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What Can Happen When You Break the Rules

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My wife and I have been married for many years. We have a great marriage and great sex life. We have played from time to time with another couple and although we don't have a totally "open" relationship, we have allowed each other to explore alone. But....within the rules! These rules include no overnights, no playing with co-workers (can cause economic problems) and no playing with neighbors. (can have disastrous results too close to home). And, last but not least, there must be "permission"...or agreement before the encounter. Well, we both made the rules and I have to say, they are pretty reasonable. It certainly allows for openness, trust and in a way, leads to much more eroticism. For all the years we were married, the rules worked and actually kept playing within reasonable bounds. Well, this story is about what can happen when the rules are this case, you could say they were shattered. And, who would you expect to break the rules?..yep! that would be me. Certainly not the first time in my life that I have fucked up!!

It was one of the very hot days we had this summer and we ended at one of the spontaneous parties in our neighborhood. This one was at the neighbor's pool just down the street. There were probably 16-20 of our best neighbors and it certainly was a lot of fun. Two of the neighbors were Andrea and her son Mark. Andrea was about 40 and her son Mark was 18, just graduated from high school and going to college on a swimming scholarship. Yes, he was the neighborhood athlete and many of the "older" ladies certainly noticed. He was the complete package from top to bottom and as was mentioned, particularly around groin!! As the evening wore on, the booze was flowing and everyone was getting pretty loosened up. Andrea was having a great time and got to flirting with me pretty good. I did my best but as a true gentleman, couldn't turn her away completely. My wife certainly noticed and whispered in my ear one of the playing with neighbors. I just responded that I was being nice and had no intention. (Well, I couldn't even convince myself of that let alone her). As the evening got later and the booze took affect, many of the neighbors had headed for home and left only about a half dozen of us. Andrea's son had long left to hook up with his friends for what was probably a wild night out. I'm sure it would include some really hot chick his own age. Andrea was getting pretty tipsy and decided it was about time to head home. I was worried about her heading out by herself and told my wife I would make sure she got home safely. Andrea walked the six houses to her place and up onto her back deck. Just as I was about to wish her a good night, her arms went around me and her hand was down the back of my swim suit. I was surprised to say the least and tried to resist (just a little) as she leaned in to plant a kiss on me. I guess I don't really know just how it happened so quick, but we were on the lounge fucking our brains out. I never really knew how hot Andrea can be but she was having her first of several orgasms within a couple of minutes. Fortunately, with the help of the alcohol I was able to hold out for a little while, but couldn't resist too much longer and filled her pussy. We were like two teenagers!! As we finished we just looked at each other and laughed. We were both totally shocked how our spontaneous combustion had us fucking so quickly. I pulled up my swim suit and headed back to the party. Not being gone so long I was hardly missed. Surprisingly, my wife Ann wasn't there as she had headed home without me. I said my good nights and was on my way. When I got home Ann seemed a little quiet but I knew she was pretty tired. She also had her share of alcohol.

The next morning I was up early and out of the house to do a couple of errands. I was gone about a half hour when I got a text from Ann telling me to park near the corner and wait for an obvious sign to come home. "BTW asshole, you broke the rules (several of them to be exact). I hope you enjoy your punishment". Uh-oh, was I busted? Did she find out about last night? I think so. Now, I'm wondering what the hell is my punishment? I sat and watched down the street..30 minutes, an hour and then, an hour and a half later I saw some guy coming out my front door. I finally realized it was Mark. Holy Shit!! I waited for him to head down my driveway and walk down the street before I started my car for the driveway. What the hell was going on? I went in the front door and up the stairs to find Ann lying in our bed, knees up, legs spread and cum all over her pussy and ass. It was probably the most amazing sight..and she head that total just-fucked look! I was speechless and she just smile and said "sit down and stare at my full pussy while I tell you what happened. Maybe, just maybe I will share this with you." "Let's get right to the point fucked Andrea last night. I followed you and saw you grab that quick fuck on her deck. Not that I mind all that much, but you broke 3 rules. One, she's a neighbor, two we never discussed it and you didn't have "permission", and three..well, I'll think of that. So, this is the payback." "Mark was so cute yesterday..he was actually flirting with me. I just loved fantasizing about that rock hard body and how much fun it would be to play with. I never dreamed it was going to happen. When I saw you balls deep in his mother..well, that flipped the switch. I was grabbing the newspaper as he was jogging by and I invited him in. I hadn't plan to fuck him but as soon as I saw his cock twitching in his running shorts I knew I had to have him. We talked and flirted and I knew how turned on he was getting, as well as how wet my pussy was. He was rock hard and a little uncomfortable as he tried to hide it. I wanted his cock in the worst way and would have loved to have him in my mouth. The problem with that was if I had blown him I would have gotten a mouthful and swallowed the evidence. I wanted to make sure you got the full effect of what he was going to do to me. So, what was a horny lady to do? It wasn't one of those long, slow love-making sessions. It was was what a horny 18 year old is going to do. I ripped his running shorts off of him and pulled him on top to take all of his cock. He was already breathing fast and I knew that I'd be full in seconds. I was right as he gave a final thrust and filled my pussy with his first load. I I can really start playing. Being young and insatiable he stayed hard and never left my pussy. We started rocking together and he was just as hard as the first time. He was getting sloppy seconds and with every movement there was the unmistakable squishing sound from my flooded pussy. I had enough teasing. I rolled us over and straddled his engorged cock and rode him. He had enough stamina to hold off until I had a powerful, screaming orgasm. Just as I was finishing mine he let out a loud grunt and shot his second load into my pussy. What a mess!!! Now, there was cum running all over the place. I laid down next to him as we both tried to catch our breath. I had forgotten how great it was to fuck a young stud like that. We just laid there talking..I think he was feeling guilty and worried about how this would effect you and I. Little did he know. I think he was worried about the next time he would see you. I tried to reassure him and after talking awhile longer, he seemed relieved. I also knew he was feeling better as his cock twitched and he was getting hard again. I wanted him again and I wanted it MY way. I sucked him until he was throbbing again and got on my hands and knees. I knew I was covered in cum and wanted him to experience all of it. As he got behind me and buried his cock in my twice-fucked pussy, he got to see and feel all the cum that was still oozing out of my cunt. As his breathing got heavier he was thrusting with a reckless abandon. Cum was everywhere and he was enjoying it all. After about 10 minutes of slow then fast and deep thrusts he screamed I'm cumming and shot a load deep into my pussy. We were both spend and laid back down. Me with even more cum all over the place. So, that is your for your penance, you stick your face down there and clean it all up. Then just maybe...."

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