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What Would I Do

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?What would I like to do to a beautiful and willing woman if I could do anything I wanted?

First I would invite her over for a couple of drinks and we would get a bit relaxed and loosened up. We would sit on the couch and talk, I would be admiring her body. Eventually I would turn so that she could lean back against me and her head on my shoulder. My hands would start to roam along her belly and thighs. I would kiss her neck and nibble her ears. I would slowly unbutton her blouse, one button at a time until it was open enough to slip my hand in. There I would hopefully find she is either wearing no bra or, better yet, a sexy half cup bra. I would continue kissing her neck and opening her blouse until it was wide open and both hands were enjoying the contents. After a while I will have her move to beside me on the couch and slip out of her blouse and bra. As I kiss, suck, and nibble her nipples as she reaches for my crotch. When I am hard she takes me out and continues gently stroking me. Then she moves down and begins kissing and licking me. When she takes me into her mouth it is with long, slow, deep strokes, taking me as deep as she can go and holding it. Then sliding back up with strong suction. After a few minutes of this, I am very close. So I tell her to stop and we move to the bedroom. Once there, I have her slip out of her pants and panties.

When she is naked she starts to rub herself against my body and my hands explore hers.. She slowly undresses me, taking her time and making it as sensual an experience as she can. When we are both naked she drops to her knees and once again begins pleasuring me orally, making sure I have the best possible view of my cock sliding in and out of her mouth as well as her hand rubbing her breasts and pussy.

When I can hold back no longer she takes me deep and holds it while I cum down her throat. We get on the bed and I begin to massage her body. I suck on her nipples and rub her clit. I slide one or two fingers inside her. I bring her to the edge and then back off. I do this time and again. When I finally do take her over the edge it is a rollercoaster of wave after wave of orgasm. We lay for a few minutes to recuperate. I am playing with her breasts and she is stroking my cock. After a while I reach up into the cubby on the headboard and take out a small bottle of Astroglide. I place a small pool of the liquid between her breasts and begin massaging it into her cleavage..

It gets warm as it is rubbed. Another little bit and then I straddle her and slide my cock between her slippery breasts. She wraps her breasts around my cock and squeezes and massages them as I stroke her cleavage. As I push forward, she licks the head of my cock, sucking it when she can. After I cum, I go to the bathroom and clean myself off. I then bring a warm washcloth back and clean up her breasts. I take a long time doing this because I am really enjoying it. But after a while the cloth is starting to get cold and there is nothing left to wipe up. I then slide her down to the edge of the bed. I kneel down and spread her legs. I kiss her inner thighs and lower belly. All around her pussy but not on it. When I finally get around to eating her I do it very slowly and deliberately. Just like she did me. I bring her to the brink and back off, just like I did when I was fingering her. She cums explosively again.

At this point we have an intermission and catch our breaths and have a little something to drink.

Once back in the bedroom, I have her lay on her belly and I straddle her legs giving her a gentle back and neck massage. Occasionally my hands will slide under her to cup her breasts. I move down her body to the small of her back. Then start at her calves and work my way up each of her legs to her buttocks. I spend a lot of time enjoying the view and the feel of her butt before I bend down and kiss each cheek.

Slowly, I part her cheeks and begin to kiss her cute little anal opening. As I gently push my tongue against it, I slide my hand under her and begin to rub her clit. She begins to relax. My tongue is finding less resistance and she is starting to rub back against my fingers. After a few minutes we move to the classic 69 position. My fingers are replaced by my tongue and my tongue is replaced by my finger. As she sucks me slowly and deeply, I tongue her clit. After a few minutes, I dip my finger into her pussy and collect some of the juices, which I use to lubricate my finger as I slide it slowly into her anus. I take my time and return often for more lubrication.

Slowly, first just barely in, then deeper and deeper. I slide my thumb into her pussy as I move my finger and lick her clit. I rub my thumb and finger together simulating double penetration. My cock is hard. She is breathing hard, I roll her over on her belly and slide a pillow under her hips. Then taking the Astroglide again, I apply a small amount to her anus and to my cock. I then move over her and slowly insert my cock. As she becomes accustomed to it, I stroke deeply and longer inside of her. I play with her breasts as she reaches under herself and fingers herself. We both build to a climax.

Afterwards we roll on our side, spoon fashion and lay there, catching our breath as I get soft and finally plop out of her. Once again,I clean myself up and bring back a washcloth to gently clean her up.

At this point we either get dressed, have a drink and part company for the evening, or we turn off the lights, pull up the covers and go to sleep. In the latter case she has her back to me and my arm around her holding her breast. At some point in the middle of the night or early morning I am awakened by her giving me slow and gentle head. It has always been a fantasy of mine to be sound asleep and have a woman see how far she could go orally without waking me up.

I hope you enjoyed the scenario.

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