump off your lap pulling up my jeans. I always feel like all my troubles are gone when we make love and for time after.

You smile as you sit there in that blissful state. I know you will not move for a minute you will wait and then it will be like nothing happened.

?You ?re beautiful when you come? you say and a thrill runs through me I can conquer the world now.

?I want a beer,? I say like a child demanding a toy. You laugh out loud.

?What is it about you?? you ask through a sly grin.

?I was just thinking the same thing,? I say as you move to kiss me.

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