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What I would do Part I

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Almost everyone has that one person they know that if for any reason they had a chance to have one night with that person they would no matter who knows or no one knows. Well this is the the story of what I would do to that one person if given that chance. No I don't cheat on my wife and wouldn't but damn I would become a liar if she gave me that chance. Let's call her Linda.

This is my dream of how it would happen and as hard as it for me to believe still is exactly what I did. Well one morning I was on Internet and saw Linda online and sent her an im and told her I was going to come by and return a jack that I borrowed from her hubby the day before. Linda told me John wasn't there and wouldn't be home till late that day he had to go look at a job they were bidding on. But she said she would be there and I could come by and drop it off. Me and my wife have been very close friends with Linda and John forever and yeah we have had some hot discussions but was just talk. I am the type that doesn't meet a stranger but when I talk to Linda I am kind of quiet and don't dare make any lewd comments to her even though She wouldn't care but I just Don't Hell it Linda. Well that day was different I decided I was going to make a comment like her husband John would to my wife. And I did. After she told me I could come by and drop the jack off, I popped off and said"Ok only if you are naked and blindfolded on bed with bedroom door open." and she quickly responded "If I was would you really go through with it" My jaw hit the floor I was in state of shock and it was pure silence after a lil bit she said "What. You cant handle it , I didn't think you could cause I know I'm Linda and Linda doesn't do things like that" After I read what she wrote I had to come back with something so I said "Scared my ass I would make you remember it for ever" and she quickly came back again "Well as long as things wont change between us then I'm good with it" and I said " Yeah Yeah Well you better get busy getting ready cause I'll be there in about 30 minutes." all she was " Ok . Don't plain on being any where anytime some cause you have a lot to back up" My heart was about to come out of my chest and my dick was so fuckin hard a cat couldn't scratch it but played it cool an responded" K see ya soon."

Damn The excitement became almost crippling and yet the nerves were just as bad. My mind was trying to comprehend what it just read on the computer and the pervert side of me is going crazy like it had won the lotto. I had to sit down I couldn't hardly breath and as I started to get things together I started to get anxious about what was going to happen if anything and that I had nothing to do and nowhere to be because I had all day to myself. I was like a kid on the way down the hall to the living room on Christmas morning, but no matter how scattered brained I was I knew if by the grace of everything holy that if she wasying there naked and blindfolded that I would do it without a seconds hesitation. And I would take the time to make every inch of her feel like it has never before . I didn't care if she touched me as long as I could treat her body like it deserved to be treated. Well I got dressed and headed to Linda's. On my way over there I was thinking what she would look like lying there on the bed. Linda is about 5'5" very slim build with long sandy blonde hair and has an ass that is just fine. From previous conversations and things my wife has told me recently, I know that she really hasn't had someone really be all about her. That's about to change cause that is what I am all about. We my nerves got worse the closer I got but I was so fucking hard just thinking of the what if factor. Well I pulled up to her house and did a quick knock and walk in like I always do. I was pretty calm at that point except for a little shakiness in my knees. We always hang out in their bedroom so as I walked around the corner and saw their bedroom door I noticed it was cracked and I kind of hollered out that it was me and I heard Linda say "I'm in bedroom." I noticed a little twinge to her voice too and thought that she is really going through with this. Well, I got to door and took a deep breath and slowly opened it and as my eye came up I noticed Linda was laying on the bed in a short sexy dress or teddy and she had a black silk blindfold on. That is when I became calm and focused and said a little "thank you" under my breath. Was I going to talk, hell no I was going to walk over and make this a reality. As I walked over to her I softy ran my fingers up her leg and she flinched a little like I sent shock waves through her legs. Now she knows I'm going through with it to. As I sat beside her on the bed she started to say"I don't like-" and that when I told her " SHHH, I will not do anything but treat your body like a god, so relax." I always pay close attention to reactions from a woman and which things get the ultimate reactions.

Well, I slowly ran my hand up and down her inner thigh going back and forth between legs and slowly eased her legs apart and as I did I saw that she was completely shaved just the way I luv it. With my hand rubbing the upmost area of her inner thighs i could feel the edge of her pussy and as I keep slowly rubbing both sides I could feel she was starting to get wet. That is when I got up and moved to between her legs at end of the bed and that is when she spread her hers legs more and slightly lifted her knees and I kinda smiled cause she was thinking that I'm fixing to lick her wet pussy but little did she know that I don't eat pussy in that position. I like to lay beside the woman in a 69 position and lean across the woman to eat her pussy. Anyway, as she lifted her knees slightly I put my lips almost against her skin at one of her ankles and softly kissed her skin, and yes she noticed. I continued to hold my lips just above her skin but close enough that she could feel the heat from my breath and every so often I would give her skin a soft wet kiss. As I went higher up her leg I was finally at her clit area and she spread her legs wider then. I let my hot breath and my lips stay right above her clit and just stay there for a lil while. I could tell she could feel my breath and after a lil wait she kinda lifted and so did I. She was expecting to kiss and lick her pussy and as much as I wanted to eat her like a fat kid eats cake I didn't. I wasn't here for a wam bam thank you mam time, I was here to take to most time needed to make her feel the best and craziest I could. Well, right as her hips went back down so did I and instead of staying there I continued down the next leg. As I moved slowly down the next leg I used one hand to go back to massaging each side of her pussy never touching it and never penetrating but I was close as I could be without doing that. As I reached her ankle area I went down to her toes and softly kissed the middle of them and quickly took one of her toes in my mouth and softly sucked it and gave it a lil bite as I finished. She might not have a toe fetish but that really excited her and from there I started over. Going back up that legs but this time I would kiss harder with a lil suck to it and did same thing as last time to her clit. I could tell she was wanting me to eat her pussy but I wasn't giving in yet I went back down the other leg and and continued back up her her now wet pulsing pussy. I continued to massage her the entire time I'm traveling up and down her legs but this last approach was my last. My dripping wet mouth hovered about her pink wet clit as she lifted I did to and thats when I flipped my body around and laid beside her but never letting my mouth leave where it was positioned. I was laying softly across her and now it was time. I slowly stuck my tongue out and gave her a hot wet lick from the top of clit down to the back edge her of her pussy. Damn I was finally there and yes her taste and smell was everything I had imagined. And she gave a sigh of relief that I finally gave her pussy what it was wanting. I went back to her clit and took it in softly and kissed and sucked it slowly and softly. I did this over and over for several minutes and then I went down and buried my tongue in her her pussy over and over. Damn she was hot now , her moans and moves motivated me more and not to stop. What she didn't know is that I can do this literally for hours but not this time but it was going to last longer than what her normal sex last all together. After about 15 minutes I focused back on her clit and with one hand and I started to rub her pussy and slowly finger it . Damn, it was perfect, it wasn't tight , not loose but just perfect, was I dreaming . No , I knew this was real. I slowly started feel for her spot with one figure and could tell she had never squirted before but that was going to change. I have been know for knowing exactly how to make a woman squirt and there hasn't been one yet that hasn't. As, I softly sucked her clit and increasing a lil every couple minutes, I began to figure her very softly over and over. I was rubbing more than fingering and it was getting a reaction to. I could tell from her breathing and moans this was new and strange but great and I wasn't going to stop either. The intensity was increasing rapidly now and I could tell she was getting ready to squirt even though she didn't, and thats when I shoved another finger in and started really working that area more aggressively. I had my middle 2 fingers buried in her pussy and I was going to give her her first amazing squirt and best feeling she had ever ad and all of a sudden she was there. She let out a loud moan and tensed up real hard and I lick up to her nipple and softly suck it and looked at her and told her to push and she did. When I knew she was fixing to let go I removed my hand to watch a small gush of fluid and back to it I went and each time the intensity got greater and after several minutes of this I stopped and let her catch her breath. She thought this was her cumin over and over but I was fixin to show her a cum and thats when I threw her legs back and buried my face in her wet pussy. I sucked and lick her in and out while fingering her too and I could tell she was there and I got more intense until her body shuttered like an earthquake and now she was cumin. After this I kinda laid back and let my dream cum true sink in and after a lil bit I started to get up and she said where you going. I told her we didn't have to go any further I could do without fuckin her cause I didn't what I always wanted to and that's when she said "Oh we are fucking we are going to do it all , there will be no wondering after we are done." I was shocked but that made me rock hard thinking what she wanted or was going to do and what happened from then on is Part II.

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