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What's good for the goose

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It has been 2 weeks and tonight seems to be as good as any to write our experience down. The reason it took a couple of weeks was because of what most couples probabely go through; let it sink in and relish it for a while and of course your daily hang-ups such as work, family etc. My husband " Julien " and I " Wendy " have been in the lifestyle for a number of years now, and play off and on, but mostly just when the occassion is there. When we first started out doing this, we had the same hopes, fantasies, wishes etc. like any other 40ish couple only to find out that most lifestyle sites are packed and loaded with too many people, drama etc. that we were not interested in. Thus we decided not to look as hard any more and just " play " it by ear so to speak. Meaning that if we were in a situation that we found other like minded couples we would see what happens, rather than going on to sites and be set-up for more disappointment. Tonight is a stormy night outside and Casey just got done with the yard and front of the house. I got my choirse taken care of and a few minutes ago I told him we should pour ourselves a drink, light some candles and write down our experience that we had a couple of weeks ago. He smiled at me and all ready was pouring the French Red Beaujolais. Now we are sitting down and are pretty much giggling at each other, not knowing where and how to start without making it sound/look and read like a magazine story. OK, since I am the one who instigated this, I guess I am the one to start and see how it goes, BRB ( Need a pillow for under my butt, lol ) Hi ya folks this is " Julien " - which is not my real name but the Mrs. insisted to change the names for a number of reasons. All the other seem to be correct so far. So let's see how she'll be doing with the rest, lol. OK I am back with ya'll, got my pillow and now I am comfy for a while. Wine taste good, OK here it goes, One of our friends that we have been playing with of and on came over about a month ago or so. Just to say Hi and shoot the breeze. Yes we do play occassionally, but than again, there are plenty of times that we just talk, do the burger thing etc. And this was one of those occassions. Here name is Alice. Alice is a little between a very well educated and well read semi intellectual and a country hick. Does that make sense ? She has been divorced for I guess 10-12 years now and is not in a marrying mood anytime soon. Between her 15 yr old and her fulltime job at the courthouse she sees absolutely no reason to comitt to anything, and that is probabely also the reason as to why she keeps on telling us that we are the perfect couple for her to play with from time to time, lol. But than again, who is immune ? Reason being, lol, is that Alice has been seeing this cop for the last few months and eventhough we went out on a few double dates with them, nothing ever happened and our threesome playing was never even mentioned. Until about 3 months ago I say, all was still in the dating mode between those two, but little by little they have been moving-in small stuff at each others places and it seems that Alice might get the bug after all,lol. But that is not what she came to shoot the breeze about that day. It seems that Alice and Ron were having cofee in bed one morning after making love to each other and they came to talk about fantasies. Now we weren't there of course, but somehow our names came up lol and as you might have guessed, they exchanged some truth or dare type of questions and via some back door it came up that Ron had an interest and attraction to me. Alice continued saying that at that time she had this urge of telling Ron the truth about the 3 of us but couldn't bring herself to that point. Now she said that she is walking around with this aweful feeling and knott in her stomach and feels that she should have said something at that moment, rather than after the fact, because than it looks even more so that she is hiding something. So what is a girl to do ?

We kindda giggled about it and I told her that I was going to talk it over with Julien when he comes home and see what we can come up with so Ron will know the truth without compromising anybody. Julien came home late that evening and was beat and in no position to talk and I decided to give it a rest until the next morning. He was in a great mood, rested, showered and we were ready for a cup of cofee - and a talk lol. I told him about Alice, just like that, without beating around the bush. All the while he kept on smiling without saying a word, - I hate that when people do that, GGGGGRRRRR/LOL ? ! Anyway, after I said my piece, Julien said, OK, honesty allways has been the best policy, right ? Than why don't we invite them over sometime soon and we can all sit down, explain what has happened in the past and what our relationship is all about and see how they respond and then let them make up their minds. I thought that was fair enough and told him I would set it up with Alice. As soon as Julien left that morning I called Alice and told her about our plan. She agreed and we set up a diner date.

( to be continued - Log out time has elapsed )

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