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Welcome HomeCouple

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Welcome Home??


Let me set the stage for you and give you a little background to start off with. I am in the Navy and constantly travel here and there for a week to 6 months at the time so we get the opportunity to continuously have these great sessions of what I call ?welcome home sex?.

First things first Amy is a goddess in my eyes. She is the most beautiful being that has been put on this earth and all to satisfy my every want and need and she does so effortlessly. Amy is a blonde, all natural from top to bottom; she is 5?8? tall 120lbs most days and wears a size zero. She has eyes blue as the Caribbean sea, the longest legs that make the most wonderful ass of themselves. She measures I would guess 34-26-34 with highly sensitive nipple on awesome B cup breasts (We have two children together so that took away from her breast but plans are in the making for new and improved while I am deployed next year) and what I would call the one pussy designed just for me. I like it when she is totally shaved and smooth as glass and she keeps it that way all the time. It is the perfect shape like a fresh Georgia peach with nectar just waiting to be licked, her labia just the right size not too much and not too little and her clit is to die for it hides in waiting for the secret touch of either a tongue or finger.

Now very little about me because he this is not all about me anyway. I am an average guy who has won the heart of an awesome woman. I have been told in the past it has to be my cock because after all I am in the Navy and I do not make loads of money but we do nicely. I am 5?8? tall and weight in regularly at 185lbs so I am a pretty hefty guy. I am not fat by any means but I could and am working on the extra baggage that comes along with getting older. I have a few tattoos but nothing too demanding of consideration. I have brown hair top and bottom that I keep exceptionally trimmed top and bottom. I would say one of my better features is my cock. It is not a giant I want to say I am average but I have heard it considered big by some. Now understand I am in the Navy and have seen men in the past and I have seen some bigger but a lot smaller than mine. 8+ inches of uncut meat, large mushroom head that tapers down at the base. I shave the boys regularly to keep up the maintenance and trim the bush to a minimum no Zohann here.

That is enough now to the good stuff??

I am sure that most you if you are reading this will understand that going away for a couple days can lead to a variety of things and situations but I really want to let you in on the most recent home coming that we just had. Picture this; my ship rounds the corner to berth at the pier and I am on deck looking to see if the love of my life is there as she said she would be. It has been a long week of not doing more than teasing each other with dirty emails and innuendoes of the things to come Friday night. I have been away for 3 weeks and neither of us has strayed, the only pleasure being masturbatory sessions of self pleasure hidden in our own world.

I look out from the deck and search for my truck and see her with the tailgate down sitting cross legged smoking her cigarette (I really wish she would quit but hey who am I to complain) waiting for the ship to make its final approach and let me off for a long awaited weekend of togetherness.

Finally the word is passed ?The brow is open to regular traffic and liberty call?. The next three days I will be splitting my time between taking care of our needs and that of our little girls who desperately want my attention but I can see from the look in her eyes as I walk down the pier I am in for a wild ride.

I walk up to her with open arms and bags of dirty laundry dropping it at her feet give her a great big hug. She embraces me and gives me the most erotic kiss that immediately sends an electric shock tingling from the top of my head to my toes. I get this feeling stir as the blood rushes straight to my cock and I feel a twitch of anticipation? Yep she is teasing me?and loving it.

Her scent is intoxicating, candy apple flavor my favorite. She is wearing this tiny short mini skirt showing off her bronzed tanned legs to the boys as they walk past stealing glances at her tight skirt that amplifies the curves in her luscious ass. She is wearing a next to see through lay shirt with her favorite push up bra to accentuate her cleavage and makes my mouth water and another twitch in my cock.. She has me all but ready to bust as she pulls away from our embrace but not just pulls away but rolls away. She slowly turns enough to rub her ass on my cock through my shorts which are starting to tent and lets out a little giggle in a very sensual manner.

Me being the man that I am I pick up my pride along with my dirty laundry bag and throw it in the bed of the truck. I open the door for my beautiful wife and as she climbs in the front seat low and behold I catch a glimpse of heaven. Smooth as a babies bottom it is only a glimpse but something looks different. Its extra smooth and and yes she is also getting worked up. There is a shine on her lips as if dew from above has lightly laid to rest in her neather region. She reaches out to me gives me another seductive smile and say ?yes I had it waxed just for you two days ago, nothing left but me?. Waxed? That is new but hey I am not going to complain just building more anticipation. With that glimpse and her seductive voice and smile I am trying to hold back the biggest hard on of my life. I re-position myself as I walk around to get into my truck.

As we start to move along and we are both in a hurry to get back to the house for some much needed together time traffic is a bitch. 4o?clock Friday after noon in downtown Norfolk and we are going nowhere fast. She methodically sides her hands up and down my thigh looking to get a reaction. She sees the reaction she is looking for another twitch from my cock straining to cur loose from my shorts. She slowly takes her other hand and runs it across her smooth mound asking me if I am appreciating the new look as she pulls her skirt up inches to show off her perfect little pussy. It is glistening with droplet of her wetness. She slowly runs her finger through her slit and brings a finger to my mouth to taste her sweet juices. She slowly parts her folds and touches her clit, ever so softly rubbing grinding her hips into the seat as she works herself over. Smiling that devilish smile that I love; she lets out a little squeal of approval as she takes my hand to replace hers. She is on fire from within and needs my touch. I insert one finger just enough to lubricate it and find her clit poking. As I methodically rub her clit she burst into a dance of lustful motions begging me to continue to bring her higher and higher. I tease getting her right to the point and change my position to insert another finger and slowly my fingers fuck her. She reaches across the seat and slides my shorts up exposing my raging hard on. I am leaking pre-cum from the head as she takes her finger wipes it up and licks seductively. I am going crazy I have to have her right now. What are we going to do. The week long teasing emails and now she smells of heaven her pussy is dripping wet and I think that if the wind changed direction I would come in my pants. Yes it has been that long of a three week drought with nothing but my hand and my personal videos of her giving me a blowjob. I want her so badly; she the lays her head across the seat and slowly starts to lick the head of my cock. She doesn?t just engulf it not she slowly rolls her tongue as if she is sucking on a blow pop. Licking lightly urging more pre-cum for her enjoyment. Her saliva coating the head on my cock and she massages with her fingers not a blow job to get me off but to seduce me. I can?t take anymore. Just as I am about to pass the VFW I say fuck it. I pull into the parking lot its now 4:30 and the traffic is terrible. I unlock the gate to the marina and pull up to our boat stored there. I know it is at least 100 degrees outside and will be hotter inside the boat but I really do not care. She laughs and jumps out of the truck with the boat cabin keys in her hand. She know my intentions and is all for it.

We climb aboard not a soul at the marina just the two of us with sinful thoughts and a desire that need to be handled right now. She climbs the ladder to the boat I can see up her skirt and what a sight it is. She is dripping with juice as it is coating her thighs and ass. I have major hard on and a tent sticking out of my shorts. She unlocks the cabin door and jumps inside. I climb in behind her and leave the door open cause I really do not care at this moment if anyone sees or hears. She grabs me in another embrace and kisses me. She know how I love to kiss her especially after she was sucking on my cock, her mouth is as wet as her pussy and I taste the entwined flavors of her pussy juices and my pre-cum on her breath. We take little time to open the windows it is like an oven in the cabin and we are starting to sweat. I throw her on to the bed and dive for her pussy. She squeals with delight as my tongue teasingly licks her inner thighs, and slowly work my way to her voluptuous pussy. I part her folds with my fingers and drive my tongue inside her tasting her, lavishing every taste and tongue fucking her. I work my way out of my shorts and roll into a 69 position with my cock above her wanting mouth. She is not longer in a teasing mode she wants my cock and she wants it now. My tongue finds her clit and one lick on her little bud is all it took and she erupts and shakes and I do my very best to lick every ounce of her sweet nectar and waste not a single drop. She grabs my hips and pulls herself closer to my cock. In by inch she tries to swallow but it is too much for her as ususal she gags and laughs about it but now she is not in a playful mode she strokes the head of my dick with her mouth and sucks. She has one hand jerking me off in her mouth while massaging my ball with the other coaxing cum from my balls, sucking as if it is the last time she can have it. We roll over so she is on top so she can continue her assault on my cock. She teasingly strokes and massages my balls pressing her finger close to my ass as if trying to finger my hole but I whisper you haven?t asked yet. (Personal joke) She pressures my prostate without penetration and sucks my cock making it grow and feel as if it is inches longer than normal. All this time she is assaulting my cock I give her time to come down from her O her legs have stopped shaking and she allows me to start eating her precious little pussy again. I attack her with my tongue again this time spending more time around her cleanly shaven ass and becoming intoxicated by her womanly scent. I slowly insert two fingers in her pussy and search for the G spot. Spread her lips apart with my fingers and work on lubricating my other fingers up for assault. She is beginning to really get into it. Her hips are bucking up and down on my face as if my tongue which is penetrating her is a dick and she is riding for all she can. I take my hands and spread her gorgeous ass and insert one of my lubricated fingers into her hole. She lets out a carnal moan as I penetrate her private area. She starts to rock more and with more fervor. She is pounding her head on my thigh now she is taking every inch of my cock down her throat, fucking her throat with my dick sucking and sucking trying to get me off. Her total ambition now is to get the prize. As I start to feel the urge to cum building up in my loins I attack her clit. With my tongue lashing at her clit and fingers working her ass she speeds up and sucks my cock jacking me with one hand and wantonly sucking my head. I am in heaven and could die right n0ow a happy, happy man. She is in the midst of another orgasm squealing moaning and sucking I tell her I am getting ready to come. She begs me to come in her mouth. She rarely does this except on certain occasions but know that when she swallows it is on after that. Her body shaking from the pounding that my tongue and fingers are doing to her pussy and ass she suddenly stiffens up and almost screams with delight as another orgasm washes over her body. I have never seen her squirt before now but she squirts pussy juice all over my face and I do all I can to swallow every drop. As she is in mid O she slams my cock to the back of her throat and I loose it. I start coming like there is no tomorrow, I normally do not ejaculate a lot but this was different, I did not think it was ever going to stop. The first spurt she swallowed and nearly gagged, the second she held in but the third, fourth and fifth were just like the first, huge loads I deposited with all her might she tried to swallow it all but was not to be. She continues to suck my cock and ensure that it would stay solid for more pleasure. She lovingly strokes my cock with her tongue and soft fingers and shifts around to rub her pussy on my still hard cock. (IDK why but if she swallows I am instantly ready for round two.)

She takes my ever sensitive head and grinds her soaking wet pussy across the rigid meat in her hands. I love when she does that. It is now cooking in the boat cabin and we are sweaty. The cabin is smelling like sex and lust.

She leans down to kiss me like I said before I love to kiss her after she sucks me something about the taste of us together is awesome. She has small spots of come on her face where she did not quite get it all. I lovingly lick it off and offer it to her on the tip of my tongue and she gleefully accepts by curling her tongue around mine and softly sucks it off. As we break our kiss a long string of our mixed fluids streams from our lips. The site is inspiring. Not as inspiring as the sight of her taking the head of my still rigid cock and slipping it through the folds of her soft wet pussy. Ok now it?s on. When we first got here it was full on fuck fest but the look in her eye now is more loving and sensitive. She got the thrill and excitement she wanted now it was more sensual us time. She takes the head of my glistening cock and places it at the entrance to her puffy pink pussy lips and slowly starts to slide down my rigid cock. You would think that all this excitement and pussy juice she should slide right in. Nope three weeks and nothing but fingers and BOB (Battery operated Boyfriend) not to mention 2 little girls at home who sleep with mom when dad is gone no time for self pleasure). She is so tight. The head pops through with some force by her. I just lay there and enjoy the view. I love to see my cock start to pierce her soft pink pussy. She slowly rocks there goes another inch, back up slowly coating my cock with her juices. She repeats the process 4 more times before she can sit comfortably down fully impaled with my 8 inches of cock stuffed inside her. She moans as she slowly grinds her clit upon my soft mound of pubic hair. Raises herself slowly up the full length til its almost out then slowly works herself back down. I put my arms under her ass and position her feet so they are on my thighs so she can really start to get into it. After about 15 minutes of slow love making she comes again and again with my cock touch places that have not been touched in weeks. The pressure is building in my balls also. She know it is coming and wants it all. As if a switch has flipped all the gentleness flies right out the open boat window. She starts to fuck me like there is no end. I playfully lick her nipples and taste the salt from our mixed sweat. I playfully rub her clit as she moves up and down my long shaft and impales herself over and over again. I can tell by her sounds and motions she wants another O. I roll her over to her back and position myself on the floor of the boat. The bed is just the right height where I can really go at it. She puts her long legs over my shoulders and puts my cock back in her dripping wet pussy. I go full in in one stroke and she gasps for air. I know I have hit the spot and now that I have found it it is on. I pull out all the way out and go deep again hitting that sweet spot again she gasps for air. She loves to watch as my cock comes full out and back. It is a perfect fir every time nearly always goes right back(occasional miss ouch), she grabs my hips as I start to pound her pussy. She is watching biting her lip trying not to scream moaning and telling me to fuck her. She begs fuck me harder? I feel the muscles inside her pussy get tighter and tighter she is milking my cock with her pussy and I love it. It is such a beautiful sight, She comes and comes again with the onslaught of my cock pounding her pussy grinding my pubic bone into her clit, driving my rock hard cock dancing with her cervix and along the way hitting that spot that takes her breath away. We are again in full fuck mode and like animals driving each we tell each other how good it feels. I love the feel of her tight pussy as it milks my cock I am building to another great orgasm myself. My nipples begin to get hard and as she screams with delight as a huge surge of pleasure erupts in her pussy she clamps down and pinches my nipples and I explode into her waiting pussy. Her body stiffens as does mine, my toes curl as orgasm washes throught my body and she licks my sensitive nipples. I playfully impale her with my softening cock and she reaches down and takes my flaccid cock into to mouth and cleans us both off. This is new she has never done this before so I reciprocate the offering and again tongue lash her swollen freshly fucked pussy and clean her out. She begs me to stop even though she loves it she is way to sensitive to touch.

As we playfully get dressed we give each other one final sensual kiss as a prelude of the soft and gentle love making session that is in store for each other later on tonight and tht my friends will be another story all together

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