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What I want for a warm summer night

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As he lies on top of me, his chest heaving against my naked breasts I stare at my finger. Not just any finger; but my marriage finger. The finger that shows my dedication and loyalty to my husband, through thick and thin, for better or worse. My love runs so strong through my heart and soul for that man, but lust was another factor in this ?hook-up?. None if this matter a few hours ago. Three hours ago I put all my morals and values on the line for a quick fuck with someone I didn?t even know; someone whose last name is still a mystery to me.

My husband and I were having a grown-up Friday night. The girls were spending the night at my parents? house and my husband and I decided to go out. We did the usual; we got showered up and all pretty for the evening. We chatted about our days and what to wear. We debated where to have dinner. Then when we realized we had unlimited hours on our hands, we decided to head downtown to a local biker/sports bar for some pool and drinks. When we got down there it was hot, crowded and loud as a local band was also playing in the bar that night. The bar was exciting and you could just feel the electricity between all the dancing bodies and conversational strangers. My husband and I looked around the room until he found us a table. We parked ourselves at a table and order a couple drinks as we looked around to see what else was going on. It was then when I noticed him looking at me.

I don?t know why a man would be looking at another man?s wife, but this guy had to be staring at me. Yea, I looked okay for the evening; maybe he thought I looked familiar or something. I just had on my nice graceful knee high skirt and my knee high boots and a very sheer and flowing top. I was braless, maybe that was it. Maybe there was someone behind me he was staring at which would make more sense. My husband then yells at me ?HEY! Want to play a game of pool with me after these guys leave?? I agreed as he went to change in some dollars for coins and find us a couple cues. When I glanced back over he wasn?t in the same spot anymore. He must have seen someone else and approached them to talk. I realized I must have been thirstier than I thought because my beer was already gone. I decided that I would walk back to the bar for something more girly and sophisticated.

Shuffling through the noise and heat was fun, but the unintentional grab of my ass by an anonymous stranger put me on edge a tiny bit. I got to the bar and ordered myself an Appletini. One; it sounds fun and two; it is delicious. I felt a hand on my right shoulder and heard in an unfamiliar voice ?this one is on me? to the bartender. I turned around to see the same man standing directly behind me. He was taller than I thought, even taller than my husband. He had blue eyes that were the color of the deepest part of the ocean. His hair was thick and wavy well groomed. His skin was rough and slightly aged, but he didn?t look too much older than me. And to my surprise, he looked quite a lot like my husband. He was stocky with large arms but he wasn?t a bodybuilder type, it just looked natural. He smiled me a lopsided smile with impeccable teeth at me when I realized that I have been starting at him now for quite some time.

?Hi,? he said with an incredibly low voice. The sound of it sent visible shudders through my body. ?My name is Jameson.? The air in my lungs and my own voice had escaped me; a very noticeable first in my life. I finally choked out ?I?m Cassie, nice to meet you.? I put out my hand to shake his but he took my hand in his like a gentleman from the 18th century and kissed it. I made a peculiar noise and felt lightheaded and immediately aroused at the same time. I quickly thanked him for paying for my drink and hurried over to my husband.

?Hey, where have you been?? He asked me in confusion.

?Oh, I went to the bar for another drink.? I replied.

?Well, where is it?? He asked me, still looking confused. I looked down at my empty hands and realized that they were wet with sweat and that was it. I looked back up to my darling husband and all I could do was smiling like a big fool. ?Honey, are you feeling okay, you looked really flushed and kind of out of it.? He asked me with concern in his voice.

?Oh, I?m okay; I?m, uh, just kind of hot. There isn?t a whole lot of air in here, do you mind if I step outside and take a breather, then I will pick up my drink on the way back in?? I asked him as I stumbled and tripped over my own words.

?Sure honey, some guys from my local dart league are here and we are still waiting for our turn on the pool table. Go outside and clear your head. Here, take this and grab me another beer.? He hands me some cash and gives me a kiss, lacing his fingers though my hair and placing his other free hand on my waist. After all these years he still gets my fire going. I kiss him in return, but I don?t know if I was kissing him or still the mysterious stranger that paid for a drink that never touched my lips.

I quickly grabbed my bag and shuffled myself outside. Even though it was summer the air outside the bar was crisp and cool. It hit my already tingling skin like a speeding train. I started to dig around my purse looking for a smoke but was unable to find the pack as my head was already swimming with thoughts of sex and alcohol. Thoughts of his lips on mine. His had around my waist. His chest against mine and feeling him slide his hand up my leg to feel how wet I was. I then see a hand come under my nose with a cigarette and a lighter. I look up to see that mysterious Jameson with a smoke already in his mouth as he mumbles to me ?You look like a menthol chick? and jesters his hand to my own. I take his cigarette and lighter and with a shaky hand bring them both up to my mouth. I try over and over to strike the lighter again until he touches my hand and strikes the lighter for me. I take my first hit and realize this is the same brand that I smoke and take a long inhale, closing my eyes as I can smell his musk and cologne along with the tobacco swimming around in my lungs. When I open my eyes I notice him still looking at me. I finally brave up the courage to confront him.

?Are you fucking following me tonight?? I say with my most convincing ?tough bitch? attitude. He then starts to laugh a hardy belly laugh and smiles so big I?m pretty sure the moon shine off of his teeth could signal the Hubble telescope. I then feel very stupid that I said that and go to quickly put out my smoke and get back inside to the madness.

He grabs my hand before I can flick my smoke and says to me ?I just like looking at you, you?re beautiful. Your husband is a lucky man.? The sound of him saying my husband makes my skin want to crawl for some reason, but makes my pussy wet. ?Want to get out of here?? he asks me. I was put off by his question and actually taken a step back away from him. My confusion and shock must have been apparent on my face as he let out another belly laugh ?Oh, I?m just fucking with ya!? and flicked his smoke out into the street and went back inside. I was left there with my own thoughts and confusion as I don?t know what the hell just happened. I must have stood in that same spot looking dumbfounded for a while because when I went to take another hit; my smoke had already burned down. I gather myself together and make my way back inside. My husband is waiting for me at the pool table with our cues as I make my way back from the bar with our drinks, as I promised. We play our game and decide to play other as a team against another team. That is when Jameson came up with a buddy, our opposing team.

He flashes me another lopsided grin and shakes my husband?s hand wishing us luck. Luckily for my husband he carried us through the game, because I was too busy watching Jameson?s arms and back as he flexed in front of me and as he kept flashing me smiles on the side. My husband won the game for us and got to talking to one of the guys about the motorcycles parked outside. I excused myself to the bathroom real fast to freshen up and finally take a break alone. But as I was walking back to the restroom, someone grabbed my waist and forced themselves against me and the wall, kissing me furiously. I kissed back, twirling my fingers in his hair, assuming it was my husband but when he pulled away, it wasn?t. It was Jameson as he was trying to catch his breath. I stood there unable to fight him away as I was more aroused by this then I have been in years. He grabbed my hand and raced us out the back door and to a large pick-up truck.

He shuffled around inside his pockets for his keys and I kept checking around us to make sure we were not being followed. He is still holding one of my hands; he unlocks his truck and helps me inside. I then throw myself in the back seat and start to strip of my shirt. He closes the door behind him and joins me in the back seat, stripping on his shirt to show off his neatly trimmed chest and flashed that heartbreaking smile at me as he stared at my naked breasts. They weren?t as perky as they were back in the day but they were bigger and more fun to play with. He grabs them and forces himself upon me, kissing my lips again and almost choking me with his tongue. I start to undo his pants and I can already feel his dick throbbing, waiting for the cool touch of my hand. I pull away from his kiss and thrust my hand down his pants and his eyes about bug out of his head. It was my turn to flash a smile and he pulls his pants and underwear down all the way. Lucky for him I was wearing a skirt that night so getting to my already sloppy pussy was easy for him. He pushes himself between my legs and I bounce myself on his dick, and he easily slides in. There was almost an instant orgasm for both of us as we have both been fantasying about this all night. He was a bit larger than my husband but it felt so amazing to have him inside of me. He continues to kiss my lips moving down to my clavicle and up my neck, sucking on my ears; making me moan and giggle at the same time. We didn?t waste any time fucking each other. Feeling his throbbing and stiff cock inside my pussy was all I wanted the whole evening. Feeling his mouth and tasting the smoke on his breath is all I wanted that evening. And feeling us climax together was I wanted that whole evening. I straddled him better on the back seat as he grabbed my ass with one hand and lifted my shirt with the other. He popped one of my tits in his mouth and started to suck it as hard as he could, giving little nibbles here and there. I tell him to bite me, and he obliged biting down, then moving to the other side and biting that nipple. I tell him harder as I can already feel my pussy start to quiver with my biggest climax coming. I keep bouncing on his cock until he pushes me off of him and flip me over the front bench seat. I get a good look at the windows to see they are all steamy, so if anyone was outside they would definitely know that we were fucking. Somehow he manages to stand his large figure and start to ram his cock in my pussy. He hits my cervix over and over, causing me to yelp in pain but beg for more. I can feel him getting closer to cumming as he starts to slap my ass and pull my hair. He pulls back out and swings my body around back to the backseat so he can fuck me and watch my face as I?m about to come. It didn?t take long for us to finally orgasm, I could feel him bursting and exploding inside of me as I did the same on him. His cum came in waves after waves as he was bearing down on his teeth, clawing my breast and squeezing his eyes shut. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kept rocking myself on his cumming dick as I kept coming. The euphoria going through my body was uncontrollable. I have never had an intense orgasms like this before and I could feel myself squirting around his cock, getting him as wet as I was. I could go on for minutes with an orgasm like that and he let me. I move my mouth up to his biting his lips and sucking his tongue as I continued to cum. Eventually it all ended, now we are back to where we started.

He is trying to catch his breath as I am overwhelmed with guilt and pleasure. He starts to kiss me again telling me that it was the best he has ever had with anyone. I told him it was the best for me too and I return his kisses. He begs me to leave with him but I told him that I am married and must leave with the man I love. He starts to suck my tits again, wanting to go for round #2 but I told him we must go. We quickly get dressed and I go back to what I was doing, trying to take a piss. I get to the bathroom to notice it is a huge wait. I look at my phone and realize that I have only been gone 10 minutes, but it felt like hours. I wait in line, take my alone time, clean myself up and freshen up my face and meet my husband back at our table. He kisses me back and asked if I had fallen in the toilet with his drunken laugh. I giggle back and tell him I want to go home. I go to pay the tab, gather my husband up and have him stagger to the Jeep with me. I help him in and as I slide in, I look out the front window and see Jameson smoking and smiling at me. I get butterflies in my stomach and return his smile. I look behind me and start to pull the car out to drive home. I look over at my very loving husband and ask him, ?Can we do this again next weekend??

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