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What Just Happened?

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What Just Happened?

The room was darkened, curtains drawn, scented candles burning along the head of the bed. Her lover brought her through the door, leading her slowly in and letting her drink in the atmosphere of the room. He had promised her something special for this evening. While holding her close on the dance floor at their ocean side restaurant, he had whispered about a surprise for later, one that he believed she would enjoy.

Both were married and they had been internet lovers for months, they had traded stories and fantasies and opened their minds and experiences to each other, the anonymity of the net providing apparent security to their secret thoughts.

But then, they met and became lovers in the flesh. They had a limited but a wonderful time together, it was like going back to being lovers in high school. The freshness and excitement of doing something as wild as this only added to the pleasure they found in each other. They had walked and talked and dined and danced and drank wine and made love and fucked.

She was wearing a robe, a white terry cloth robe. At the side of the bed he undid the wrap and the robe dropped to the floor. He held her and they kissed, and he whispered to her, "You must trust me my love". Standing behind her, he placed a blindfold over her eyes and tied it behind her head.

He guided her as she lay down on the bed and positioned herself in the middle on her back, her head on the pillows. She felt his hands as they produced soft velvet ties for her wrists and he tied both of them to the headboard on the bed, one to each side of her head. Her heart quickened as she felt him tie her feet, legs in a spread eagle fashion. She lay there exposed; totally vulnerable to her lover, her breasts splayed one to each side, and her pussy spread open.

She felt him kneel on the bed and lean over her, kissing her on the lips, not a word spoken. She could feel something soft and furry now, gently touching her lower legs working its way up her legs to her hips. A hand in a glove of some sort, a glove made of soft fur possibly mink. The hand continued to tease and tantalize her, brushing over her mound, caressing her hips and the back of her legs, then up her soft belly, caressing her breasts, teasing the nipples, around her neck then it was gone.

A minute or so later, drops of something warm falling on her breasts and chest, down her belly to her pussy, down the inside of her thighs to her knees. Strong hands followed, massaging the oil into her total body. The hand slipped between her legs, more oil, fingers ran in the crease each side of her pussy lips. Her excitement rose as her body tingled from the smooth caresses.

She was a little disoriented, what side of the bed was her lover on? Did she hear another person in the room? Was that a murmured voice, an unknown one?

Suddenly her breasts were being kissed; a hand was gently rubbing her pussy, oh so gently. She could feel the lips swelling and becoming wet. One nipple was now being sucked and licked. Now the other one, and back again, and the fingers were working into her slit, two fingers in a V shape slipping in and out, capturing her clit in between them. She was powerless to stop it, even if she had wanted to, and she did not want it to stop. Her breathing was getting very sharp and quick. She was pushing her hips up in unison with the stroking of the fingers. She wished she could grab the hand and hold it there while she humped it faster to her satisfaction.

Then she was alone, no touches anywhere on her body. She sensed her lover standing to one side, but was there another person in the room? She laid there, nipples swollen and hard, her pussy wet and slippery and wide open. Then suddenly someone was on the bed, between her legs and she could feel breathing on her open pussy, a tentative touch. Was it a tongue? It became more insistent, tracing the outline of he pussy lips, bottom to top and back to the bottom. Each time it made the trip, the tongue pushed more deeply inside her until it was giving full deep licks up the middle and ending at her clit. She wanted to move her hands to hold the head and mash it against her, but she could not.

The mouth found her clit and sucked it in, the tip of the tongue stroking bottom to top. The lips pinched her clit, her breath came more quickly, and she felt herself on the verge of an orgasm. She pushed her mound against his face. Was that someone else at the side of the bed? She could care less, she wanted to get off. But the mouth left her pussy, the person got off the bed. What was happening? There was only silence, murmurs.

There was someone back between her legs, apparently on his knees, hands went under her butt and lifted her up, she could feel the end of a cock being worked into her, and she bucked a bit trying to make it enter her. Finally, the cock began its work, hands still holding her butt up as it fucked her relentlessly, she was so close at the beginning that she was off within ten strokes, but the cock continued to pummel her. Suddenly, there was a mouth on her nipple! Whose was it?

More movement, was there someone different between her legs? Her heart pounded as her lust rose once again. This time as the cock entered her and a body descended on her, crushing her breasts and a mouth finding hers, tongues twisting in passion, mouths slack and wide and the bodies slapping together in a relentless steady fucking. She could feel him gushing inside her and she lost it once again.

She lay there exhausted as he removed the blindfold and ties. She sat up and looked around the room. There was nobody else there? She looked at her lover with a question in her eyes. He smiled, shook his head, and held up a dildo.

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